Perennials for rock garden

Perennials for rock garden

The shady garden leaves its mark on the choice of plants. Although flowers are absolutely essential in landscaping, unfortunately only a limited number of plants can grow in the shade. These include decorative-leaved hosta and ferns, which captivate the eye with chiseled foliage and unusual colors.

Lilies of the valley feel great in the shade and graceful garden flowers. However, when planting this plant, you need to remember that under favorable conditions, lilies of the valley are quite aggressive and can occupy large areas, and not a single plant can withstand the neighborhood with them - these cute bells are very quarrelsome and poisonous.

Medunitsa, a wonderful guest from the forest, feels great in a shady garden, her lush clumps bloom in spring and enliven the still sad garden.

Aubrieta is a perennial plant that forms open curtains, similar to pillows, up to 8-10 cm tall, wintering under the snow.

Flowers up to 1.5 cm, blue-violet, blue, pink, lilac. Blossoms in May-June, re-flowering is observed in autumn.

Perfect for creating a rock garden.
Seeds-8 UAH 10 pieces.

The location is only sunny, even in the partial shade of the aubriet it stretches out and practically does not bloom. Aubrieta prefers light, not too fertile, non-acidic soils. After flowering in May, the plants are immediately pruned, which contributes to faster and more compact growth. Do you want your flower bed to please with its flowering even in early spring? Plant a shave. One of the benefits of the plant is that it overwinters with leaves. Therefore, in early spring, when other flowers are just beginning to awaken, it already attracts with its beauty. Its leaves retain their color even after frost, they are not even affected by severe frosts. During flowering, the aubriet resembles thickened "pillows" scattered around the site, since it grows wide, growing clumps up to 90 cm in diameter. There are practically no leaves under the flowers that have opened. see. Aubriet blooms in April-May, flowering is long and abundant for up to 1.5 months in a row, and in plants planted in sunny places, flowering can be repeated in the fall. After flowering, the plants are immediately cut almost to the very level of the soil - this promotes the growth of new shoots. Propagated by seeds, dividing the bush and cuttings. Suitable for rocky slides, mixborders, curbs, slopes, retaining walls. 10 pcs in a bag. seeds 5 UAH. Available seeds: pink, lilac, purple, mix of pinks (raspberry, lilac, pink).
2) Carnation herb for an alpine slide
Pink alpine
toronto - white with a red eye
plant height up to 10cm.
Alyssum mix of colors self-seeding annual does not require annual seeding. Miniature plant 10-15cm tall with small flowers and honey aroma. Expanding, it forms a dense, creeping carpet. Blooms from June until frost. The plant tolerates a haircut well and blooms the second time just as abundantly. Used for balcony boxes, on rocky hills and flower bed frames. Plants are cold-resistant, light-loving, not demanding on soils. Propagated by sowing in the ground in early May or before winter. It is possible to cultivate in the same place for several years thanks to self-seeding. There are 4 types of seeds in separate bags: 1) white 2) purple 3) pink 4) lilac.
Arabis, similar to Aubriet, only the flowers are slightly larger and the color is white and pink (2 types), which is not in Aubriet (white).
All titles are under the photo.
Order from 20 UAH. I send by registered mail (+15 UAH for shipment) Payment to Privat Bank card. See "all ads" there are many interesting plants.

Shrub cinquefoil (cinquefoil)

Shrub cinquefoil (five-leafed leaf) can boast of interesting dwarf varieties.

Abbotswood - height 0.8 m flowers are large, white

Goldfinger - height 1 m numerous large dark yellow flowers


Primrose is popularly called primrose. The reason is the early flowering of this perennial: the first flowers on the bush appear in mid-spring. Then, within 3-8 weeks, new inflorescences bloom on the plant, replacing each other. If you choose varieties of primrose with different flowering periods, then you can admire these bright plants from April until the end of summer.

The color of flowers can be very diverse: blue, purple, orange, yellow, red, pink, white. Varieties with gray and green petals, as well as variegated colors, have been bred. Among the primroses there are even varieties with a double type of flower.

The plant is compact, medium-sized: the maximum height of primrose bushes during the flowering period reaches 20-50 cm.

11. Tyarca (tiarella) hearty

The tiarka is a creeping perennial with a rosette of rounded heart-leaved leaves on long petioles. At the end of spring, among the spectacular foliage, brown peduncles 10-15 cm high with a cluster of graceful light cream flowers exuding a pleasant aroma appear.

Today there are many interesting ornamental tiarka varieties with attractive leaves (dissected, variegated, purple) and flowers of various colors (pink, snow-white, salmon, purple-red).

By crossing Heuchera with Thiarella, breeders have developed another attractive plant - Heycherella. Its leaves resemble a tiarka, and its bell-shaped flowers and bush shape are inherited from Heuchera.

All these plants are beautifully adjacent to each other and together create an attractive flower garden. Plant them in your shaded area and your garden will be transformed in an instant.

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