Free online garden plot builder

Free online garden plot builder

To create a plan of your site, specify its length and width in meters in the dialog box and click OK. If the site is uneven, you should set its maximum dimensions: the excess area can be fenced off using a fence element or other suitable elements. If you click Cancel, the length and width of your plan will be set to default.

Attention! To display the calculator correctly, you need to install the Adobe Flash Player.

In front of you is a field divided by orange lines into squares with a side of 1 m, and gray lines - into squares with a side of 5 m.In the upper left corner, the name of your plan and its size (if any) is displayed, in the upper right - the name of the element selected on the plan and its dimensions. On the left side, you see the control panel.

The drop-down menu allows you to select one of the elements belonging to the following groups Buildings, Plants, More. Viewing objects can be carried out:

  • By scrolling a computer mouse. To do this, move the cursor over the object viewing window and press the left mouse button. After that, you can view objects by scrolling them up and down with the wheel;
  • Using the arrows to the right of the object viewing window. To do this, move the cursor to the desired arrow and press the left mouse button;
  • Using the toggle switch moving along the scale to the left of the object viewing window. To do this, move the cursor over the toggle switch and move it while holding the left mouse button pressed.

In order to move the desired element from the viewing window to the site plan, you need to move the cursor over it and, while holding down the left mouse button, move it to the desired point in the field. Moving objects across the field is further carried out in the same way. The line under the element view window displays the name of the last object selected in it.

The site plan can be viewed in different scales. To change the viewing scale, click on the “-” or “+” on the button Nearer / farther.

The layout of the suburban area is 6 acres, 10 acres.

If you do not have the time and energy to independently implement all the ideas for decorating your site, then professional agronomists and designers of our company "Lawn Zone" will help you with this, develop a landscape design for the site, provide free consultations and advice.

What, where and how to place it correctly on your site?

So you finally have your own piece of land. And it doesn't matter what area it has - 6 acres, 10 acres or 15 acres. Do not rush to immediately dig it, build and fence. Read special literature, think, consult with experienced summer residents and gardeners. Create a plan of the site, correlating it with the cardinal points. This will help you to correctly orient all your future buildings and plantings. Planning your own site is not an easy task, and our advice will help you with this.

You will need to determine the places for the house, utility block, recreation area, car parking. But keep in mind - it is necessary to solve the housing problem until the moment when the construction of the house is completed. Indeed, from the first days of your stay at the dacha, you will need to somehow spend the night, rest, cook food, etc. Therefore, plan to immediately build a temporary hut, which will later turn into a utility block, a warehouse for placing building materials, work equipment, etc.

Determine the sides to which the windows of the future house will face. It is desirable that these are west and east, otherwise it may be hot all the time in the rooms on the south side, and cold all the time on the north. On the south side, you can place a veranda or terrace, it will act as a kind of thermal insulator, preventing strong heating of the house in summer and cooling in winter.

The house is usually placed 5 meters from the road along the "red line". From the shady north side, you can plan the planting of currants and other shade-tolerant ornamental shrubs and trees. On the southern side of the house, it is advisable to plant apple trees and other fruit trees - then they will receive the sunlight and heat they need, and at the same time they themselves will form a shadow that will save from the heat on hot days. At the western border of the site, currants are planted, at the southern border, raspberries are planted. The layout of the suburban area implies immediately defining a recreation area and a playground. However, they should not be in the open sun. The recreation area is made, as far as possible, secluded, inaccessible to prying eyes.

If you plan to create a reservoir on the site, then for it it is necessary to provide a place not under constant sunlight. The remaining free space is allocated for a lawn, garden paths, flower beds or a mixborder. Behind the house, if desired, we have a vegetable garden and strawberries, behind them we plant currants.

It is important to correctly place your plants, trees and shrubs so that the shade from them does not interfere with either you or your neighbors. Currant and gooseberry bushes are planted at a distance of about 1.5 meters from the border of the site. Apple trees, pears, plums, cherries are planted even deeper into the garden. If the plot is small, it is better to plant trees on a dwarf rootstock.

Depending on preferences, the layout of the suburban area can be adjusted by increasing the corresponding zone. The main thing is to correctly distribute the appropriate zones on the site, and then work out each of them in detail. You can also take into account the recommendations of the Feng Shui teachings when planning.

Do-it-yourself software for creating a landscape design project

On the Internet you can find a large number of ready-made projects for summer cottages. But you can independently create a project based on your preferences and the location of your suburban area directly. For this, there are various landscape design programs. Consider a few of the simplest and most affordable ones. The presented programs are posted in Russian and they can free download!

Self-instruction book... Landscape design

For those who are trying to work with programs for designing a summer cottage for the first time and want to master and apply all their convenient functions, we offer a tutorial on landscape design. Interactive video instructions, voiced and commented in Russian by a professional speaker, with the ability to participate in the learning process, will help you quickly master all the functionality of the programs.
In this video instruction, several of the programs listed below are considered (Garden Planner, Garden Planner, 3D Home Architect Design Suite Delux).
Download Tutorial. Landscape design (124 Mb)

1. X-Designer... Garden plot planner 3D

In this program, you can not only correctly model a site using a fairly extensive library of garden plants and other landscape objects, but also see your site in all its glory at different times of the year and even at different times of the day!
After the project is formed, you can view the result from all sides and photograph the result for further reproduction of the project on the site.
Download X-Designer program (202 Mb)

2. Our garden... Ruby 9.0

This powerful program allows you to create a landscape design project using your existing digital photos. This will be appreciated by both users who create a landscape design with existing objects (trees, buildings, etc.), and those who plan a site from scratch. Also, the program provides a huge number of different plants, garden elements and summer cottages.
Download the program Our Garden Rubin (4.3 Gb)

3. Our garden 6.0 Omega

The powerful program from the series "Our Garden" allows you to create a project of landscape design or decoration plans based on digital photos. Integrate the plan you create with real photographs. Detailed information on more than 7700 plants contained in the program, with the possibility of soil selection, flowering time, place of growth, life span and much more, will help you to assemble and create the perfect flower bed of continuous flowering.
You can view the created plan in a 3-dimensional image at different times of the day or year. Depending on the specified year, the plants will adjust for growth shape and growth. There is a wealth of information on outdoor and indoor plant care and disease and weed control. The program will be a real find for people who create a cozy corner on their site, decorated and decorated with beautiful flower beds.
Download the program Our Garden Omega (690 Mb)

4. Garden planner 3

One of the simplest programs that allows you to create a layout for a garden plot by dragging and dropping all the necessary and desired elements onto the plan and arranging them at your discretion. Also, for convenience and clarity, you can change the color of the foliage and the scale.
Download Garden Planner 3 (3.5 Mb)

5. 3D Home Architect Design Suite Deluxe

This interesting program allows you to create a design project for a summer cottage or other interior from scratch. A rich selection of design elements (plants, lighting, fences, trellises and even playgrounds), with the possibility of adjusting their sizes, will help you create an easily and effectively project of a plot in 2D format, and with the help of the built-in functionality you can view it in 3D (in all perspectives, angles and at different distances).
Download 3D Home Architect Design Suite Deluxe (222 Mb)

For professionals who are familiar with design programs firsthand, we recommend using the following programs:

1. AutoCAD

The most famous and versatile design software. Professional software for designers. It makes it possible to build a relief by coordinates, contours, surface breaks, etc., create contours, visualize objects and reliefs. With the help of AutoCAD, various design documentation is compiled, which is mainly used in professional activities.

2. 3D Max
A complex program that gives great opportunities for the design, placement and creation of objects in 3D format. It is also used mainly by architects and engineers, because to master this program, specialized courses are needed.

3. Punch! Professional Home Design

A professional program, but more accessible for a simple layman to learn. A program for creating a three-dimensional plan of a plot, house or apartment. Lots of standard objects that can be edited. Huge opportunities for creating high-quality professional projects, as well as project documentation. The ability to add digital photos, hand-drawn (scanned) drawings and plans. Image rendering.
Download Punch! Professional Home Design (2.2 Gb)
Download the crack for the program Punch! Professional Home Design (16.2 Mb)

Make a design project of the site. Create a site plan

To create a plan for your dream site, arm yourself with graph paper or, if it's more convenient, a program for architectural graphic design of a landscape project. Artistic drawing up of the project is the main stage in the development of design. Perhaps not everything that you add to the plan will be implemented. But on the other hand, while you apply your ideas, you can decide for yourself exactly what you want to see on your site.

It will be interesting to design a landscape design for an empty area, because you have a blank sheet in front of you: arrange paths, gazebos and other elements as you want, graphics will help give free rein to imagination. On the other hand, this is a difficult task: you need to apply communications (water supply, sewerage, watering), but here fantasy needs to be suspended and more engineering skills are included.

Site plan with buildings

The landscape design of a site that is already inhabited also requires engineering precision. The entire site must be walked around with a tape measure, recording measurements and distances. Draw the changes you want to make.

A standard list of zones on a personal plot, depending on the purpose:

  • Living area - house, garage and other outbuildings
  • Rest zone
  • The area where the vegetable garden and orchard are located
  • Outbuildings.

If you can properly organize the space, the living area and recreation area will exactly match their goals.

When planning the landscape design of your yard, take into account the characteristics of the soil and site, such as: relief, shape, soil type, groundwater.

Obligatory work that awaits you:

  • Landscaping of a personal plot
  • Placement of artificial reservoirs and ponds
  • Think over paths, paths and alleys
  • Lighting plan
  • Drainage.

We warn you that you will redo some details more than once, if not twice. Because what is drawn in the plan will, perhaps, look ridiculous in life. And vice versa. So please be patient and get to work.

Review of 11 free software for creating landscape design

A beautiful and harmonious garden is an advantage and pride of any owner. But most of the owners of country houses have never been engaged in the design of landscape design on their own, and they cannot afford the services of professionals. It is for such situations that there are many both paid and free programs for planning garden design. These apps allow you to design a garden of any size, style you want, and make it easy to create your dream garden.

We bring to your attention 10 of the best free online and offline garden landscape design software that can be found on the Internet for free access.

This application is primarily created for planning garden irrigation. The set of landscape elements is quite modest, but you can easily plan your site online (a simple diagram of your garden) and place the main buildings, paths, ponds, beds, trees and shrubs.

One of the few software products created not only for professional landscape designers, but also for ordinary users with an intuitive interface. Depending on the choice of the installation package, the user is given a huge selection of garden plants, more than 1600 elements to be included in the development plan of your site. The software library includes such common decor elements as outdoor furniture, gazebos, pool accessories, lamps. The program even includes a selection of kitchen items and other outdoor items. There is a 3D visualization of your site in excellent quality. The interface language is only English. The program is paid, but you can download and install the trial version of the Realtime Landscaping Architect program. You can download the latest version of this software for free directly from the developer's website - Realtime landscaping architect 2020.

This is a professional landscaping software. This site design software is also available for free download. Realtime Landscaping Pro offers good opportunities for visualizing the style of a backyard or garden area. Since the program uses 3D capabilities, your designs will look very realistic. As a result, you will be able to plan your garden down to the smallest detail. The application is used by both novice designers and professional masters of their craft. Realtime Landscaping Pro works in English, it has the ability to save the project.

You can download the program at the link

Whether you are a newbie to landscape design planner or an experienced professional, SmartDraw helps everyone easily create their own backyard and backyard designs by adding the desired garden decor elements to the drawing.SmartDraw allows you to add barbecue or grill areas, walkways, umbrellas, picnic tables, fountains and lamps to the visual of buildings of the courtyard at your discretion. The landscape design program SmartDraw functions as an online application and can be downloaded to a computer. The user is provided with a 7-day trial period.

In addition to creating style content, SmartDraw provides users with the ability to animate graphics, create presentations using PowerPoint... With the built-in photo software function, you can import images from digital cameras or smartphones, scale them, adjust brightness and color, and crop pictures. The interface language is English.

You can find the program website by this link.

One of the best set of programs for designing both home interiors and garden planning with handy graphic tools.

The advantages of this software are:

  • high performance and high quality rendering for 2D geometry
  • save and open AutoCAD files (DWG / DXF)
  • a huge selection of flowers, shrubs and trees that you can add to your design, you can also add your favorite plants to the database
  • a feature of the application is the ability to see how the site you planned will look over time (after 1 year, 5, 10 years)
  • suggests a preliminary consideration of how the shadow will be created in your garden from different objects and plants
  • The ability not only to insert ready-made objects, but also to create them yourself
  • Compatible with new Sketchup formats and allows you to edit objects in the program
  • The ability to estimate the arrangement of the site.

Although this software is paid, the developers provide a 14-day trial period. You can download a free trial version of the Garden Landscape Planner on the official website.

Garden visualiser will allow you to put all your landscape design ideas in a beautiful 3D format and render it. The drawing can then be edited to achieve the best fit for your patio or garden. The ability to add your home to an image also within the tool is a special feature that you will find in this software.

Garden Visualiser allows you to add small objects to the project - fences, walls or hedges, paths, edging, gazebos, walls. You can find the program at this address.

The generated schematic 3D plan is automatically saved to your online account when you go online. There is no application in Russian, but a crack has been developed for it, which is also downloaded in the public domain.

Plan-a-Garden Is a great free tool for creating landscaping style, it is very easy to use. There are special buildings and shrubs, as well as trees that can be recreated in the picture to plan the perfect plot of your dreams. Plan-a-Garden designed to work online or installed on a PC. The language of the program is English.

This landscaping builder lets you upload digital photos of your own garden and add the necessary plants, pots, walkways and walls to virtually build your dream lot. You can change projects an unlimited number of times until you find a suitable one. Showoff Virtual Designer not only helps in planning the perfect garden plot, but also has a preservation function, it is possible to share the best practices with others.

This is a professional 3D landscape design program that allows you to plan an area with such sought-after areas as patios, pools, and other elements of garden decor. After you plan your area, the resulting image can be printed. TO My garden online manuals are provided in Russian and Ukrainian.

Garden planner - another application created for planning the landscape design of your garden or site.
The application database contains over 1200 plants and garden decoration elements. Any object can be customized as you wish. This software offers simple drawing tools that allow you to insert sidewalks and paths, fences, water bodies and other elements into the design.

This free landscape design program impresses with the ease of use of all tools and an intuitive interface. Any object can be easily dragged from the menu to your drawing. It can also be rotated, enlarged or reduced, even reshaped. Subsequently, the drawing can be printed. The Garden Planner program status is conditionally free (limited to 15 days of work). The application is in English, but you can find it on the net and install the crack. You can download the program for Windows at this link. There are many tutorials and materials on the web on how to learn how to work with Garden Planner.

You can also try this developer's online landscape design builder. But unfortunately, it is impossible to save the developed plan of your site here.
you can try the online version of the program and make an express plan. You cannot save your project online.

This list of programs for planning the landscape design of the site can also be supplemented with a popular free application for smartphones Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden.

This mobile application will allow you to design not only your house, but also a garden plot or vegetable garden. The program with an intuitive interface is easy to use. It can be used to mark and mark different areas in the garden. There is a library with over 100 elements for landscape design:

  • garden furniture,
  • trees and shrubs,
  • flowers and ornamental plants,
  • swimming pools,
  • greenhouses and outbuildings,
  • fences
  • decorative elements, etc.

The application contains 3D rendering, which will help you visually enjoy the result of the layout of the site and easily realize your design dreams. In the free version, you can use the functionality of the software, but the program will not save your projects in memory (only in the paid version).

The application can be downloaded for free on smartphones running on Android or IOS.

We have considered only a small number of free programs for creating landscape design, but this is enough to design your future site.

After launching the online builder, you will see a box with orange and gray lines. The smaller orange squares correspond to the length of the sides one meter, gray squares - five meters. In the left corner, your plan data is marked, and in the right corner, the dimensions of the selected element.

The control panel is on the left side of the screen. In the menu, you can select an item related to the groups "Plants", "Buildings" and so on. For viewing are used:

  • Scrolling. Move the cursor over the window, left-click. This will allow you to see objects by simply scrolling them with the wheel.
  • Arrows that are located to the right. Just hover over and then click the button on the left.
  • Toggle switch. It moves along the scale. Move the cursor over the toggle switch, hold down the left mouse button and move it.

Go ahead. Let's say you need to move some element out of the window. How to do it correctly? Move the cursor over the element, then click and hold the mouse button and move it. All objects on the field move in the same way.

To change the scale of the plan, it is enough to use the "Nearer / further" option and the "-" or "+" buttons.

That's all there is to know about working with an online garden plot builder. As you can see, you don't need to be a professional landscape designer to plan your work yourself. Everything is really simple and straightforward. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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