Ocean - Greek deity

Ocean - Greek deity


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In Greek mythology Ocean, is the oldest of the Titans, son of Gaea and Uranus (Earth and Sky) (see the myth: The birth of the world).

He married his sister Teti (personification of the humidity of the water dispenser of luxuriance and fecundity) and from their union three thousand were born Oceanineand all the streams that irrigate the earth. Among the most important rivers generated by their union and which were known by the Greeks are: Acheloo, Alfeo, Ladone, Eridano, Meandro, Simoenta, Strimone, Eveno, Scamandro, Nilo.

Ocean is the god of all waters, represents the primordial forces that contributed to the creation of the universe and was represented as an old man with a beard and bull's horns.

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