Educational tourist trip to Holland "Dutch style in landscape design" April 13-17.

Educational tourist trip to Holland

The Divina Harmonia Design School invites you to an educational tourist trip "Tulips and Mills: Dutch Style in Landscape Design" April 13-17

School of Design Divina Harmonia (St. Petersburg) invites you to take part in an educational tourist trip to Holland, which will take place on April 13-17, 2015 (4 nights / 5 days in Holland).
Holland is one of the world's centers of landscape culture. The inhabitants of this unique country managed to turn the swampy lowlands reclaimed from the sea into a blossoming garden. Tourists from all over the world come to Holland not only to see ancient cities and architectural monuments, but also to admire parks and gardens created by the best designers in Europe.

The trip program is specially designed for those who are interested in landscape design. The group will visit the Keurkenhof park, the flower market in Amsterdam, the author's Appeltern Gardens, accompanied by a teacher - an experienced landscape designer. The special charm of the trip is given by the fact that the world famous tulips are blooming in Holland right now!

ATTENTION! There is only one last place left in the group. Those wishing to join are provided with an incentive discount of 200 euros from the price of the trip indicated on the website.

You can find out all the details and sign up for a group by phone: (812) 983 45 15 or


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