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The atomizer is a machine that nebulizes liquid substances. In agriculture it is used to spread pesticides. The liquid is inside a rather large container from which, thanks to the pressure, it comes out in the form of small drops. When these drops meet the air due to the heat, the liquid evaporates and the solid forms agglomerates. The sprayer can be connected to lances that allow you to reach any height in order to treat even tall trees with pesticides. The system works through the use of a lever that controls opening and closing. The sprayer allows you to cover even very large surfaces and this allows you to do the job very easily. When we talk about the atomizer we also refer to the shoulder system, suitable for small surfaces. This system consists of a container that has a capacity of several liters which is carried on the shoulders, is equipped with a lance to nebulize the product that comes out thanks to a lever. The system is rather inconvenient because when it is completely filled it is quite heavy and moreover it can contain a quantity of liquid that cannot be compared to that of a classic atomizer.


The sprayer is a tool that those who have a land with plants cannot do without. The system is quite convenient, you have to fill the container with water by adding the amount of pesticide according to the right proportions, you close everything and is ready to be used. The atomizer is linked to a tractor which therefore allows it to be moved. You need to be an expert to know the adequate distance to spray the product, also depending on the plant. It is a treatment that can be carried out several times a year based on the type of plant and need. The atomizer can provide a system of use without the mobile lance, but with lateral fixed lances that do not require the help of a person. In this way, only the person driving the tractor will be needed and the system will operate autonomously. After finishing the treatment, the container must be rinsed. On the market there are different types of atomizers that differ mainly in capacity. Each will guide the choice on the model that is best suited to their needs, according to the extent of the land. The sprayer models differ in specific characteristics that can be requested from the retailer at the time of purchase.

Where to buy

The sprayer can be purchased at stores that display agricultural tools for sale, but sometimes it can also be found in well-stocked gardening outlets. Those who need to buy an atomizer for the first time but know little about this system must document themselves properly and above all choose it based on their real needs. It is also essential to move towards the right model to face an adequate cost. The larger models are suitable for those who have extensive crops and who are farmers for work. On the internet it is possible to find various models of atomizers and above all it is possible to know the product thanks to the descriptive cards. Such a purchase must be carefully considered without rushing the times. Many also turn to the second-hand market and to make the best choice it is recommended to go and choose the atomizer with a person who has experience in the sector. Even in the second-hand world you can make good purchases, but of course you need to know this tool. The choice of the backpack sprayer is simpler, which is often also on sale at DIY stores, since it is a rather simple model. It is important to try the backpack sprayer to realize how much empty it weighs and imagine what the weight will be once filled. The models from which to choose the backpack sprayer differ in capacity. Those who have a small vegetable garden can choose the small sprayer otherwise it is necessary to take a larger one, because you run the risk of having to refill the sprayer if the pesticide solution is not sufficient for all plants. The backpack sprayer must be rinsed and put away after use. It is advisable to keep these systems away from children and the same also applies to pesticides, which should be kept inside a closed cabinet. To understand the functioning and the convenience of an atomizer, you can always ask a friend who already owns it to be able to verify its functioning and then go to the store to be able to buy it.

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An atomizer is required within a garden containing fairly large plants, or within an agricultural land cultivated with fruit plants. This is a tool that allows you to spray certain insecticides on plants in order to avoid possible pest attacks. It is very simple to use. Just fill the container compartment with the pesticide liquid and put it into operation. As a result of the pressure, the liquid will be injected into the open air in the form of small drops, then the contact with the outside air will evaporate the liquid part of the nebulized product and allow the pesticide substance to form small agglomerates which will then settle on the plants. and on the surrounding land. There are various models of atomizers on the market that differ in the amount of liquid supported and the pressure they are able to exert. There are sprayers to be placed on the ground and those whose use is manual.

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