Plants For Fairy Gardens: What Flowers To Plant To Attract Fairies

Plants For Fairy Gardens: What Flowers To Plant To Attract Fairies

If you have children in your life, planting a fairy garden is a sure way to enchant and delight them. While adults know that fairies are just folklore, children can still believe and harnessing their hopes to real garden situations can create a fairyland for all to enjoy. Plants that attract fairies are part of historic lore. Read on for some suggestions about plants for fairy gardens and other elements of your enchanted space.

Plant Ideas for a Fairy Garden

If we are lucky, a little bit of magic from our childhood adheres to us even into adulthood. That tiny spark of imagination needs to be nurtured to allow it to grow and flourish. One way to do that is to indulge in your fantasies. Traditionally, there were plants that attract fairies, and lore said that these impish creatures were both mischievous and prankful while also taking care of the garden. Attracting fairies in the garden may seem a little silly to a non-believer, but that is ok; the trappings and plants still create a charming and captivating garden space.

It is said that fairies are attracted to spaces filled with life. These areas often occur under, in and around large trees. One of the imp’s favorite trees is the majestic oak with its large, ornamental leaves and quaint nuts. Elders are another favorite tree, but fairies in the garden are also attracted to yew, holly, willow, elm, and many more life sustaining trees.

Any plant that gives food, and shelter to wildlife while enriching the soil with its cast off leaves are plants that attract fairies. Flesh out the space around the tree with food and shelter plants. In this way, you are building a tree guild whose primary purpose is to attract magical fairies. Trees are the core of a garden to attract sprites, but there are more plant ideas for a fairy garden.

What Flowers to Plant in a Fairy Garden

Large flowered plants give visions of fairies using them as parasols or upside down to catch dew and bathe in. Even foliage has its role in the fairy garden, creating shadows and hiding spaces for shy fairies. Any plant that attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds will be a fairy magnet. They love to hang out with these wild creatures and enjoy the color of the flowers. Here is a list of what flowers to plant in a fairy garden:

  • Pansies
  • Bee Balm
  • Petunia
  • Foxglove
  • Sunflower
  • Columbine
  • Tulip
  • Nasturtium
  • Snapdragon
  • Cosmos
  • Mallow
  • Violet

Fairies are also attracted to the flowers from fruiting trees, and the fruit is a food source. Herbs are said to lure them to the garden and a traditional cottage kitchen garden would be rampant with the sprites. Some herbs to captivate fairies might be:

  • Yarrow
  • St. John’s wort
  • Heather
  • Thyme
  • Wood sorrel
  • Red valerian
  • Rosemary

Other Elements to Draw Fairies in the Garden

There is more to these charming spaces than plants. Plant ideas for a fairy garden are just the start, as you need to provide shelter and whimsy – which will be irresistible to the sprites. Birdhouses make excellent homes for fairies, as does the classic toadstool. These can be faux or real but should be large enough to provide shelter from rain.

Fairies, like all living creatures, need water to survive. A body of water, like a fountain, small stream, or even just bowls of water left out will ensure they can slake their thirst.

Statuary that honors elves, fairies, gnomes, and other natural magical folk will make fairies feel comfortable in the space.

Keep the garden filled with life sustaining and affirming items and emphasize the natural. Fairies are very nature oriented and will be attracted to your efforts and set up homesteads near you in no time.

How to Plant a Fabulous Fairy Garden

By Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

Published on: March 02, 2016

Fairy gardens are all the rage lately. Blogs, Pinterest and magazines abound with ideas for these miniature living spaces meant to attract fairies. It's no wonder: Planting a tiny garden can be a magical experience for kids of all ages (and their parents!).

Although an Internet search will reveal many elaborate fairy garden ideas, they don't have to be complicated. Here's an easy tutorial for a project your kids can do in an afternoon. Of course, you can add as much detail as you like though remember, the fairies might have some DIY ideas of their own.

Choose your planter

A planter for your garden can be anything from a large saucer to a basket lined with plastic. It should be at least a couple of inches deep and wide enough to put your fairy house, pathway and a few plants.

Purchase plants

Cruise your local nursery for plants in miniature. Bring along your kids so they can find plants that speak to them. Plants labeled as "ground cover" such as moss, ferns and grasses work best.

Because you're creating a tiny garden, most four-inch pots of greenery will yield four separate plants. Be sure to pick a variety of heights and textures. While in the garden section, grab a bag of potting soil and a bag of gravel.

How to make a fairy house from a recycled yogurt container

1. Take a clean, dry, individual yogurt container and turn it upside down. Use scissors to cut a small hole for a doorway.

2. Cover the outside of the container with artificial moss sheets (found in craft stores in the artificial plant section). Cut to size.

3. Cut an additional piece of moss and glue it on the inside of the container, opposite the doorway, so that when you look inside the fairy house door, it will look like the inside is made of moss.

4. Add a real or artificial flower for a roof. Pick a blossom that is slightly larger than the roof of the house. Snip off the stem with scissors or wire cutters, leaving about an inch of stem. Use a hot glue gun to attach the flower upside down on top of your house.

Find or buy accessories

  • Fairies need an abode, right? You can create a house from a recycled yogurt container (instructions to the right), or purchase a home for your fairy. Options range from a castle meant for an aquarium to a wooden birdhouse from the craft store. Use your imagination!
  • Create a path to lead your fairy home. Use colorful rocks meant for fish bowls, gravel or even tiny ceramic tiles.
  • A small scallop seashell, fancy soap dish or candle holder make for a perfect pond, if you want one.
  • Have your kids look around the yard and house for other items to add. Small rocks can be fairy seats, and a sprig of pine becomes a tree.
  • The craft store also makes for good scavenging. Look for unfinished wooden furniture meant for dollhouses, tiny flags and miniature wooden spools.

Create your fairy garden

  • Prepare your garden by lining your planter with gravel, if it doesn't contain drainage holes. Add the potting soil.
  • Since everything in your garden will be mini, it's a good idea to divide your plants. Simply remove them from the plastic pots and use a sharp knife to cut each into fourths.
  • Next, lay out your landscape with your child. Place the house, set the plants and add any accessories. Rearrange everything until you have it just right. Then remove everything from the garden and set it aside.
  • Put in the garden. Plant the greenery and water lightly. Afterwards, add the house and create a path to the front door. Last, put in your other accessories.

Once finished, you should have a perfect world for a fairy to call home! After all, if you build it, they will come.

How to Find the Right Plants for Your Miniature Garden

When choosing miniature trees or miniature plants for a small-scale garden, let your imagination run free. The process is almost like painting a scene on a canvas. Start by picturing a "life-size" plant. Next, find a comparable miniature tree or plant to place in the garden. Magically this tiny plant becomes a large shrub in a flower bed or a majestic tree in the woodlands of the miniature world. Need a lawn? For a lawn, plant Baby Tears to establish lush, green grass in the front yard of the cottage. Be creative when planning the greenery for your miniature fairy garden.

Care Takers & Friends

Once you have your garden planted and set up, it will be time to invite a caretaker or friend to come and live in your new garden. Fairies have a wonderful reputation for being excellent gardeners and caretakers of both plants and animals. You might consider adding some other fantastical creatures to your garden as well, especially one your child is drawn to. Elves, gnomes, dragons, pegasus, unicorns, and even dinosaurs make great additions to fairy gardens, while inspiring imaginative play.

A Spell To Attract Fairies To Your Garden

The beautiful herbs you plant in your garden will be sure to attract fairies. Fairies also love sparkly things and little treats like cake and honey which you can leave in the garden as a special gift to them.

Say this little spell to attract fairies to your garden!

Sit where the cat sits.
Cross your toes.
Close your eyes.
And smell a rose.

Then say under your breath:
“I believe in Fairies, sure as death.
Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily
Each lad and lass!”

– from the Lady Cottington

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Plant Ideas For A Fairy Garden - Plants That Attract Fairies To The Garden - garden

Psst! Do you believe in fairies? Most of us have seen or read Peter Pan and remember clapping, to say that we did. Well, here is a fun craft to share your love of fairies with friends and families.

Fairy gardens are charming and a perfect DIY project to do with your children. Many of the materials you need, you likely already have on hand, such as a clay pot or other large container and small plants.

One of the great things about fairy gardens is that no 2 are exactly the same: the way you make one is likely going to be a bit different than your best friend or sister would. We’ve found you 35 fun fairy gardens in a pot, to see how others have designed theirs. You’ll see just how creative they can get!

If you want to make a tiny one for your kitchen windowsill, try the teacup fairy garden. Or if you’d like to make one that grows herbs too, try to kitchen herb fairy garden. Perhaps you’d like to make a fairy garden that includes other magical creatures – there is even a gnome garden and he looks quite at home!

We think fairy gardens in pots are a terrific DIY project too because they are eco-friendly. You are using materials that otherwise might be not put into a project. Best of all, everyone gets to enjoy the terrific results!

Please note, some of the images we found did not credit the DIY creator. Please notify us in the comments if you know the true source of any images we try our best to credit the artist when we can find them.

Whether you are brand new to DIY projects or are experienced, we know that you can create a wonderful fairy garden. So let’s get started. Happy Crafting!

Fairy Garden Pot

Make a tiny fairy garden, in a broken clay pot. Your little ones will be charmed and look for the fairies!

How to Make a Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden

Broken flower pots today can be made into charming home decor, fairy gardens! Make one to entrance your children and guests who come to visit.

Circus Themed Fairy Garden

Make your fairy garden super playful, with a unique circus theme. Everyone will enjoy it and can’t help but smile when it greets them.

Broken Pot Garden

Fairy gardens are a sweet indoor garden accessory. Give it a try!

Old Drawer Fairy Garden

Making fairy gardens from drawers or old pots is eco-friendly, as you are giving old materials a new life. Look at how beautiful this old, worn drawer now is with its fresh purpose!

Fairy Garden

Make your own fairy garden, instead of getting one at a pricey Big Box store. Get creative and soon you’ll be receiving many compliments!

Fairy Garden in a Broken Terra Cotta Pot

Could there be fairies in those adorable houses? Or perhaps sitting on the mushrooms?

Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are eco-friendly, a great way to re-use gardening materials. Whether you have clay pots or something such as a bird bath in your garden, it could make a great fairy garden.

Fairy Container Garden

Its the perfect DIY project to do with kids or teens, make a fairy garden! Add veggies, flowers or other plants you like, along with fun fairy themed accessories.

Enchanting Fairy Garden

Make a sweet fairy garden to greet guests when they visit. It will certainly make everyone smile with wonder and joy.

Woodland Fairy Garden from 3 Tier Stand

Can you see all the fairies? If you look hard, we bet you can see a few in this unique container.

Teacup Fairy Garden

Isn’t it adorable? A fairy garden you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Home for a Gnome

Why not make this flower filled fairy home, complete with a happy gnome? With charming birds and animals, it is the perfect outdoor scene.

Bathtub Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are super eco-friendly. You can make good use of materials you have – such as an old bathtub – and make it beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Fairy Garden

Make a fairy garden for your backyard. Its great for kids and families to do as a fun DIY outdoor project.

Fairy Teacup

Perfect for a shelf or over the kitchen windowsill, this fairy themed garden teacup is sweet and charming. A great gift for your Mom or any woman who loves fairies!

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Who knew that a broken pot could become so adorable? This is the perfect craft to do with your children.

Child’s Fantasy Garden

Make a fairy garden as a family project, its a fun DIY craft you can do together! Who knows, you might spot fairies!

Fairy Pot in the Garden

Fairy pots are the perfect addition to your garden. Try them in a larger container or pot, not just clay pots to make a bigger fairy garden.

Kitchen Fairy Garden

Try making a fairy garden with a fun, kitchen theme. Complete with herbs you can pick for your home cooking for family meals.

Fairy Garden Pot Outdoors

Have a big, clay pot that’s broken? Put it to good use and make a fun, fairy garden!

Kids Craft – Fairy Garden

Looking for a fun kids’ craft or DIY project? Try this fairy garden, they can enjoy watching the plants and flowers grow year round.

Fairy Garden in a Broken Pot

Now this is a fairy garden that will make everyone smile when they see it in your home. Do you see a fairy peeking in the garden? Perhaps you do!

How to Make a Fairy House

What a fun craft to do with your children or as a family, make a fairy house. It is perfect to keep on the porch or just inside your home.

Magical Fairy Garden

Try making a vivid and colorful fairy garden. A pot full of flowers and fairies is fun for everyone!

Fairy House Garden in a Pot

This charming fairy garden even has a little house, where you can imagine the fairies to reside. Its perfect for your outdoor deck or indoor porch.

Fairy Garden with Birdcage in a Pot

This fairy garden in a pot depicts a sweet outdoor scene, complete with a fairy! This is unique because most fairy gardens we’ve seen actually don’t have fairies in them.

Fairy Door Planter

3 Story Fairy Garden

Now this fairy garden is truly sky high! Make a stunning fairy garden to greet guests who visit your home.

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Succulents are terrific to add to your fairy garden. Don’t forget a sweet door or other cute accents.

Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden

Fill your fairy garden pot with luscious plants. Why, the fairies will certainly enjoy it!

Indoor Tabletop Water Garden

Here’s a unique twist on a fairy garden. Make a tiny water garden to lure the sprites (water fairies) to come and play!

Mini Fairy Garden

Its easy to see how the fairies could be at play all day in this sweet garden in a pot!

Imagine Attracting the Superb Fairywren to Your Garden

Imagine a garden full of birds native to your local area such as the Superb Fairywren. The Superb Fairywren feeds mainly on insects and spiders with grasshoppers being a particular favourite. It also supplements its diet with seeds, flowers and fruit. Being a smaller bird it needs a dense understory to hide and nest in. Lawns, leaf litter and mulch are perfect to search for insects but then it needs cover close by.

The Surperb Fariywren is found throughout south-eastern Australia but some councils are noticing a decline in their numbers. This is because the Superb Fairywren likes to forage and nest near the ground making them vulnerable to attacks from cats and carnivorous birds such as the Pied Currawong. To provide protection these birds need planting in the canopy, understory and ground level, with the foliage ideally reaching down to the ground.

The following is a list of native trees and plants which are known to provide good habitat for the Superb Fairywren.

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