Organic garden: protection from snails

Organic garden: protection from snails

Defending an organic garden and equipping oneself to avoid any possible danger is certainly a rather complicated operation, but still achievable.

In particular, the fight against snails, which represent the most important danger for an organic garden, plays a decisive role.

Precisely from the definition of organic garden, we can easily understand how burdensome, but at the same time fundamental, the commitment to protect this cultivation system is.

As we know, the organic vegetable garden is a cultivation method that is characterized above all by not making use of synthetic herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides and, more generally, avoiding the use of any type of synthetic and chemical substances.

Always keeping in mind what is the general rule referring to the organic garden, we must try to understand how it is possible to guarantee adequate protection to the plot of land against attacks deriving from snails.

Growing an organic garden respecting the most important rules of this practice is essential to ensure that, in the future, products that have never been processed with all those chemicals that are routinely exploited in today's world are available.

Similarly, the cultivation of an organic garden represents, without a shadow of a doubt, an appreciable commitment also for the health of those who carry out this practice or are preparing to start it.

In reality, protection from snails is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

In most cases, only practices that were already quite usual in agriculture dating back many decades have been resumed: these are real tricks that characterized the work of our ancestors, who had to work the land with it. they had at their disposal, without being able to rely on synthetic or chemical substances.

On the contrary, they always managed to invent innovative solutions to solve all kinds of problems that presented themselves to them.

One of the most interesting remedies (according to various opinions it would be the best) to combat snails is undoubtedly to stop their advance, so that they cannot get close to the garden.

To realize this concept, it is obviously necessary to place barriers, beyond which snails cannot push themselves, avoiding infesting our organic gardens.

As can be easily understood, these must be natural barriers: among the materials that can be used to make them, one can draw from galvanized sheet metal, nets and sheets built with plastic material.

In particular, the effectiveness deriving from the installation of a barrier made of galvanized sheet metal is truly remarkable, given that above the ground level they must have a height of up to seventy centimeters, while they must be inserted deep into the substrate for at least five centimeters.

Obviously, it is also necessary to be very careful to avoid the formation of spaces between a sheet metal barrier and the next one, adequately closing all those "holes" that snails interpret as an excellent passage to the organic garden.

Equally effective results can be obtained thanks to the use of barriers that are built with sheets made of plastic material; moreover, the use of dense nets is also recommended, although in this case it is necessary to pay particular attention to correctly position the upper edge of the net, ie in such a way that it faces the outside of the organic garden.

We are talking about a whole series of structures and barriers that make it possible to effectively combat the danger deriving from snail attacks on organic gardens: these objects can be found relatively easily on the market, especially within agricultural consortia, but they are equally available at garden centers and in all those building material stores.

An alternative to using this particular type of natural barrier is represented by baits made, as is quite obvious, with natural components.

Without a shadow of a doubt, as regards the direct fight against snails, the baits represent the most widespread and used product.

It is essential to know how the baits must be arranged, to make sure that they are really effective and that they really go against the snails, preventing access to the organic garden.

It is essential to guarantee adequate protection for the organic garden, given that especially snails (since they are extremely voracious) have the dangerous ability to eat, in the course of a single night, a large part of a plant.

In particular, snails are very fond of the leaves and all those tender parts of the plant: protecting your organic garden certainly allows you to guarantee a better harvest and easier cultivation for the same farmer.

Vegetables are often attacked by a large number of parasites which can cause serious damage. Mainly it is possible to defend and keep plants healthy in two ways:

- Acting immediately when the presence of insects is found.

Prevention and timely intervention make it possible to obtain healthy fruits and vegetables and at the same time limit treatments to a minimum.

Active substances of natural origin, such as copper, sulfur and pyrethrum are already present in many agro-drugs which, even if not expressly stated, comply with the specifications for use in organic farming.

These products are already known and commonly used for the hobbyist, often preferred because they are more suited to their culture and that of some farmers.

If used following the instructions for use, by applying "natural" crop protection products, a good level of plant protection can be obtained in line with the expectations of a user who is aware of the characteristics of the products.

Good prevention makes it easier to treat and solve problems and allows for better results.

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