Imperial gardens of Russia

Imperial gardens of Russia

From 8 to 17 June, the fifth international festival took place in the St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Garden "Imperial Gardens of Russia"... The theme of the main event of the festival - the exhibition-competition of 39 gardens and garden compositions - in the anniversary year was the well-known phrase "Where does the Motherland begin ...". In addition, traditional master classes, concerts and excursions were held here every day.

It is not surprising that many of the works in the year of the 1150th anniversary of the emergence of Russian statehood were devoted to country estates and palace and park ensembles: Russian Versilia, Mon Repos Park, Rapti Manor, Noble Nest, Priyutino Museum-Estate, Penates - I.E. Repin, Bath on the Voronka River (the bathing pavilion from Leo Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana estate was recreated in the work), Dedication to the brilliant Peterhof, etc.

The work "Tretyakov Gallery - to the Russian Museum" was a garden installation of paintings by V.D. Polenov "Babushkin's Garden" and "Moscow Courtyard". In the work "The Hussar Ballad" (a command tent with battle banners, standards, orders and St. George's ribbon), a tribute was paid to the events of two hundred years ago - the Patriotic War of 1812.

Many festival-goers enjoyed wandering through the labyrinth of the Monastery Garden, the prototype of which is located in the Notre-Dame d'Orsan Priory. Those who reached the middle could rest on a radial wicker bench surrounding a paradise tree - an apple tree. The Kupol project united some of the most key values ​​of our country: the dome of an Orthodox church, sheaves of bread, wheat grains, wildflowers (daisies, poppies, cornflowers) in tune with the Russian tricolor.

The basis of the compositional solution of the work "Birch Leaf" was the tree-symbol of Russia - birch. The place of quiet rest of the gentlemen (a gazebo surrounded by lush varietal plants) was here adjacent to the utilitarian and economic part of the garden (a woodpile surrounded by wildflowers).

In the work "English Garden", visitors were presented with a playground surrounded by flowers planted in containers with sun loungers and a gazebo. However, if it were not for the information plate with the name of the project and the British flag waving in the wind, I would never have guessed about the connection of this work with England. For me personally, it evoked more Mediterranean associations.

Many people remembered the coat of arms of Russia and the imperial monograms, skillfully executed by landscape designers from flowers, located on a large meadow.

The most conceptual project of the festival was, perhaps, the work titled “Dedicated to Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Leblond”, combining the French parade regular part and the Russian in the natural style, symbolizing the close connection, mutual influence and interpenetration of two great European cultures.

The jury did not vote at the festival in the jubilee year, but the Audience Award went to the work of Babushkin's "600th", in which the traditional old wooden house and the painfully familiar six hundred square meters adjacent to it were beaten.

Alexey Antsiferov
Photo by the author

June 21 (Thursday)

15.00 "Chizhik's Tales": "The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin in Brazil", "Music Box" (3+). Author and presenter - Irina Chizhik, musical accompaniment - Alexey Chizhik (vibraphone)

16.00 Master class on filling florariums "DIY mini-greenhouse"

17.00 Science and entertainment show from ITMO's Life Science School: Open lesson in physics.

19.00 Chamber Orchestra "Chamberries". "A musical journey through the centuries."

20.00 Leonid Kandakov. Puppet show "Leo's Marionnette Show".

June 22 (Friday)

12.00 Summer concert of students of the Academy of Popular Music Igor Krutoy

13.00 Awarding ceremony for the winners of the “Blooming Fountains of the Summer Garden. Artificial selection "

15.00 Vladimir Nakhimov. Rapid Response Puppet Theater.

16.00 Master class on filling florariums "DIY mini-greenhouse"

19.00 Chamber Orchestra "Chamberries". "A Musical Journey Through the Centuries".

20.00 Alexey Chizhik (vibraphone). Concert of classical and jazz music.

June 23 (Saturday)

12.00 Brass Band of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in St. Petersburg. "From old marches to Soviet waltzes."

13.00 Summer concert of students of the Academy of Popular Music Igor Krutoy

15.00 Science and entertainment show from ITMO University Life Science School: Open lesson in chemistry.

17.00 VIA "Worker and Collective Farm Woman". Author's jazz and Soviet retro hits.

18.00 Laureates of international competitions Anna Slatova (flute) and Sofya Bogdanova (guitar). Concert “Music is heard again”.

June 24 (Sunday)

13.00 Summer concert of students of the Academy of Popular Music Igor Krutoy

15.00 "Flower extravaganza". Master class and fashion show of models from the ESTEL School of Hairdressing

17.00 Ruslan Tustanovsky Quartet. Jazz standards and hits of world cinema.

18.00 Chamber Orchestra "Chamberries". "A Musical Journey Through the Centuries".

June 25 (Monday)

14.00 Science and entertainment show from ITMO University's Life Science School: Open lesson in physics.

16.00 Master class on filling florariums "DIY mini-greenhouse"

19.00 Ballet numbers from the Natalia Davydova School of Classical Dance performed by Olga Rachkova and Natalia Davydova

19.30 "Flowers and Dreams". Fashion show of hats from the Anna Mikhaylova brand.

June 26 (Tuesday)

14.00 Science and entertainment show from ITMO University Life Science School: Open lesson in chemistry.

16.00 Master class on filling florariums "DIY mini-greenhouse"

19.00 Chamber Orchestra "Chamberries". "A musical journey through the centuries."

June 27 (Wednesday)

12.00 "Vision of a rose in the Summer Garden". Concert of young musicians of the Art-Line Arts Support Fund.

14.00 Vladimir Nakhimov. Rapid Response Puppet Theater.

June 21 at 17.00, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 June at 13.00 and 17.00
Viktor Melnikov's excursions about vegetables and herbs

June 23 at 12.00
Master class by Natalia Zazerskaya "How to draw flowers"

June 23 and 24 at 15.30
Seminar by Anna Vititina "City garden - city farming"

June 26 at 18.00
Lecture by Elena Eremeeva "Edible wild plants"

12.00-14.00 Danish Institute of Culture and LEGO invite: Children's hour "We play LEGO!"

Charity event "Tree of Life"

June 25, 15.00 - LLC Lukoil-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt

June 26, 18.00 - PJSC Power Machines

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The festival "Imperial Gardens of Russia" will be held for the first time in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg

On June 21, the Russian Museum will open the XI International Festival "Imperial Gardens of Russia". "Flower Assembly" will take place in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg and will last until June 27. This is the 11th Imperial Gardens of Russia festival supported by the Sistema charitable foundation.

The festival will become a real celebration of floristic art and floral decoration. The best teams of florists, artists, designers and decorators will decorate the alleys, bosquets and fountains of the Summer Garden with their compositions. Hundreds of flowers will be planted on the territory of the Parterre. Arched structures will decorate floristic compositions, and the Menagerie Pond bosquet will turn into a flower fantasy. The main alley, with the support of the European Garden Heritage Association (EGHN), which includes the Summer Garden, will host a photo exhibition of famous European palace gardens.

In addition to the landscape exhibition-competition, the festival program includes botanical lectures and floristic master classes, fashion shows. For lovers of live sound, concerts will be held with the participation of musical groups.

Festival "Imperial Gardens of Russia" will extend its work

Petersburgers got the opportunity to walk among the beautiful landscape compositions and admire the finds of famous territory designers for two more days.

The ninth international festival of landscape and garden art "Imperial Gardens of Russia" in the Mikhailovsky Garden will extend its work for two days, until June 21.

This decision was made by the organizing committee due to the fact that the garden was closed for one day due to bad weather. Then, on June 11, a cyclone raged over Petersburg, the strongest wind alternated with torrential rain and fell trees throughout the city. Therefore, for the sake of the safety of the townspeople, the main festival site was closed to the public. And now the "debt" will be repaid.

On additional days, you can get into the kingdom of unprecedented architectural and natural forms from 10:00 to 22:00. Entrance tickets are sold at the ticket offices of the Mikhailovsky Garden in front of both entrances: from the Savior on Spilled Blood and from Sadovaya Street. The entrance fee is 300 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children.

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Where the event will take place, opening hours, information for visitors

A grandiose festival of flowers of international importance will be held from June 10 to June 19 in St. Petersburg. The exhibition and accompanying events will be located on the territory of Mikhailovsky Park, at the address: st. Engineering, 4.

The main entrance to the Mikhailovsky Garden

Information for visitors

  • During the days of the festival, the park will be open to the public from 10:00 to 22:00.
  • The cost of a full entrance ticket is 250 rubles, a reduced one - 50 rubles.

The Imperial Gardens of Russia is a great opportunity to spend leisure time for the whole family in the clean air in one of the most beautiful parks in the city, admiring magnificent flower arrangements and installations. In addition, an interesting and rich program of theatrical performances, concerts, film screenings, interactive games and master classes awaits visitors.

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