Bouquets for men: how to make it right and when it is appropriate to give

 Bouquets for men: how to make it right and when it is appropriate to give

Despite the existing stereotypes, etiquette quite allows presenting a bouquet of flowers as a gift to a man. Of course, you need to compose and present the composition, taking into account certain rules. Let's figure out which ones.

Can a woman give a bouquet to a man

The rules of etiquette apply only to bouquets handed over to colleagues, bosses, business partners. They definitely cannot be presented with flowers for no reason.

For family members, relatives, friends, a bouquet is just your gratitude and an expression of warm feelings. Therefore, the question of donation can be approached less formally and presented with a bouquet for February 23, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, another important date for the couple. Those with whom you are connected only by professional relations are not given a bouquet for February 23 and professional holidays.

What etiquette requirements exist in this regard:

  • A bouquet is presented to a man only on a particularly important occasion, when he is the hero of the occasion. It can be an anniversary, retirement, presentation for an award, defense of a dissertation. They are much more "liberal" towards bouquets in a creative environment. It is more than appropriate to present it to a writer in honor of the release of a new book, an artist opening an exhibition, a fashion designer presenting a collection, a director or actor at a film premiere.
  • It is permissible to hand over one large flower on a long stem. But only on a not very solemn occasion.
  • The age difference between the giver and the donee should not be too noticeable. It is inappropriate when an employee of retirement age hands a bouquet to a rather young boss (and vice versa).
  • First, ask how a man will react to such a gift. Especially if the bouquet will be presented in public.
  • The bouquet is presented by holding it in the left hand with the buds up. The right one should be free for a handshake or half hug.
  • If the honored person accepts congratulations with his wife, flowers are presented to her. The exception is purely masculine compositions with bottles of alcohol, cans of coffee.
  • A flower in a pot is not given to a man. Even if it's his favorite hobby.

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Florists also give recommendations:

  • Check if the donor has flowers in general or some of their types.
  • Use bright, saturated colors and large flowers of the same type (maximum two or three). Pastel shades are not suitable for men. Most often, compositions are made in red, purple, violet, blue tones. The first two symbolize your deep romantic feelings, the rest - friendship and respect. White also looks good, but keep in mind that in the East it is the color of mourning. The bouquets do not include typically "female" (peonies, jasmine, violets) and wildflowers.
  • Rounded lush bouquets are undesirable. The composition should be "geometric", elongated vertically.
  • The design should be laconic and strict, without decorative elements. The stems are simply tied with braid, tourniquet. It is permissible to wrap the bouquet in plain kraft paper.

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What flowers can be used to make a bouquet "with a masculine character"

What flowers can be given to a man and what do they mean:

  • carnations (loyalty, honor);
  • orchids (luxury, wealth, sincere admiration);
  • calla lilies (recognition of merit, deep respect);
  • dahlias (expression of gratitude, wisdom, vitality);
  • roses (recognition of merits and talents, admiration);
  • gerberas (promise of loyalty, good mood, optimism);
  • chrysanthemums (expression of goodwill, hope for cooperation);
  • irises (friendly sympathy, respect, trust);
  • lilies (prosperity, prosperity, abundance);
  • tulips (admiration, great happiness, wealth);
  • gladioli (strength, reliability, uncompromising attitude, positive attitude towards life).

Flowers that are most often chosen for men for birthday, anniversary and other special dates - a selection of photos

Unusual bouquets for the stronger sex

As you know, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Therefore, a husband, relative, friend can be given a very original "bouquet", including in it:

  • cheeses (hard, pigtail smoked, melted with triangles);
  • meat delicacies (sausages, sausages, sausages in whole or as slices), lard;
  • crustaceans (crayfish, crabs, shrimps);
  • chicken (fried wings, breaded chicken legs, even whole gherkins);
  • fish (smoked, dried, dried);
  • fruits and vegetables (citruses, apples, pears, pomegranates, peaches, apricots, kiwi, chili peppers, any mini-vegetables);
  • bakery products (baguettes, croutons, bread sticks, cookies, pretzels);
  • jars with delicacies (pate, caviar);
  • sweets (chocolate, candies, marshmallows, marshmallows, dried fruits, fruit "chips");
  • alcohol (any drinks favorite by the hero of the occasion in bottles of different sizes, in gift wrapping or without them).

Such a "bouquet" is packed in thick kraft paper, basket, box, flower pots.

Photo gallery: original edible bouquets

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What do men think about this

A beautifully and tastefully composed bouquet is quite appropriate to present to a man on some important occasion. Moreover, it can be collected not only from flowers - compositions from products look very original.

What flowers can you give a man: tips for all occasions and celebrations

Taking flowers for the fairer sex is in the order of things. It looks organic and appropriate, and any gift accompanied by an additional "compliment" always looks more advantageous. Despite the ingrained traditions, it is also quite appropriate to give flowers to a man for an anniversary or birthday, if you observe some subtleties when choosing a bouquet and its design.

Flowers for women: the first reason for love

Almost all of the fairer sex have a huge love of flowers... Flowers act on women in a magical way, they fascinate and captivate. Some men do not even know how pleasant it is for his girlfriend to receive a bouquet of flowers or even a houseplant.

A woman's life is built on emotions. For them, getting flowers is important. Moreover, there are women who will like such a gift more than a phone, jewelry or jewelry. Flowers are the best expression of attention and love.


In all countries of the world it is customary to celebrate a birthday. But each nation has its own traditions and approach to this festival. And in ancient times, as you know, only noble people had the right to celebrate birthdays. This is a tradition that came from Ancient Egypt, where the right to celebrate their birthday was given exclusively to male pharaohs.

In Russia, a birthday is a great occasion to gather relatives, loved ones, friends and colleagues at one table. On this day, it is wonderful to receive pleasant gifts from everyone, as well as to receive compliments and congratulations. And how do people living in other countries celebrate their birthday?


In Japan, it is not customary to celebrate birthdays at all; on this day, only parents accept congratulations for giving life to their child. In Japanese culture, there is a respectful attitude towards ancestors, family, and parents. In ancient times, after the death of one of the parents, the birthday was not celebrated at all, since this date became a memorial. There is no talk about gifts here either, they are given only to those who celebrate dates such as: 60, 70, 79, 88, 99 years old. It is not customary to give expensive gifts in Japan; utilitarian gifts are the best option for this country. That is why, oddly enough, food is considered the best gift for the Japanese. This can be seafood, coffee, tea and fruits.


The traditional dish on the Chinese festive table is shoumian rice noodles, which symbolizes longevity. On his birthday, the birthday person is simply obliged to suck in as much of the noodle as possible without biting it. The guests are drinking wine. In China, it is customary to give birthday souvenirs depicting sacred animals: lions, deer, dragons, unicorns, tigers. The Chinese are very happy with real crystal, expensive alcohol and rare tobacco.


Individual holidays in Vietnam are strictly prohibited. Vietnamese do not count, nor do they remember what day they were born. But in this country there is a tradition to celebrate everyone's birthday on the same day - this is the Vietnamese New Year, referred to as Tet. Traditionally, it is on this day that the inhabitants of Vietnam add another year to their years already lived. Thus, each Vietnamese measures their age range by the number of Lunar New Years they have lived. A newborn baby turns one year old on his first Tet, even if he was born a few days before the New Year.


It is customary to decorate a birthday cake in Germany with candles, and there should be one more than the birthday of the birthday person. And this extra candle means a happy path, which will certainly give good luck. Candles are lit in the morning, and they burn until sunset, only then the hero of the occasion, having made a wish, blows them out. They don't give especially serious birthday gifts in Germany. Usually, the birthday person is presented with board games, movie tickets or a music disc. More expensive gifts are supposed to be given to Germans on religious holidays.

Great Britain

It is customary to invite guests to celebrate a birthday in this country 2 months in advance. Representatives of this nation are very fond of equipping their home, therefore, they accept it as a gift with great pleasure, and they love to give any antiques or interior items, especially the British appreciate a good watch. Residents of foggy Albion love to hold tea ceremonies, turning them into whole rituals. Therefore, very often on birthday, tea sets brought from different countries are presented as a gift. It is noteworthy that in this country no one tugs the birthday boy by the ears, instead, the guests all at once throw him up, like a real rock star. In the morning, the hero of the occasion treats his colleagues, acquaintances and classmates with delicious cupcakes, and in the evening, in the circle of relatives, the birthday boy blows out the candles on the birthday cake. People celebrating their 80s, 90s and 100s receive a personal birthday greeting from the Queen of England herself.


Birthdays in Canada are usually celebrated according to European traditions. The fact is that this country is considered multinational, where people of different nations live. Residents of Canada prefer to celebrate birthdays in restaurants or cafes, rather than at home, with a close family circle. And they do it often with the help of agencies specializing in this matter. But it is customary for the guests to pay for the drinks and food at the Canadians' solemn event. Residents of Canada respect the history of other nations, therefore with great pleasure they accept as a gift a set of Russian nesting dolls, albums with illustrations of sights of different cities and countries. The ideal gift for Canadians is a book.

Many birthday gift ideas 39 years old

Many people attach a mystical meaning to the number "40" and do not even celebrate this anniversary date. Therefore, 39 years is a time to sum up a certain stage of life. The wings of youth are still being carried to heaven, and these passports are slowly but inexorably beginning to put pressure on the shoulders.

This contradiction is where the difficulty lies when you have to choose a birthday present for 39 years. It would seem that slippers and a heating pad are still early, but a teddy bear and a cup with gags are out of place. Let's try to figure out what kind of gift the birthday person will be delighted with on this day.

Present to the head of the family or leader

By this age, representatives of the stronger sex are usually determined by their profession and hobbies. Many have an already established worldview, social circle, family, material wealth and a respectable position. Knowing your interests, you can pick up a gift for a 39-year-old man for his birthday. The manager will suit:

  • expensive set of desktop office supplies.
  • elite alcohol
  • hourglass, which will serve not only as a decoration, but also as a means for relaxation (a mobile can serve as an analogue)
  • a pen with a gold nib and a wristwatch - trite, expensive, but always practical
  • mini bar
  • bonsai, tabletop "Rock Garden", fountain
  • model of a sailing ship.

Collectible edged weapons will be a good gift for a respectable man.

If the boss is fond of Feng Shui and does not hide it from others, then you can safely go to a specialized store and choose to your taste:

  • figurine of ganesha
  • a three-legged toad (if it does not already decorate the office)
  • Fu dogs
  • a bronze elephant and other attributes of abundance, well-being and support.

You can choose a gift taking into account the hobbies of your leader. In this case, everything is very logical:

  • fisherman - good spinning
  • travel lover - travel bag, suitcase, roomy and functional travel bag
  • philatelist - exclusive stamp, illustrated catalog, album for stamps
  • numismatist - a rare coin.

Some of the gifts listed are also suitable for the head of the family. This list can include:

  • small pieces of furniture (a coffee table, a bedside table for a TV or an acoustic system, a set of furniture for a summer residence)
  • chess or backgammon made of natural stone or ivory
  • wall or mantel clock
  • an original figurine or lamp
  • devices.

If the birthday person has a well-developed sense of humor, it is worth presenting to him:

  • crown, scepter and orb
  • "The skin of a mammoth" and a spear, as "a breadwinner in the family"
  • ermine mantle
  • deer antlers or rabbit figurine.

Presentations for women

It should be noted right away that cheap perfumes, cosmetics and jewelry are items prohibited for donation. And deodorants and shower products are generally taboo. Also, do not get carried away with sweets and pastries. It is difficult to resist so as not to eat them, but it is even more difficult to lose those extra pounds and centimeters later.

You also need to be careful with your fitness club membership. Some women may take this as a hint of their imperfect forms and be seriously offended.

Suitable gifts for a 39-year-old woman are:

  • Jewelry
  • beautiful box
  • stand for rings
  • multicooker, double boiler, juicer and other kitchen appliances
  • good hairdryer
  • linens
  • embroidered tablecloth and napkins (hand-made now in trend)
  • dishes.

Worst birthday gifts

For our birthday, we always want to receive something special and necessary as a gift.But, unfortunately, our expectations are not always met. First, let's learn how to properly give gifts for other people's birthdays. Here is a list of the gifts that are most often inappropriate for the occasion.

Bag or wallet

The recipient of the gift may have their own preferences here. For example, there are people who prefer to use only genuine leather things. If you give a bag or purse made of leatherette, you are unlikely to please a person with this. As for wallets, then perhaps a person already has a good wallet, and he does not need an extra one. One of my relatives gave me wallets for my birthdays five times, and they are cheap and made of artificial leather and textiles, while I only use relatively expensive ones made of genuine leather - I believe that they attract money ...

Bath and hygiene supplies

Towels, shampoos and shower gels are even more or less appropriate as a present for the New Year or March 8, but on a birthday, hardly anyone will be delighted with such a gift. Usually such things are given when they do not want to bother choosing an individual presentation.

Clothes or shoes

Giving clothes for a birthday is too risky. You may not be guessing with the size, and the birthday person may just not like the thing. My aunt loves to give me summer blouses for my birthdays, but to be honest, I would never buy one myself ... And it is somehow inconvenient to say this.

If you really want to give a dress or shoes, it is better to take the birthday person to the store and let him choose the thing himself. Or just pay for it.

Cosmetics and perfume

Everyone loves to give them, although there are a lot of nuances. The present may simply not be liked (the wrong color, smell, etc.), or the person may be allergic to it. In order not to get into a mess, you need to know what brand a person uses, what shades and aromas he prefers. It is clear that you should not give cheap lipstick or perfume to a lady who uses only expensive brands. And the fact that you can't afford such prices can in no way be an excuse.


It is very easy to "miss" when giving a piece of jewelry. For example, a person wears only jewelry made from natural stones, and gives cheap jewelry. I have a bunch of wooden and plastic beads and pendants at home that I have never worn. They just tried to "make me happy" with them on my next birthday. And my mother is often given earrings, although her ears are not pierced.

Before giving jewelry, find out the tastes of a person, or at least observe his style. You don’t want the trinket you donated to be donated later or found a place at the bottom of the box?


It is now in great fashion to present various richly illustrated gift editions for birthday parties. But the fact is that not everyone is interested in beautiful pictures; for some, the topic of the book is still important. If this is a volume of poetry, and the person to whom the gift is addressed does not really like poetry, then, most likely, the volume will be put on the shelf and forgotten. Likewise, there is no point in giving an illustrated travel guide to someone who doesn't like to travel. Or give some popular encyclopedia to someone who is generally not curious by nature and reads little. You should not give a book on music or painting to someone who is not fond of these types of art. Give a book if you are sure that the person will at least leaf through it.


For some reason, many people think that a kitten or puppy will be the best birthday present. Yes, if you give such a gift to a child, he will most likely be delighted. But you can bring a lot of inconvenience to his parents with this present. And if the recipient of the gift is an adult, then you can embarrass him and yourself.

Not all people are ready to take care of a pet. Perhaps a person does not have the opportunity to do it, because there is a lot of work, or he is often on the road. Either there are no conditions in the apartment for a four-legged "tenant" ... Or the family already has animals. But you never know what!

Presenting a live "gift" is appropriate only in one case - if you have warned about this in advance and agreed on the issue with the future owner of the living creatures or his relatives. Even if a person previously told you that he dreams of a cat, or a dog, or a guinea pig, it is not a fact that he will jump for joy in real life.

Flowers, candy and wine

They can complement the gift, but the main gift should be more "weighty". The flowers will wither in a couple of days, the candies will eventually be eaten, the wine is drunk ... There will be no memory of the gift. Such things are usually given as a present on duty - when there is no time to specifically look for something.

Remember that on their birthday, all people want to feel that they mean something to others. Therefore, the more individual your gift will look, the more it will suit this particular person, the more likely it is that it will actually be in demand.

With or without

When choosing flowers for a man, the reason for the bouquet is also important. If the event is not so significant, then you can get by with one flower. However, it is important to choose a really large and beautiful specimen with a large inflorescence and a long stem.

Women choosing bouquets as a gift for men should be especially careful about their choice. Otherwise, the recipient of the presentation may misinterpret such a gesture for himself. So, it is best to give roses to really close men.

According to etiquette, women are not supposed to present bouquets to men who are younger in age. It is best to choose flower gifts for business partners and bosses in a basket with an addition in the form of expensive alcohol and other symbolic gifts.

To summarize all of the above, then, when choosing which flowers to give a man for his birthday, it is necessary to focus on the nature of the relationship. At the same time, do not forget that men's bouquets differ significantly in design from women's ones.

A riot of feelings and colors as if specially collected in this flower. Gerberas are the personification of youth and daring, they are suitable for a young charming woman prone to adventurism. When giving, take care of the same bright packaging. Gerberas will successfully fit into any design from modern to classics, and the office will happily open its doors to them. The main thing is the presence of direct sunlight so that the gerbera rejoices with its mistress a new day.

If you were presented with a gerbera, do not be lazy to ask how to properly care for it. Perhaps you will become a fan of this flower:

  • Gerbera in your garden
  • Gerbera: cultivation, care, varieties and disease prevention

Potted gerberas for the holiday are a great idea. Photo from the site

All potted flowers are beautiful! The main thing is to give them from the heart, then for sure they will give joy for a long time!

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