Biological products for pests

Biological products for pests

Insecticidal preparations of biological origin are very popular nowadays. They are able to destroy harmful insects in the garden and vegetable garden, while not harming their useful counterparts. Plants treated with biological agents are not dangerous to humans after 48 hours. The fruits of trees and shrubs can be eaten without fear.

In order to correctly choose and use biological products, it is necessary to become more familiar with their assortment and purpose.

Biological products for pests


This natural complex preparation, made on the basis of the waste products of fungi, is a toxic substance. For each pest, a certain dosage is recommended when preparing the solution. On average, from 2 to 8 milliliters of the drug is used per 1 liter of water.

It is advisable to add a little liquid soap to the prepared solution, which will provide a good sticking effect for insects. Spraying of plants is carried out in warm dry weather (about 18-20 degrees Celsius) with minimal wind.

Recommended to control the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, moth, thrips, whitefly, ticks and sawflies.


The drug is made on the basis of fungal spores. Most often used for pest control, common in closed beds and in greenhouse conditions. A one percent solution of the drug is recommended for use in calm dry weather, no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

"Boverin" is able to destroy the May beetle and its larvae, the wireworm, the bear, the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, as well as the thrips and the greenhouse whitefly.


This is a complex biological product on a bacterial basis. The recommended dosage for use is 10-15 milliliters per 5 liters of water with a temperature of no more than 20 degrees Celsius. The concentration of the finished solution depends on the culture being treated.

Perfectly fights against the invasion of caterpillars of all ages, various types of plant moths and butterflies, destroys silkworms and most pests of fruit trees and shrubs. It is used to combat pests of vegetable crops.


The product is made on a bacterial basis. Eating the treated parts of plants, insects die in a short time (within 3-7 days) from poisoning, as the agent penetrates into their intestines and disrupts its work.

The product can be used to treat various crops even in hot weather. For 10 liters of water, it is recommended to add 70 milliliters of the drug.

Recommended for the destruction of all types of larvae, spider mites, Colorado potato beetles, all types of plant-eating moths, caterpillars and moths.


The product is made on the basis of mushroom spores with the addition of sodium humate, which contributes to the renewal and high fertility of the soil.

For every 10 square meters of land, it is enough to add about 10 grams of the drug. Top dressing is recommended to be applied in damp, cool autumn weather.

To combat soil pests (for example, larvae) "Metarizin" is added to water for irrigation. It will take several months for the drug to spread throughout the garden.

It can be used to destroy the Colorado and May beetle and their larvae, against mosquitoes and beetles, as well as against weevils.


The biological product is developed on the basis of the mycelium and conidia of one of the predatory fungi and is used to control pests that are common when growing crops in greenhouses. The drug is used both in pure form and in dissolved form.

From 5 to 10 milliliters of funds are added to each well just before planting vegetable seedlings. Also, the drug can be used a few days before sowing seeds. It is recommended to water the beds in the summer cottage with a prepared solution of 10 liters of water and 200 milliliters of "Nematofagin".


The basis of the preparation is a soil fungus. Processing should be carried out in the afternoon after sunset in calm conditions. The saturation of the spray solution depends on the type of plant being treated. For 1 liter of water, you can add from 1 to 10 milliliters of the product. The result of the struggle can be observed after about 5 days.

Effectively affects most harmful insects, their larvae, as well as butterflies and caterpillars.


Mycelium and spores of one of the entomopathogenic fungi are the main substance in this biological product. The prepared solution can be used for watering the soil and spraying plants. It is quite effective against greenhouse pests, but especially against many types of aphids.

Add 100 to 500 milliliters of product to a large bucket of water. Plants are processed in warm weather with an air temperature of 17 to 25 degrees.

Summer resident

The basis of this biological preparation is Siberian fir extract. The drug is easy to use, it is used in all weather conditions - rainy and dry, cool (up to 5 degrees Celsius) and hot. The diluted solution does not lose its quality for 10 days. For every 5 liters of water, you need to add only 2-3 milliliters of "Summer resident".

The drug is especially effective in the fight against ants, but it is able to save summer residents and gardeners from almost all the most common pests of vegetable, fruit and berry crops.

It should be borne in mind that to completely get rid of pests, several treatments with biological products will be required - from 3 to 6 times.

The result of treatment with biological products occurs on the fourth or fifth day, not earlier. And this will happen under favorable weather conditions - without rains and sharp cold snaps.

Biological preparations do not affect the quality of the crop. They are absolutely not dangerous for both humans and plants and for our smaller brothers. When using them, an environmentally friendly harvest is simply guaranteed.

Biological products for garden protection

  • Biological insecticide preparations aimed at destroying pests are produced on the basis of fungi and bacteria.
  • Fungi in a nutrient microbiological solution lead to paralysis of pests, after which they destroy it.

Thus, biological products effectively cope with

  • ticks
  • nematode,
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • aphids,
  • whitefly,
  • leaf roll,
  • nematode and other uninvited guests.

To the list you can add weevils, thrips, mosquitoes, wireworm, bear, cabbage fly, May beetle and hordes of locusts.

It is impossible to overfeed, overfill, poison the plant with microbiological preparations

However, you should also follow the instructions and recommendations for use:

  • watering and spraying crops is permissible only in the evening in cool weather,
  • immediately before using biological products, plants must be watered using the sprinkler method.
  • maintain optimal temperature and storage conditions - 5 ° C above zero in a dark room.

It should be borne in mind that insecticidal biological products can have a negative effect on bees

To combat pests, biological products are first diluted in a small volume of water (temperature below 15 ° C) according to the instructions, then a working solution is prepared from the suspension for irrigation or spraying. It must be used immediately. Spray plants in places where the pest accumulates. For example, it is important to treat the underside of the leaves, where the pest is hiding, to kill a spider mite. The effect of the use of insecticidal biological products occurs within 5 days.

What it is?

Biological products are modern environmentally friendly products designed to protect plants from pests and diseases. They are based on the use of living organisms or natural biologically active compounds that these organisms synthesize. Most often they are of plant or microbiological origin.

The destruction of pests occurs through exposure to their intestines or nervous system. In the first version, eating the processed leaves, insects die from poisoning. In the second case, they are paralyzed and die of hunger. Biologicals have a wide spectrum of action. Depending on the purpose, they are divided into the following main groups:

  • biofungicides and biobactericides - drugs for fighting diseases
  • insecticides - insect repellents
  • acaricides - kill ticks
  • bioantibiotics
  • biocomplexes or stimulants - they consist of plant extracts capable of affecting the timing of growth, flowering and ripening of fruits.

Some products are effective against rodents and slugs. There are biological preparations that are used to treat seeds before planting. This operation is carried out several days before disembarkation. It is necessary to process the seeds in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. The result will delight the grower, such planting material will be distinguished by good similarity, disease resistance, more intensive growth, and increased productivity.

Some funds are applied to the soil. It is recommended to carry out this work 5-6 days before planting the plants. In this case, the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil increases, which inhibit pathogenic bacteria.

At the same time, the decomposition of organic matter proceeds at a faster pace, the structure of the soil improves, as a result, the productivity of crops grown on the site increases.

Before planting seedlings, it is recommended to spray its root system with special biological products. Such processing is carried out 2-3 hours before the moment of planting. Plants prepared in this way will be disease resistant and more productive. Good results can be obtained by spraying rooted seedlings with biological agents. The treatment is carried out with suspensions of different concentrations - from 0.1 to 1%. The solution must be used on the day of preparation.

During watering, preparations can be applied along with water under the root system of plants. Bacteria of biological products will begin to interact with soil biocenosis, exerting an impact leading to a change in the development of phytophages.

This leads to the death of not only pathogenic microflora, but also insect pests.

Agronomist compared the effectiveness of chemicals and biological products against pests

On the Web, you can find a huge number of ways to escape from parasites: from salt and sugar solutions to human antibiotics.

Biologics do not harm the soil, but they are less effective against parasites than chemicals. However, the latter are not so harmless. Scientist-agronomist Mikhail Vorobiev told about this in an interview with the portal "Word and Deed".

How to plant tomatoes correctly and when to do it in May so that there is a harvest

To get a good harvest of tomatoes, you need to plant them correctly and necessarily - on the right days. It will not hurt to check with the lunar calendar.

"Biologicals are not very powerful, so they need to be used more often than chemical ones. Therefore, gardeners have a choice - to use either chemical, powerful, once or twice a season, or every week to use biological products that are not poisonous and do not harm nature," - said the expert.

On the Internet, you can find advice to replace chemical preparations against pests with folk remedies. But among them there are frankly dangerous means.

"The most harmful agent is human antibiotics. As a result, they enter the human body, and the bacteria that live inside us develop resistance to these antibiotics, which, of course, is not good," Vorobiev warns.

Earlier it became known that in Siberia, due to hot weather, sowing began earlier than usual.

How to get rid of caterpillars with biologics

For several years now I have been using biological products instead of pesticides on my site.

Bio cocktail. I use it weekly as a preventive measure against the appearance of diseases and pests on plants. And also in critical times, when temperature drops, frost or drought are expected.

The bio-cocktail is liked by the fact that no special means of protection are required, and the processed fruits can be eaten immediately after spraying.

The second type of biological products that I use to treat the garden and vegetable garden is Gardener's first aid kit (complex of preparations for protection against pests and plant diseases).

I use the gardener's first aid kit as a prophylaxis in cases where an invasion of pests is expected (for example, the Colorado potato beetle or aphids). Or, when there are risks of diseases (for example, late blight).

I also effectively use the biological products of the gardener's first aid kit as an "ambulance" - the treatment of already diseased plants (late blight, fungal and viral diseases, etc.). Or the destruction of pests that have appeared (aphids, thrips, spider mites, whiteflies, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle, cabbage, hare and other leaf-eating). The waiting period for the gardener's first aid kit is short: after two days, the processed fruits can already be eaten.

I will give a couple of examples of the action of drugs in the gardener's first aid kit.

Destruction of the Colorado potato beetle on eggplants.

Once in the summer, I noticed adults of the Colorado potato beetle on some eggplant bushes. I urgently sprayed the entire garden with the gardener's first aid kit.

Especially the next day, I checked if there were live beetles on the bushes. It turned out that all the beetles had died, which means that the biologics worked!

Destruction of caterpillars on a tree.

On a summer morning, I accidentally discovered a large number of caterpillars on a mulberry. I took a photo and urgently processed the whole tree with the gardener's first aid kit.

In the evening, to be sure of the effectiveness of the treatment, I checked the tree. All the tracks were already motionless. And again, the biologics worked!

I used to think that you only need to spray the plants with pesticides. But from my own experience I was convinced that biological products are the best solution!

Now I use only bio-cocktail and the gardener's first-aid kit.

For more information about the autumn processing of the garden, see the small video below:

Good and healthy harvests to you!

Preparations of the "Micorad" series

The preparation "Mikorad Insekto 1.1" and the Preparation "Mikorad Insekto 1.2" are intended for the control of plant pests. However, there are differences. They contain various useful mushrooms.

The drug "Micorad Insecto 1.1" contains a useful mushroom "Metarisium"

The drug "Micorad Insecto 1.2" - useful mushroom "Boveri Bastian"

Both drugs, which have the inscription on the packaging "Insecto" are intended for pest control, since the word insecto in Latin means - a pest.

The preparations have a powdery structure. They are easily applied to the soil in any way possible. Powder is poured into the hole or dusted on top of the soil during digging.

You can also use a working solution of biological products. It is prepared according to the instructions, which contain detailed information on the packaging of the drug.

The next group of drugs "Micorad" is designed to fight diseases.

This type of drug is called "Micorad Malsano". The word malsano in Latin means disease. The biological product is made on the basis of the Trichoderma mushroom. This mushroom actively suppresses various fungi that cause all kinds of diseases in plants.

Biopreparation "Micorad Malsano" thanks to the mushroom "Trichoderma" easily copes with late blight. It can be combined with other biological products, alternated and achieve the best effect.

Biological product "Micorad Nemato" is designed to combat nematodes on plants.

Nematodes are parasites that attack strawberries, potatoes and some types of flowers. So, for example, very seriously suffer from nematodes "Phlox". The use of the drug "Micorad Nemato" was experimented in 2020 on phlox.

The result was amazing: the powder was sprinkled under the affected flowers in the area. After that, the diseased phlox bushes took on a healthy look and all summer delighted them with rapid flowering. The drug "Micorad Nemato" really works and destroys parasites.

Using biological products "Micorad", you can grow an ecologically clean crop without the use of chemicals.

The preparations of the Micorad series have recently received a new package and have renewed their composition. In contrast to the previous cardboard packaging, the preparations have bright glossy packaging. The main active ingredient remains the same.

In stores, you can still find preparations of the "Micorad" series with the old name on the packaging - "Micorad" with the name of the mushroom "Metarizin". Or buy a biological product "Micorad" with an updated inscription of the mushroom "Metarisium". Both drugs are useful and working, you can use it.

Wireworm and bear larvae are far from the only animals that can be defeated with the biological drug Metarizin. In addition to living creatures, bacteria and microscopic fungi live in the soil. There is a balance in nature. That is, it existed. Before the arrival of the man with the plow. For a long time, microscopic fungi naturally restrained, for example, the reproduction of bears. But a person has upset the balance - and now there are already a dime a dozen pests in the garden.

And if you restore soil fungi in the amount in which they must be present in the ground, then the number of bears, wireworm larvae and beetles will quickly decrease. Actually, this is what Metarizin is for. This biological agent is aimed at combating pests that live underground:

  • wireworm
  • marble beetle
  • scoop
  • bear
  • beetle larva
  • a cherry fly wintering under a tree, etc.

If you use this preparation for soil treatment in the autumn period of the year, you can effectively get rid of pests that winter in the ground. Among the most common and annoying are Colorado beetles and furry deer.

Biological preparation based on the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae.

The principle of action of Metarizin is very simple: the fungus present in its composition penetrates into the body of the pest, grows in it, releases toxins - and kills the one who previously killed your garden crops.

  • An ecological alternative to chemicals
  • Safe for people, animals, the environment. Does not require special security measures
  • Long-acting drug.

Metarizine is best applied to wet soil. The action of the drug is not instantaneous. The spores of the soil fungus need time to grow.

  • When watering and spraying in the planting holes for prevention: 300 ml per 10 water, per 1 hundred square meters.
  • With a high number of pests for maximum efficiency, the consumption rate is 500 ml per 10 liters of water, per 1 hundred square meters.

Shelf life - 2 months at a temperature of + 4 ... + 6 C.

Watch the video: Biological control of pests