All about Garden No. 8 2015

All about Garden No. 8 2015

Summer - enjoy now! The earth is warm - now is the time! Plant lovely summer flowers, so lettuce and inspired by three growers' own favorites.

From the content:

The right rose in the right place. for flowering without hassle.

Sneak start the summer with the plants that give more!

Fix the grass without a mower.

So, water and enjoy. Anders Stålhand follows the summer flower year.

Invite nature. Plant an eyebrow, let the forest bloom, protect without poison, herbs that soothe and soothe.

With a taste of summer. We present the dream that will soon be true.

Nodding carnation. Try a long-flowering relative of our wild hop flowers.

Magic on the border. Do something magical right where nature takes over - create an eyebrow.

Superroot: Turnip. Say "rotabagge" in Småland and Americans think of turnips.

The princess in the forest. Elin Unnes finds views in Greta Sturdza's Norman garden.

HANDBOOK: Grow a garden pharmacy - the herbal specialist Lisen suggests.


The whole family's living room. With smart recycling and a great deal of creativity, Ninette Bahne has created a garden where the whole family wants to be.


Painted with tulips. The artist Anja Giermann has hundreds of flowering tulips paint her garden.

All about Garden no. 8 2015 - garden


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