Meaning of flowers

Meaning of flowers

The language of flowers was a very popular way of communicating in the 1800s but even today, for example, red roses are given to mean passion, white ones purity and pink ones friendship. Many times in some sentences the beauty of the flowers is expressed that give joy and happiness to our days, for example "to be the flagship", "in the flower" or, to emphasize difficult moments in life, "it's not all roses and flowers ". Sometimes when we give a flower we want to communicate a specific feeling, which can be a declaration of love, jealousy, tenderness, friendship. However, flowers also have their own etiquette and, depending on the occasion and its importance, we must pay attention to what we give. For example, orchids should be chosen when the flowers are particularly important and you can give even just one. When we give flowers it is always advisable not to opt for too large bouquets, ... continue

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continue ..., these would be bulky and a little coarse, better a nice bouquet. If you have to give a gift to a professional, to a professor, in short to a person of a certain importance, always prefer a plant and not a bouquet of flowers. As we said earlier, the colors of the flowers have a very specific value: white is dedicated to brides, confirmations, baptisms, communions, red to the loved one, yellow flowers given to the girlfriend indicate betrayal. Even the number sometimes counts, especially if you give flowers of only one type, it would be appropriate for these to be odd, it is known that flowers given in even numbers bring bad luck. If you want to give flowers to men, choose strong, bold and bold colors, and avoid packaging with colored ribbons or things like that.

Speaking of others, the orchid is a very elegant and sensual flower and means beauty and harmony. In the past, this flower was used above all to make love filters. The hydrangea on the other hand, a very beautiful and decorative plant, does not have a very peaceful meaning, on the contrary, it is used to manifest a sort of detachment. The lily, especially the best known white one, is the typical symbol of purity and ingenuity. Begonia, especially in most countries of South America, is attributed the meaning of wealth and prosperity.

There are still many flowers that populate and color our world and they all have their own meaning that can vary depending on the area in which we find ourselves.

Nowadays it often happens that we are lacking in ideas on what gifts to choose for birthdays, ceremonies, parties, important events. Giving a flower as a gift could be the perfect solution to your doubts and indecisions. It is a very personal, almost intimate gesture, especially appreciated by women and it could be a different way to express their feelings and emotions. The usual gifts turn out to be sometimes banal, discounted or meaningless. With a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you will leave the person receiving it speechless and in addition to giving color and liveliness to the environment, the selected flowers will allow a deeper message to shine through. What are you waiting for? Say it with a flower!

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