Garden beds

Garden beds

The garden beds

The first feature of garden beds is resistance to atmospheric agents. Even in summer it is possible that sudden showers may occur, so each material must be treated in such a way that rainwater does not damage it. Clearly if they were left outside for the entire winter period they could suffer damage, as it would be a continuous exposure to the elements. In the garden, the sunbed is used both to be able to lie down comfortably and to rest in a sitting position, thanks to the height adjustment of the backrest. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of being able to choose between various models, it will also be a piece of furniture with a strong visual impact.

The wooden cot

The classic bed is the one made of wood, in which case the entire structure is made of this material, which is often left in its natural state to prevent colors and paints from covering its beauty. The choice of model varies according to customer needs. Those who need to use the sunbed in several parts of the garden should choose a model with wheels, as it is more easily transportable.

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Synthetic fiber beds

Today the outdoor loungers are also made using synthetic fibers, which have a rather pleasant aesthetic appearance, very interesting in the structure itself. Synthetic fiber offers the same resistance characteristics as natural materials. It is also possible to give the cot a particular, more ergonomic and comfortable shape. Generally, we are used to considering the garden lounger a sort of deckchair that can therefore accommodate only one person, but the manufacturing companies, to respond promptly to the needs of the new generations also in terms of novelty and innovative aesthetics, they have created a double bed: it is a single seat where two people can stay. In practice, the structure remains the same, but the width changes, so that with a single bed, placing one next to the other you can enjoy the summer sun in two. This particular model, made above all with natural and synthetic fibers, has a seat covered with a cushion, applied because it could become uncomfortable to lie down for a long time without such support.

Wrought iron beds

Iron is another material that has always been used to make garden beds. It appears very light in its form, and this gives the garden a particular elegant aspect. It is obviously wrought iron, where the details and details are made directly by hand. Some structures are specifically designed to meet the need to be stackable and therefore take up less space during the winter period.

The adjustment of the various heights and the various models

The multi-position backrest is now a common feature of all outdoor loungers, it can be adjusted to different heights. The basic position is the one with the backrest completely low, to form a sort of bed, then there can be three or four different positions, to stay comfortably seated while always keeping the legs lying down. Some models, thanks to the multi-position backrest, also have a small compartment where objects can be stored.

How to store it in the winter

This type of cot must be stored during the winter and to take up less space it must have the backrest completely lowered and arranged, also wrapped with protective paper, and placed flat against the wall.

The folding cot

However, there is also another version of the outdoor sunbed, namely the folding one. It is a seat that can be closed by means of springs, which can also be associated with a footrest external to the seat or part of the same. The footrest separated from the bed can sometimes also be used with a different function, for example as a small side table or as another seat.

Sunbeds as a piece of furniture

As we have seen, outdoor loungers can really be the ideal solution for those who want to experience the garden in a comfortable way: structures in aluminum, steel and teak, wood, iron and synthetic fiber are the best known, and depending on the model chosen you can have more or less options. Today it is very trendy to combine a small table with outdoor sun loungers to create a relaxing space that is also a valid alternative to the more traditional garden lounge. Usually the choice of the outdoor sunbed tries to coordinate with the present furniture, but it can also be the ideal solution to buy a single piece of outdoor furniture a bit bizarre that gives a touch of modernity to the green space that often appears too much. traditional.


As far as costs are concerned, it must always be borne in mind that the choice of the model and the material used is the most important factor. If you want to stay within a rather limited budget, you can always turn to the timeless plastic garden lounger, resistant, practical and easy to clean.

Garden furniture: The materials of the bed frame

Are you about to buy a garden bed, but have not yet decided which ones you should have or which model you want?

Be guided by the decor style of your garden.

The important thing is that it does not result in a piece of furniture that is completely dissonant from the entire context of the green space.

The choice of material is very personal and is also made on the basis of a different cost.

Comfort is not always linked to the price nor to the model. Therefore, very expensive beds may not satisfy your aesthetic taste or your idea of ​​relaxation.

The market offers a very wide range for this product.

Come in and try them, only in this way will you find the one that suits you and your garden.

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