How to plant strawberries correctly - 4 planting methods

How to plant strawberries correctly - 4 planting methods

Having decided to allocate a bed for planting strawberries on your garden plot, you need to learn several reliable planting methods. It depends on how good the berry harvest will be, and how often you will have to resort to additional measures that would help increase the fertility of the bushes.

Planting strawberries in freestanding bushes

The bushes of garden strawberries (the real name of strawberries) are located at a distance of about 45-60 cm. The growing mustache must be regularly removed and the bushes should not be intertwined with each other. With this care, intensive growth of bushes, the development of large berries and high yields are ensured.

Benefits: good ventilation of plants, prevention of gray rot, saving of planting material.

Disadvantages: Plants require frequent weeding, loosening, mulching, and whisker cutting.

Planting strawberries in rows

The rows are formed at a distance of 40 cm so that the gardener can comfortably approach from each side, care for the planting and harvest. The bushes are planted from each other, retreating 15-20 cm. They need weeding, loosening and getting rid of the mustache.

Benefits: Strawberries planted in this way are capable of bearing fruit for a long time. For 5-6 years, it will give a good harvest.

Disadvantages: laborious care.

Planting strawberries in nests

The rosettes are arranged in a hexagon: one sits in the center, the other 6 pieces around it, retreating 5-6 cm.The nests grow in rows, the distance between them is approximately 40 cm, in the rows it is also necessary to adhere to the order and place hexagons at a distance of 30 cm from each other.

Benefits: the ability to plant a lot of bushes in a small area and collect a high yield.

Disadvantages: significant consumption of planting material.

Carpet planting of strawberries

This method is one of the cheapest and easiest. Care does not provide for cutting off the mustache, which contributes to the independent growth of the garden. Due to the special microclimate and natural formation of mulch, the bushes do not overgrow with weeds and do not require frequent loosening.

Benefits: the method is chosen by summer residents who do not have the opportunity to regularly come and take care of the site. The moisture stored under the bushes allows strawberries to grow and bear fruit without frequent watering.

Disadvantages: after a few seasons, it is possible to grind berries.

Choose the planting method that you like the most, and the highest yields!

Planting strawberries in freestanding bushes

Strawberry rosettes are planted one at a time at a distance of 45-60 cm. In order for the plants not to intertwine, the whiskers are systematically removed, thereby allowing the bushes to actively develop and bear fruit generously.

Disadvantage of the method: laborious, you need frequent loosening of the soil, fight against weeds, mulching and cutting off the mustache.

Advantages of the method: the berries come out large due to the small number of bushes, each plant is ventilated, which reduces the possibility of putrefactive diseases, planting material is saved.

Planting strawberries in nests

With this option, one plant is planted in the center of the future nest and six more around it. As a result, a hexagon comes out with a distance between plants in the nest of 5-8 cm.The distance between the nests in one row must be 25-30 cm, and between the rows 35-40 cm.

Flaws of the method: a lot of planting material is needed.

Advantages of the method: five more plants are planted than with traditional planting methods, which provides a large yield.

Reviews of experienced gardeners and gardeners

Gardeners, when planting strawberries under black covering material, encountered some not very pleasant nuances and advise how to avoid them:

  • sometimes ants grow under the covering material. They, as a rule, do not have an effect on productivity.
  • mice arrange their burrows. Use of scarers will help
  • the number of slugs increases
  • roots can overheat in hot weather you can add chopped bark or straw
  • weeds begin to grow. This only happens if mistakes are made in the selection and tension of the fabric.

On the other hand experienced gardeners and gardeners unanimously argue that there are more advantages to this planting method. The cost of the material and the effort that went into the formation of ridges pays off.

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