My way of getting old geraniums to bloom actively again

My way of getting old geraniums to bloom actively again

I have been growing geranium (also known as pelargonium) for more than 5 years. My favorite plant pleases with flowers every year, and my flower beds with colorful bright inflorescences attract admiring glances from neighbors. Many summer residents throw out aged pelargonium as soon as it loses its attractive external data (it stretches, outgrows, blooms poorly).

I do not belong to them, because I know several secrets with the help of which even an old plant can delight with lush flowering. Today I will share with you the features of caring for an elderly pelargonium.

First of all, uterine geranium needs proper care, which depends on the season. My flowers spend most of the year in flower beds in the garden - in the spring (mid-April) I put them outside and bring them in only before the first frost. I bring it into a room where there will be no negative temperature, but there should be no strong heat either. I leave the plant for a couple of weeks, preferably without the sun (can be placed on the floor), so that it adapts.

For the winter, pelargonium must be lowered into the basement. Before sending it for the winter, I spill the earth well, I do not prune it. I lower the pots of geraniums into the cellar and leave them for the winter without any care in the dark. If the basement is not dark enough, the plants can be covered with paper bags.

At the end of March, I take out the pots of geraniums from the cellar. If the weather permits, I take it outside immediately, if not, a cool window sill or greenhouse will do. The first thing I do with pelargonium after wintering is pruning. All branches are cut shortly, leaving 1-2 cm above the ground. I resume watering. After that, the geranium will sprout new branches and bloom no worse than young plants.

Cutting is a great way to get some new ones out of old geraniums. For this method of rejuvenation, I use the tops of green stems 6-8 cm long. Cuttings should have at least 4-5 leaves.

First of all, I take charcoal or activated charcoal and process the cuts with it. I leave the branches alone for 5-6 hours, letting the wounds dry out. Only after that do I plant the cuttings in the ground. For geraniums, I prefer to use a ready-made universal substrate.

As soon as the cuttings grow, and the root system gets stronger (it will take about 2 months), geraniums can be planted in separate pots.

When I see that the geranium in the pot has aged (the stems are lignified, the leaves have begun to dry), be sure to transfer the plant to a new pot. Replacing soil and rejuvenating root and stem pruning will help give pelargonium years of life.

The geranium pot should not be much larger than the current one. The old container with the plant should enter a new one and there should be a distance of 1.5 - 2 cm between the walls. The new pot should have drainage holes (preferably large and in large quantities). If you use a container without them, then be sure to lay a drainage layer of pebbles, broken brick or pine bark on the bottom.

Before taking the pelargonium out of the pot, I cut it off. I remove all lignified branches and diseased leaves, leaving only healthy and young shoots. After that, I prune the roots - I take out the geraniums from the pot and cut off the earthen lump with roots with a sharp knife, leaving 5-7 cm on each side.

When the pruning is done, I plant the pelargonium in a new pot. The soil should cover the plant to the same level as in the previous container. I water it with a little water and send it to its usual place.

The most interesting way to rejuvenate pelargonium is by vaccination. It will not only allow you to bring an old plant back to life, but also make it unique. I use this method when I see that the geranium is very elongated, but I have no desire to wait for the next flowering for six months or longer. Any varieties of geraniums are suitable for grafting.

On the plant to which I will graft cuttings of other varieties, I choose several strong shoots. I clean them of excess leaves, cut off the tops by 10-15 cm at a right angle. The place of cut on the shoots must be split, to form a wedge-shaped hole on it. I use a sharp knife for this.

I also process cuttings of other varieties. I remove the damaged leaves and prepare the cut site - I make it in the form of a wedge that will fit into the hole in the rootstock. When everything is ready, I place the scions in the holes at the rootstock cut and fix them with cling film. After 2 weeks, the plants will grow together and the film can be removed. After 3 months, pelargonium will bloom, and different unique flowers will grow on one bush.

Natural aging of geranium is not a reason to throw it away. Knowing a few tricks, you can give the plant new life and get lush inflorescences from it. Pelargonium rejuvenation is not a difficult process, and I am sure that any summer resident will cope with it.

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Reputation care

He also wrote about the peculiarities of the course of many diseases in the elderly. Hippocrates... The principles of geriatric prophylaxis "from Hippocrates" (he himself lived 104 years) - moderation, clean air, daily body friction (massage), bodily exercise - still retain their value.

The treatment and prevention of senile diseases was still occupied by the physicians of the Ancient world. Ancient roman doctor Avl Cornelius Celsus lists the diseases characteristic of each life period, and analyzes the influence of the seasons on human life: "Winter is most dangerous for old people."

Galen describes in detail the diet of the elderly: lean meat, fish, olive oil are recommended, a little figs or plums before meals. Honey, celery, sweet wines are useful. Food should be warm and easy to digest. In this case, a large amount should be avoided. According to Galen, the care of loved ones played a decisive role for the health of the elderly. (By the way, this norm of the ancient world was reflected in the famous painting Karla Bryullova "The Last Day of Pompeii," where, against the backdrop of a catastrophe, two young men are carrying a paralyzed old man.)

However, other traditions and advice have survived as well. Many doctors of antiquity refrained from practical geriatrics due to the incurability of many diseases in old age. The medical records of a famous Byzantine physician who lived in Rome, Alexander Trallessky (525-605). He wrote: “Care must be taken not to tarnish our reputation by treating the elderly, as failure is most likely.” “There is no cure for old age.” “The more serious the disease, the less medical intervention is indicated.”

Of course, given this attitude, which is not unique to Alexander of Thrall, the development of geriatrics - the medical industry that specializes in the diseases of old age - would not be possible. Fortunately, not everyone thought so.

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Gennady Gennadievich Stroykov

Heck. Doused with water. He coughed. I tried to get up. My hands were broken. Again the wave covered me, and it swept away. It hurts my eyes. Sand. Bright sunlight. Heart thumps. Alive.

I’m half in the water. Pancake! Salty! Wriggling, pushing off with his legs, rolling, clinging to his hands, he got out onto dry land. He sat down, through tears, looked around. Probably morning. A huge disk of the sun two fingers above the horizon, but it's already hot. I got up and staggered. I hobbled back into the sea, washed my face. He straightened up.

Yes, the idiot's dream has come true ... The sea! Emerald waves roll onto the beach. Blue sky. White sand. Green palms ... Stop. Where am I? Definitely not in Turkey!

The last thing I remember was a cafe ... I was walking around the old town, I wanted exotic things, I went to a cafe. A hefty Turk brought coffee, - he still bowed like an institute. I took a sip, my head was spinning ... That's it. Failure. And now I am sitting on the sand, in which my mother gave birth.

My body, no doubt, - crooked legs have become familiar for fifty years, - but miracles - a scar has disappeared from my right leg. How, where, when ?!

A flash of about fifty paces from the shore distracted the confusion in the skull, something white fell into the water, and a strong splash was heard.

My body, without hesitation, rushed forward. The sandy bottom slopes gently into the depths. Already jumping up the last meters, he rammed the water up to his waist. There was a woman lying on her back, her long hair fluttering in a small wave. Picking up under the shoulder blades, at the same time trying to hold his head above the water, he dragged him to the shore. He picked it up, carried it out and laid it on the sand. He just fell down next to me. Don't sleep! She is clearly unconscious. Crawled, ear to chest, heart barely beating. Damn it, turn it over on your stomach, shake it ... The naked body slides, you can't grab it right away. Everything. Now artificial respiration: inhaled, pinched the nose, exhaled, let go of the nose, pressed on the chest, inhaled, exhaled, pressed ... The spasm folded it in half. She coughed up mucus. Eyes like a mad cockroach. She tried to jump up, but immediately fell on her side. Finally, giving up trying to get up, she sat down. She clasped her knees with her hands, buried her head in them, whimpered.

I squatted about three meters away. The adrenaline continued to pound my heart. Wow! Just a fine fellow, how he ran. Despite the bunnies in front of my eyes, my thoughts calmed down. I have a character trait: if not with me, complete calmness comes. Turned my head, what are we doing there? I copied five minutes ago: the same wandering look, lack of coordination ...

- Hey, hello, do you understand Russian?

In response, through her tears, she muttered something, it seems, in German.

I got up and looked around again. On one side the sea. Three hundred steps in the foam of the reef. Rolling over them, rather than fairly soothed, waves with a height of half a meter roll onto the gently sloping sandy shore. The beach is about a hundred meters wide. Dazzling white sand. Then there are palm trees with bunches of coconuts and some other bushes. The mountains are not visible. The bank is rounded on both sides. It looks like an island. Birds fly over the sea and the forest, some with hens.

And yet, where am I, and who is this girl next to me?

And the lady seemed to come to her senses, she jerked to the palm trees. It's good that to the forest, it means that he begins to think, or even go crazy not for long. You open your eyes: she herself is naked, next to an unknown naked man is hanging around, and you are not clear where.

I'll go for a walk, man, after all, I need to stake out the territory. And let the lady wake up.

He walked along the water's edge, counting the steps. On the way, the same palms, the same bushes. Reef along the coast: where is closer, where further. The sand is pristine: no plastic bottles, no ocean liners left by the team and stuffed with stew and bottles of horse meat. Empty.

The local circumnavigation took about an hour. While I was walking, I was pretty baked. When the beach with our footprints appeared, I counted about eight thousand steps. It turns out that the perimeter of the island is five kilometers.

Heck! Have you ever tried opening a ripe coconut with your bare hands. So she, it seems, did not work out, only ruined the manicure, now she sits and howls. I had to gallop, the sand is hot, following a chain of footprints leading to the palm trees. And she is plaintively like this: "Water, water ..." It's strange, but I don't want adrenaline, or men are simply better adapted. I picked up a few coconuts and shook them. Does not gurgle. It is necessary to find water, otherwise the lady will again faint, fiddle with it later, and it does not interfere with drinking, it seems that we are here for a long time.

"Birds, birds, where do you get some water?" I went into the interior of the island, a lagoon was discovered two hundred steps later. It is a swamp and a swamp in Africa, even a duckweed as in the middle lane. He stuck his finger in and licked it. Fresh. Very good! I didn't even think about microbes.

He measured three steps from the edge. I scratched the back of my head. Added two more. Just in the shade of the palm tree it turned out. He began to scatter the sand with his hands. "A man without tools is capable of digging a cubic meter hole in the ground in seven hours." And in the sand? Where does such knowledge come from ... The sweat was pouring in hail. On the one hand, there is water in the body, but on the other, there is still water. The sand seems to be fine, but it eats the skin, an infection. At a knee-deep depth, the sand went wet. I dug it back into my palm. You can take a break.

He crawled away, leaning his back against a palm tree. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement: a woman came, probably got bored, sat down about five meters. He noticed to himself that her shoulders were already reddened.

I seem to remember her. When I entered the cafe, she was sitting on the right against the wall, on which was depicted a miniature that amused me, and also drank coffee.

- Coffee, Turkesh! - Showed me drinking a cup.

And why did they throw in there, if it poked like that, it doesn't look like glitches.

Looked into the hole. At the bottom there is a small puddle of clear water. He beckoned with his hand and showed. The woman was all hunched over and somehow sideways, but came up and looked.

- Please, lady. Water. Drink. Eh, I'm not.

Problem: how to drink some water from a hole without a mug. Leaning one hand on the sand, bent over the pit, tried to scoop up the other. She's not doing very well. I decided to help: I ​​came up from behind, put my hands around my waist. At first she twitched, but then she hung down, scooped up two handfuls and began to drink with noticeable pleasure. Straightening up, she whispered: “Danke sean. Oh! ”And blushed. Well, yes, both are naked! So judge about the nation by German porn films. I have twenty years of nudist experience behind me. And this year she did not even sunbathe, she is all white. He pointed first to the sun, then to the shoulders and to the palm tree. Understood, sat in the shade. And I continued to dig.

As long as there are calories in the body, you have to dig. There is complete confusion with food. They say that when a person does not eat, well, in general, does not eat, then he retains strength for three whole days.

Although the pit was in the shade of a palm tree, it was getting hotter, the sun crept to its zenith. It was painful to look at my hands, and it was painful to feel! The local coral sand cuts better than any emery. You need to be careful, here you are not here. But the problem of water seems to have been solved: he was throwing out the last handfuls from a good puddle. He waited until the dregs settled, and finally he himself got drunk from the heart.

The pit turned out to be as long as my height, waist-deep, more like a ditch, not a pit, and already filled the palm of my hand with clear, transparent, slightly brackish water. He brought in dry palm leaves, covered it as best he could, so that it would evaporate less and bummer the birds.

Horror, now there is a hunt. "Give me a rope and soap, I'll shoot myself." I need to distract myself with something. Where is our lady there? Yeah, he admires the birds, looks at the flowers, but does not go far and controls all my actions.

- Let's go, Friday, - I called the lady so, firstly, I was strained with names, and secondly, we really met on Friday, and, thirdly, there is nothing to break the traditions laid down by Defoe's grandfather, - I’m eating look for.

Zero emotion, a pound of contempt. I probably didn't like the name. Oh, okay. How are they doing there?

He beckoned with his hand. I came up. I waved to the side of the beach. We come back.

Now is the time to take a closer look at everything. The vegetation is somewhat monotonous: mostly coconut palms, but hung with clusters of coconuts, and something like a shrub, only individual trunks a hand thick. Remembered! Mangrove jungle. Once Krylov was talking on TV. I tried to break it out. Yeah, scattered. It did not grow so that everyone passing by would be bullies.

You come across a lot of dry branches, but everything literally crumbles in your hands - that's the best for a fire, but if that happens, you won't hit the head.

Coconuts are in bulk here. Just how to cut off the top, or you can still somehow split it. I chose two larger ones and with all the foolishness, once! Fick you! Stop! I remembered how at a party the host opened a coconut by tapping with a hammer. Tapping softly! And it seemed to hit the top half in a circle. He left one big coconut - in my opinion, the most beautiful one. And he took another small one, so that it was just on the hand. After a minute of thoughtful knocking, a large coconut burst. He poked the peel with his fingers, - like this, - intellect, - you can't drink it. The inner soft layer was torn by hand. "Bounty", of course, tastes better, but it will do. We ate a coconut.

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