Trip to France to the Ile Saint-Marguerite

Trip to France to the Ile Saint-Marguerite


A day at Île Saint-Marguerite

I was one of those who frequented Nice, without having seen the Lérins Islands, a magnificent natural park located opposite Cannes.

Rita and I decide to visit Île Saint-Marguerite.

From Nice we take the train to Cannes, but there is also a bus line 200 which for 1 euro takes you to Cannes. From the port, we get on the boat (runs are frequent) to the island of Santa Margherita (15 minutes' crossing), a splendid sun accompanies us. (Cannes seemed very bad to us, incredible and messy traffic, even on the famous Croizette, unbreathable air).

The island, practically uninhabited, is a natural park, surrounded by stony beaches and rocks, with beautiful coves, with pines that thin out over the sea.

Nature appears untouched (no cars or internal combustion engines), there are paths that run along the sea and others that pass inland, you can walk among the greenery among pines and eucalyptus trees (everything is described in the convenient observation points.

About 500 meters from the boarding point is the Bateguier pond, where you can admire in addition to the wild nature, even dozens of birds, on the sides of the lake there are observation points similar to slightly elevated wooden terraces with plaques that provide a lot of information.

The complete tour of the island along the sea (about 7-8 kilometers) takes about three hours, but we prefer to limit ourselves to about 3 kilometers to stop in a cove and eat the sandwiches that we had brought with us, given the magnificent sun and the smooth rocks from the sea.

We go back and, passing through the marina, we reach the Castle (FortRoyal, built by Richelieu), which became a state prison since 1700, where the famous iron mask, whose history has been the subject of films and television dramas, is said to have been imprisoned.

Inside is the Navy Museum (which we have not seen), we climb the walls to enjoy the magnificent views.

At about 4.30 pm we head to the landing stage, since when the sun goes down, the temperature becomes quite rigid.

Around 7 pm we are in Nice.

July 2010
Ferny and Rita

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