Garden with water

Garden with water

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The water garden, thanks to the constant presence of water, is able to give the outdoor space a rather particular aspect. Those who have a particular predilection for aquatic plants certainly cannot give it up. The latter are floating or live submerged by water. When you decide to create a water garden, you need to think about the type of plant you want to insert in order to have a complete garden as soon as the work is completed.


The water garden requires the same commitment in the design and above all also special care in choosing the areas where to place the pond or the waterfall. In fact, the presence of water, although it is a natural element that blends perfectly with the garden, could attract the attention of many insects, especially mosquitoes. To avoid their annoying sting and wanting to resort only to natural methods, you can always think of planting anti-mosquito species such as catambra or basil. During the design phase, the division of spaces is mainly taken into consideration. For this reason, anyone wishing to insert more than one water element inside the garden must be aware that it is necessary to have a sufficiently large space. There are different companies that deal with the construction of gardens and that try, where possible, to fulfill the customer's requests. Those who do not feel particularly suited to gardening but still want to have a beautiful garden are better off relying on specialized people right from the planning stage. The customer will immediately be able to see what his garden will look like once finished, thanks to the new software, and then possibly correct the division of spaces. Usually the water source is located in a green space quite far from the dining area, unless it is an express request of the customer. The choice of the predominant water element is always up to the customer because while the waterfalls, for example, produce a pleasant sound and are always in operation, in the case of the pond there is only one body of water, but in the latter it is possible to have even aquatic plants.


The methods for creating a water garden are almost similar whether it is created by a company or if you decide to create a personal project. The excavation must be of the shape and size that you want to give to the pond, inside it is necessary to carefully arrange a waterproof sheet and obviously fill it. By creating a sort of steps along the perimeter it will be possible to arrange the aquatic plants because they need to live partially submerged in water. Unlike the waterfall element, where the water is in motion, in this case absolutely no water play is created. The waterfall can be chosen in the version with natural stones or in plastic and the size is chosen directly by the customer. In some cases the waterfall is quite high and the water pours into a swimming pool creating a rather particular effect.

Water games

Today the water garden version can also be interpreted in a more contemporary version, a space where there are interesting water games, jets and effects created with water to make the atmosphere scenographic. Then, thanks to the skilful use of lights, the water games are able to surprise even more during the evening hours. Using a simple and natural element such as water, it is possible to create real shows that will leave you surprised. Obviously, to achieve all this it is essential to entrust the work to professionals in the sector.

Garden with water: Costs

The construction of a water garden cannot have established costs as it depends on the size of the garden itself, the choice of accessories and plants, which is why it is important to always ask for a quote. If you are interested in water games, you must also keep in mind the cost of lighting which, among other things, is fundamental. By going to the specialized stores it is possible to know the actual cost for the construction of a pond. In addition, fish can also be placed inside the pond and in this case an additional cost must be considered.

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