The sound, the noise, the voice: what they are

The sound, the noise, the voice: what they are


Through the ears we are able to perceive the world around us at a sound level: sounds, noises and voices fill our daily life. Have we ever wondered what their difference is and what impact they have on us? Let's see them in detail.


How many times has it happened to us to pass a moistened finger along the edge of a crystal glass and hear sounds and feel the vibration it produces on the finger.

Well, what at that moment we are hearing with our ears and perceiving with our finger we can represent it in this way:

We see that the sound vibrations that are produced are all the same and together they generate the sound we hear. In practice, sound is nothing more than the product of bodies which, if stimulated, originate regular vibrations, causing a pleasant effect on the human ear that delights our spirit and our senses..


The difference between noise and sound is that the vibrations that generate a sound are not regular as in the graph below:

Noises do not generate on us the same sensation of pleasure caused by a sound but annoying or hardly bearable sensations. A noise is something indistinct such as street traffic, fingernails running over the blackboard, a person's scream, the screeching brakes of a motorcycle, an electric drill, etc. In practice, noise are random sound waves all different from each other that cause us an unpleasant sensation.


The voice is nothing more than a sound manifestation produced by the vocal organs of a living being, man or animal.

Every living being emits its own verses, songs, sounds, cries that are typical and characteristic for its species. In reality, however, apart from the human voice, the voices emitted by animals are mostly very limited as they emit very simple and often monotonous sounds that is to say that they are always the same and emitted repeatedly. Man, on the other hand, has a great wealth of expressions so as to make his voice an incredible musical instrument. Just think for example of the infinite dialects that populate the earth, each typical and characteristic with infinite inflections capable of stimulating the most disparate sensations in the listener. Then, if sound is added to a voice, therefore a singing voice, then we have the maximum sound expression that is known on earth.

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