What Is An Adult Treehouse: Creating A Treehouse For Grownups

What Is An Adult Treehouse: Creating A Treehouse For Grownups

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

If you have come into adulthood kicking and screaming, atreehouse might help reawaken your inner child. Treehouses for adults are a newtrending idea that can translate into an office space, studio, media room,guest house or simply a relaxing retreat. Design ideas on how to make an adulttreehouse may inspire you to get out the saw horses and saws and build one ofthese sanctuaries of your own.

Creating a Treehouse for Grownups

Treehouses are great for children but have become alandscape element popular with adults. Because our fascination with these smallhouses really never goes away, adult treehouse ideas abound. What is an adulttreehouse? It can be as simple as a tiny replica of a real house or as complexas an artistic, natural edifice perched high above the daily cares of life.

If you missed out on having a treehouse as a kid, it’s stillnot too late. There are even professional builders that specialize in suchlofty buildings. If you have the skills and a sturdy tree or grove of trees,creating a treehouse for grownups is within your grasp.

The first step is to plan your building and that starts withdeciding the purpose for your treehouse. If you want a secret lair to hide awayfrom your kids and relax or get some work done, a simple construction would fitthe bill. If you want to add beauty and showy craftsmanship to the landscape, abit more work will go into the house.

Interior features will also have to be considered. Draw up aplan before you get to work or contract with a professional.

Adult Treehouse Ideas

Many treehouses mimic the main home. They may be tinyreplicas or just echo details like siding, roofing and other design elements. Asimple yurt is a building that blends into nature and still affords a cozyretreat. A basic framed in lean-to is one of the easiest styles for a beginningbuilder.

Many treehouses feature decks, fireplaces, second levels,staircases, and other attributes. Treehouses for adults can even follow a themesuch as a Swiss Family Robinson look, jungle bungalow, log or beach cabin,castle, A-frame and more.

How to Make an Adult Treehouse

There are numerous free treehouse plants on the internet.You can even purchase kits that will go up in a snap with the right foundation.The base of the house is the first concern since it will have to support notonly the building but any furniture and other items you wish to store inside.

Take time and any expert help you can to make sure theplatform is strong and sturdy. From there, it’s up to you how you style thebuilding or if you use a kit. If you have children, this is an important timeto teach them the value of creating and building. The finished product will beone you and they can enjoy for years to come.

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This two-story tree house from Living Edge Treehouses & Edible Landscapes featured on Houzz connects a simple tree platform to a raised shelter via a cargo net passage. It provides plenty of spots to sit and play. And it’s an ideal setting to hang out and catch the breeze on a warm summer day.

These Tools Will Help

Below, we break down each version of the Marblemount.Click and drag on the Sketchfab models for a closer look!

The light-duty Marblemount's open-air platform is built to host you and a friend (or two) for soaking in sunsets, sipping drinks, and stargazing. The light Marblemount is just the right size for a couple chairs and a table, positioned for optimal views of the surrounding nature.

Unlike the heavy-duty version of Marblemount, this plan is not suited for weighty snow loads or intended to be modified with walls—it’s meant to be the perfect unenclosed deck for temperate climates.

All the hardware you need for the light-duty Marblemount comes in this kit.

Please be aware that you cannot put two TABS at the same level in a tree that is less than 16" in diameter.

Peter's light-duty Marblemount platform takes shape.

Peter's completed DIY Light-Duty Marblemount - Looks terrific!

Adult Treehouse Ideas – How To Make An Adult Treehouse For Your Garden - garden

Treehouses capture the imagination of the child in all of us, and they have never been more popular than they are today. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide shows even the most inexperienced weekend carpenter how to design and build a lifetime of memories for the entire family.

In addition to line drawings, the book contains a section of full-color photographs highlighting a variety of treehouse projects, plus helpful building tips based on interviews with their owners.

The authors outline five basic designs that can be adapted to virtually any set of conditions, and throughout the book, they emphasize safety for both adults and children.

The book includes general information useful in building a treehouse, explaining treehouse basics, and extra ideas to incorporate into a treehouse like where to build, tree facts, building and tool tips, and safety practices. The designs include one, two, three and four trees (or two trees and two posts) treehouse projects and the perch treehouse. This book is a haven for treehouse builders.

Signed copies available directly from authors .

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Thanks for a great book. Got the book at the start of April, and we've recently finished our treehouse project. I never would have thought I / we'd have been capable of it, but it's there ! And it's taught us all how much can be achieved with a little planning, and preparation, plus lots of hard work, determination and perseverance. Truly a valuable lesson in life! Thanks again. Mike & Julie, and Katie & Ross B.

This book provides all you need to know about building your tree house. our six grandchildren join me in saying ‘thank you!’ to David and Jeanie Stiles for a treehouse we could actually build. A reader and grandparent from Berkeley, CA

We bought this book to get some ideas for our children’s treehouse. Many of the other books are geared toward adult treehouses. Our design is certainly different from the ones in their book, but it helped us decide what we wanted to build and had excellent safety tips. Our treehouse turned out wonderfully. It is the cutest treehouse ever! (No boys allowed) A reader from Boulder City, Nevada

This book is a great resource. Informative, but also witty and inspiring. Alan B.

I used the ideas and illustrations in this book to build my daughter a treehouse in our backyard. Although I used my own design, I used many of the tips for tree connections, platform supports, and other information the Stiles provide in their book. It is evident they have a real love for their subject. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for treehouse and accessory ideas. A reader from Nine Mile Falls, WA

We built a fantastic treehouse this summer using many of the ideas from this book. My 8-yr. old son and 6-yr old daughter learned so much from the simple illustrations. The book helped us decide on a tree, a design, and gave us nuts & bolts instructions as well as many practical tips. We highly recommend this book! A reader from Woodland Hills, CA

With this book, I built a magnificent treehouse. A reader from Scarsdale, NY

I requested and received Tree Houses You Can Actually Build for Christmas. It is great! I'll use it to build a tree house at our cabin for our twin three-year-old daughters. It really has a wealth of information. I really like trolleys and hanging bridges, but never thought of making them til I saw this book. by Dave G. from Colorado

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