What Is A Samara And What Do Samaras Do

What Is A Samara And What Do Samaras Do

By: Mary Ellen Ellis

Flowering plants produce fruits after blooming, and the purpose of the fruits is to disperse seeds to grow new plants. Sometimes the fruits are tasty and eaten by animals, and this helps disperse seeds to new areas. Other plants use the power of wind to disperse the seeds in their fruits, and these include the samara producing trees.

What is a Samara?

A samara is just one type of many fruits produced by flowering plants. The samara is a dry fruit, as opposed to a fleshy fruit, like an apple or cherry. It is further categorized as a dry indehiscent fruit. This means that it does not split open to release the seed. Instead, the seed germinates inside of its casing and then breaks free of it as the plant grows.

A samara is a dry indehiscent fruit with a casing or wall that extends to one side in a wing-like shape – in some plants the wing extends to both sides of the seed. Some samara fruits split into two wings, technically two samaras, while others simply form one samara per fruit. The wing causes the fruit to move through the air while spinning, like a helicopter.

As a kid you probably threw samaras from maple trees up in the air to watch them spin back down to the ground. You may have called them helicopters or whirlybirds.

What Do Samaras Do?

The purpose of samara fruits, as with all fruits, is to disperse seeds. The plant reproduces by making seeds, but those seeds need to find their way into the ground so they can grow. Seed dispersal is a big part of flowering plant reproduction.

Samaras do this by spinning to the ground, sometimes catching the wind and traveling farther. This is ideal for the plant because it helps it spread and cover more territory with new plants.

Additional Samara Information

Because of the way they are shaped, samaras are very good at traveling long distances on wind power alone. They can end up far from the parent tree, which is a great reproductive technique.

Examples of trees that produce samaras with a wing to just one side of the seed are maple and ash.

Those with samaras that produce the wing to both sides of the seed include tulip tree, elm, and birch.

One of the few legumes to produce a samara is the tipu tree of South America.

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The fruits of maple trees (Acer spp.) are called samaras, but kids of all ages call them helicopters. Each seed has its own little "wings" that allow it to spiral downward and plant itself in the soil below. Maples aren't the only species that produce samaras, but their helicopters fly best, by far. While the soaring samaras are only one of many maple tree attractions, they present a kind of technical precision proving, again, Mother Nature's virtuosity.

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For other places with the same name, see Samara (disambiguation).

Samara (Russian: Сама́ра suh-MAH-ruh), the sixth largest city in Russia and capital of an eponymous region, lies on the Volga River in European Russia. It is a major economic, industrial and cultural centre and has a population of over 1,164,000.

Samara was founded in 1586 with the construction of a Russian fortress on the Volga. However, settlement there had been mentioned since at least the 14th century. During World War II, Samara, then named Kuibyshev, was the second capital of USSR. The city's growth was stimulated during the war due to its proximity to Moscow but distance from the war zone several government offices were evacuated to Kuibyshev when Moscow was under threat. The post-war development of the Volga-Urals oilfield also helped. Kuibyshev reverted to being Samara in 1991.

As a cultural centre, Samara has attracted several famous creative Russians. The likes of writers Tolstoy and Gorky, painters Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov and Ivan Aivazovsky, and revolutionaries Michael Frunze and Vladimir Lenin have all lived in the city. Even Alexandre Dumas visited in 1858, he describes his whole journey, including his impressions of Samara, in From Paris to Astrakhan.

By plane Edit

  • 53.501667 50.155 1Kurumoch International Airport ( KUFIATA , Международный аэропорт «Курумоч» ) ( by taxi bus 78 to Barboshinoy (Барбошиной поляны) marshrutka: 392 and 406. ). Flights from Dubai, Frankfurt and Prague. Domestic, there are up to ten depatures daily from Moscow as well as direct flights from Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don and Vladivostok.

By bus Edit

  • 53.2166 50.18937 2Bus Station ( Центральный автовокзал ), Ulitsy Avrory (улицa Авроры) 207 ( Ulitsy Avrory and Moskovskogo shosse corner (улицы Авроры и Московского шоссе.) ), ☏ +7 846 224-1515 , +7 846 224-2554 , ✉ [email protected] . A cheaper alternative is to travel by overnight buses which are available from nearby cities such Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and Moscow. Bus to Yerevan (Ереван)

By train Edit

Almost all trains connecting with Siberia and Russian Far East calls here. There are at least five departures every day from Moscow, including the Zhiguli deluxe train. Journey times varies between 13-20 hours depending on which train. There are daily trains from Saint Petersburg, with the fastest service that runs every second day taking just 18 hours. Overnight trains arrives from Yekaterinburg too.

  • 53.186216666667 50.121013888889 3Samara railway station ( Самара-Пассажирская ), Komsomolskaya Square (Комсомольской площадь) ( Intersection of Ulitsa L'va Tolstogo and Ulitsa Sportivnoy ). ( updated Aug 2020 )

By boat Edit

  • 53.18594 50.07827 4Port of Samara ( Речном вокзал ), Ul.Maksima Gor'kogo (ул.Максима Горького), 82 ( In the Downtown ).

By car Edit

If traveling by own car, Samara is along the M5 Highway, also known as Ural Highway. Distance from Moscow is just over 1000 km.

By metro Edit

The Samara Metro is a convenient way of zipping across the city. However, it remains underdeveloped and comprises one line that runs east to west. A trip costs 23 руб or 21 руб if you use a transport e-card.

  • 53.209689 50.134417 1Alabinskaya ( Алабинская ). Opened in 2015.
  • 53.211981 50.148611 2Rossiyskaya ( Российская ). 06:00-24:00 . Opened in 2007.
  • 53.202806 50.159917 3Moskovskaya ( Московская ). Opened in 2002.
  • 53.200278 50.177472 4Gagarinskaya ( Гагаринская ). Opened in 1993.
  • 53.200806 50.200028 5Sportivnaya ( Спортивная ). Opened in 1993.
  • 53.201767 50.221667 6Sovetskaya ( Советская ). Opened 1992.
  • 53.206369 50.235061 7Pobeda ( Победа ). Opened in 1987.
  • 53.212578 50.247478 8Bezymyanka ( Безымянка ) ( Sport Palace ). Opened in 1987.
  • 53.211417 50.268278 9Kirovskaya ( Кировская ) ( Kirovsky Market ). Opened in 1987.
  • 53.212472 50.2825 10Yungorodok ( Юнгородок ). The only above-ground station. Opened in 1987.
  • The beach by Volga in the city center.
  • Visit the space museum.
  • Visit the shopping street Leningradskaya.

Old Samara Edit

  • 53.18728 50.091981 1Leningradskaya ulitsa ( Ленинградская улица ). Pedestrian Street in the Old Town.
  • 53.189904 50.09087 2Church of St. George ( Лютеранская кирха ), Ul. Kuybysheva (ул. Куйбышева), 115—117 .
  • 53.18508 50.09305 3Wooden house ( Fakhverkovyy dom, Фахверковый дом ), Ul. Frunze (ул. Фрунзе), 75А, from yard .
  • 53.1933684 50.0933218 4Klodt Manor ( Children's Art Gallery. Особняк Клодта ), Ul. Kuybysheva (ул. Куйбышева), 139 . It was built in 1898 by architect Shcherbachov for merchant Ivan Klodta.
  • 53.1855804 50.0876677 5Revolution Square ( Ploshchad' Revolyutsii, Площадь Революции ) ( Intersection of Ulitsa Ventseka and Kuybysheva ). In the center stands a statue of Lenin.
  • 53.18612 50.10778 6Pokrov Cathedral ( Pokrovskiy sobor, Покровский собор ), Ul. Leninskaya (ул. Ленинская), 75А ( Ul. Nekrasovskoy corner ). Orthodox church. Built in 1857-1861. Architecture the style: the Moscow church architecture of the 17th century.
  • 53.18397 50.10239 7Synagogue ( Синагога ), Ul. Sadovaya (ул. Садовая), 49 . Under reconstruction. . Beautiful building. Choral Synagogue. Built in the Moorish style, in 1908 by architect Kleinerman
  • 53.19152 50.09499 8Philharmonic Hall ( Filarmoniya, Самарской Филармония ), Ulitsa Frunze (ул. Фрунзе), 141 ( at the intersection of Street Leo Tolstoy and Street Frunze. ). This building was built in the 1980s on the site of the former "Circus Olympus". There are interesting concerts.
  • 53.19033 50.09102 9Shveik, the Good Soldier ( Bravyy soldat Shveyk, Бравый солдат Швейк ), Ulitsa Nekrasovskoy and Ulitsa Kuibysheva cnr (улиц Некрасовской и Куйбышева) . Bronze sculpture. Shveik sitting on a barrel of gunpowder and smoking a pipe, a small bronze dog sits beside him.
  • 53.19664 50.09783 10Stalin's Bunker ( Бункер Сталина ), Ulitsa Frunze (ул. Фрунзе), 167 ( Next to Chapaev Monument and Samara Drama Theatre ). A bunker in which Stalin had never been, for some reason is very popular among tourists. Book a tour in advance.
  • 53.19374 50.09625 11Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ( Храм Пресвятого Сердца Иисуса ), Ulitsa Frunze (ул. Фрунзе), 157 . Roman Catholic Church. Beautiful building. One of the most photographed building in the city of Samara.
  • 53.197627 50.097474 12Samara Drama Theatre ( Самарский драмтеатр ), Ploschad (Square) Chapaeva (площадь Чапаева), 1 . The Drama Theatre built in the style of "Russian Baroque" - one of the most beautiful buildings in the old Samara. Sightseeing point behind the theatre.
  • Chapaev Monument ( памятник Чапаеву ), Chapaeva square (пл. Чапаева), ( Samara Drama Theatre ). Behind the theater is a small Pushkin's Garden with a monument in honor of the great Russian poet. A good observation point to the Volga River.
  • 53.1917 50.0911 13Former Consulates of Australia , 110 Kuybisheva street (улица Куйбышева) . This building was the Australian consulate during the II World War
  • 53.1958 50.095 14Former Embassy of the United Kingdom , 151 Kuybisheva st (улица Куйбышева) . This building was the UK embassy during the II World War
  • 53.1857 50.0925 15Former Embassy of Japan , Chapayevskaya (Чапаевская), 80 ( tram 1, 5, 15, 16, 18, 20 to 'Чапаевская улица' ). Now Municipal Children's Music School

Volga Embankment Edit

  • 53.20069 50.098539 16Zhigulevsky Brewery ( Zhigulovskiy pivovarennyy zavod, Жигулёвский пивоваренный завод ), Prospekt Volzhskiy (Волжский пр.) 4 .
  • 53.20272 50.10339 17Samara radiator monument ( Памятник отопительной батарее, Самарская ГРЭС ), Prospekt Volzhskiy (Волжский пр.) 8 . On the wall of the thermal power plant (Самарская ГРЭС) is this bronze composition made by sculptor Nicholas Kukleva. It depicts a cat that baskes on the windowsill above the radiator.
  • 53.19925 50.09847 18Iverskiy nunnery ( Иверский женский монастырь ), Prospekt Volzhskiy (Волжский пр.) ( opposite Zhigulevsky brewery ). Orthodox convent.
  • 53.2101 50.1184 19Monument of Governor Zasekin ( Памятник воеводе Засекину ). Equestrian statue of the first governors of the Samara.

Oktyabrsky district Edit

  • 53.203385 50.1104879 20Square of Fame ( Ploshchad' Slavy, Площадь Славы ). Here is a tall 'Monument Aerospace Workers' (памятник рабочим авиакосмической промышленности). Also on the square is an eternal flame. It is memorial of those who were killed in the war. - There is a large building, the Administration of the Samara region. The Square offers 'magnificent view' on the embankment of the Volga,
  • Victory Garden ( Сквер Победы ) ( Next to Square of Fame ). There are fountains.
  • Samarskaya Square ( Samarskaya ploshchad, Самарская площадь ) ( next to Square of Fame and Victory Garden ). lots of trees, bust of Marshal Ustinov.
  • 53.247239 50.173539 21Dacha Golovkin ( House with elephants, Дача Головкина, Дом со слонами ), Ulitsa Sovetskoy Armii (улица Советской Армии), 292 . Built in the early 20th century, in style of Viennese Secession. Built to a the merchant and artist, Konstantin Golovkin. The elephants' sculptures can be seen from the side of the Volga.
  • 53.2148512 50.1847744 22Elephant and friends ( «У слона» ), Ul. Avrory and Moskovskogo shosse (ул. Авроры и Московского шоссе) ( напротив Центрального автовокзала и Ботанического сада ). Sculptural composition: small bronze figures: Elephant, Telephone, Crocodile, Monkey, Gazelle - by the famous poem Chukovskiy characters.
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, 157 Frunze St. ( Bus: 34 to stop 'ул. Фрунзе/ул. Красноармейская' 37, 46, 47 to stop 'Филармония' 61 to stop 'Струковский парк', Tram: 3, 15, 16, 20 to stop ' ул. Фрунзе/ул. Красноармейская', Marshrutka: 34, 207, 226, 240 to stop 'ул. Фрунзе/ул. Красноармейская' 37, 46, 47, 259, 295 to stop 'Филармония', 61, 230, 232, 257, 297 to stop 'Струковский парк/ул. Фрунзе' ). Tu-Su 09:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:30 .

Promyshlennyy rayon (Industrial district) Edit

  • 53.25108 50.22262 23Monument to the aircraft IL-2 ( Памятник самолёту-штурмовику ИЛ-2 ), Intersection Prospekt Kirova and Shosse Moskovskovo (перекрёсток пр. Кирова и Московского шоссе) ( At the entrance to Samara on M5 Hwy. There is a traffic circle with no pedestrian crossings to the very monument, so approach it is not easy, but easy to drive. ).
  • 53.22978 50.20718 24Great Mosque ( Sobornaya mechet, Соборная мечеть ), Ul. Stara-Zagora (ул. Стара-Загора), 54 ( Near to the Park Gagarin. ).

Krasnoglinskiy rayon Edit

  • 53.3440057 50.19775 25Viewpoint 'Helipad' ( Vertolyotnaya ploshchadka, Вертолётная площадка ) ( Krasnoglinsky rayon,Upravlencheskiy quarter (в посёлке Управленческий). From the train station take bus №50 further circa one km walk ). Observation platform on the high bank of the Volga, from where, on a clear day, offers a great view of the Samara Bend and the coastline of the city of Samara.
  • 53.38973 50.17283 26Krasnaya Glinka Ski complex ( Горнолыжный комплекс Красная Глинка ), 3rd quarter, 37, (3-й квартал, 37, стр. 1, пос. Красная Глинка)) ( north about 12 km, from River Port take marshrutka 232. From Krasnoarmeyskya street /от ул. Красноармейской/, near the train station, take bus 50 to stop «Звезда» from «Барбошина поляна» take bus 50, 78, 79 ), ☏ +7 846 973-96-95 . A small hill. Great place for the beginner skiers and snowboarders. Season from December to early March.

Museums Edit

  • 53.1965 50.098471 27Military History Museum ( Военно-исторический музей ), Ul. Shostakovicha, (ул. Шостаковича), 1 , ☏ +7 846 332-09-70 .
  • 53.19341 50.09311 28Children's Art Gallery ( Детская картинная галерея ), Ul. Kuibysheva (ул. Куйбышева), 139 ( Tram 3, 15, 16, 18, 20 to stop 'Филармония/ Улица Льва Толстого' ), ☏ +7 846 332-43-98 .
  • 53.19122 50.09343 29Frunze House-Museum ( Дом-музей М. В. Фрунзе ), Ulitsa Frunze (улица Фрунзе), 114 ( Tram 3, 15, 16, 18, 20 to stop 'Филармония/ Улица Льва Толстого' ). W Sa 10:00-18:00 .
  • House-Museum of Ulyanov family ( Дом-музей семьи Ульяновых ), Leninskaya (ул. Ленинская), 131-135 . 10-17 .
  • 53.1928 50.1091 30Regional Museum ( Краеведческий музей им. Петра Ала́бина ), Leninskaya (ул. Ленинская), 142 . 10-18 .
  • 53.194094 50.095722 31Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy's museum ( Литературно-мемориальный музей А. М. Горького, Музей-усадьба Алексея Николаевича Толстого ), Frunze (ул. Фрунзе), 155 . Tu W F-Su 10:00-18:00, Th 12:00-20:00 .
  • 53.194175 50.096325 32Museum-House of Alexandra Kurlina ( Особняк Александры Курлино́й ), ( Красноармейская улица/ улица Фрунзе,) 159 .
  • 53.1865 50.1201 33Museum of the History of the Kuibyshev Railroad ( Музей истории Куйбышевской железной дороги ), Komsomolskaya Square ( Комсомольская пл. ул. Литвинова, 323?) ( near the train station ), ☏ +7 846 303-46-55 .
  • 53.212686 50.145249 34Raketa Soyuz and Space Museum ( Ракета «Союз» и музей «Самара космическая» ), Prosp. Lenina (пр. Ленина), 21 ( metro Rossiyskaya «Российская» ). Tu-F 10:00-18:00, Sa till 17:00 . A real rocket is set on Lenin Avenue. The museum exhibits satellites Photos, spacesuits of astronaut.
  • 53.2122 50.1772 35Air and Space Museum ( Музей авиации и космонавтики ), Moskovskoye shosse (Московское шоссе), 34, corp. № 3, Samara Aerospace University . M-F 09:00-17:00 .
  • 53.1894 50.0899 36Samara Art Museum ( Художественный музей ), Kuybisheva (ул. Куйбышева), 92 . Daily 10:00-18:00 except Tu Th 13:00-21:00 . Great collection of paintings. On the third floor oriental collection

Night life in Samara is quite joyful. The main dance clubs are: Beerja (Stock Exchange), KINUP, Zvezda (Star), Aura (The Aura), Postel (The Bed), Long Bar. There are many restaurants and bars in Samara. The pricing for clubbing are the same or even higher than in Europe and Americas, though not so high as in Moscow.

  • Study Russian at SSU, 1, Ak.Pavlova 209 m/m, 443011 Samara, Russia , ☏ +7 846 2780908 . Study Russian while experiencing real Russian culture and traditions. Programmes for individual students and groups meeting particular needs. Certification of Russian as a Foreign Language at different levels.
  • 53.2139 50.2576 1Sport Palace ( Дворец спорта Авиакор, Дворец легкой атлетики ), Ulitsa Fizkul'turnaya (улица Физкультурная), 101 .
  • Park Imeni Yuriya Gagarina ( Парк имени Юрия Гагарина ), ul. Sovetskoy Armii, 181В, Samara, Samarskaya oblast', Russia, 443090 . Ride ferris wheel, ice skate, watch ducks, etc. ( updated May 2017 )
  • Watch football at Cosmos Arena, built in 2018 to host group games of the FIFA World Cup. It's home to FC Krylia Sovetov Samara, who play in the Russian Premier League (ie top tier of Russian football), having won promotion in 2018. The stadium looks like a flying saucer its capacity is just under 45,000. It's sited on the hills 10 km north of city centre, take tram 5 to Stadium stop. The football team formerly played at Metallurg Stadium a little further south: its future main use has not been announced.

  • 53.18563 50.08903 1Cafe Puri , Ulitsa Kuybysheva, 83 , ☏ +7 846 989-33-32 . Real Georgian food and wine. Note that only a few of the waiters are fluent in English. ( updated Aug 2018 )

Drink original Zhigulyovskoye beer in Na dne bar or in posh U Vakano restaurant (both in Volzhskiy prospekt, 4, near the old brewery).

What Tree Is That? Online

Do the leaves usually have 3-5 lobed or coarsely toothed blades the fruit is a double SAMARA twigs green to purplish-green?

It is a boxelder (ashleaf maple).

Do the leaves usually have 3-13 non-lobed blades is the fruit a single SAMARA or a berry?

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