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Arisaema images

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16 pictures and images of Arum Triphyllum

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Poison Oak Rash Symptoms

With three leaflets on each stem, poison oak grows as low plant canopies and bushes or can vine upwards on trees or fences. Like other poisonous plants that cause contact dermatitis, oak poison contains urushiol, a toxic oily resin that irritates human skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you may not experience symptoms the first time you touch the plant. With repeated exposure, however, the risk of developing a rash increases. About 85 percent of people develop some type of rash after direct contact with urushiol.

Time factor

Symptoms of a poison oak rash commonly appear within two days after contact with the plant. However, health guru Dr. Andrew Weil reports some individuals can develop a rash within 30 minutes of exposure. Because urushiol oil can remain potent for days on pet fur, garden tools or clothing, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact exposure time.

First signs

Itching, often intense, is the first indication of poison oak rash. Redness develops soon after, especially if you scratch the area. The severity of your symptoms depends on your sensitivity to urushiol toxin.


Bumps and blisters can form soon after the itching starts. The blisters can swell quickly and ooze a clear liquid. Even if the liquid does not contain urushiol, scratching can cause the rash to spread.


Poison oak rash may be more severe in people with fair complexions. Children may also be more susceptible to developing symptoms than the elderly. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. Exposure to urushiol on the genitals or face can cause a severe rash.


When a poison oak rash spreads rapidly beyond the area of ​​exposure, a secondary infection may be signaled. Contact your doctor immediately if you have a previous allergic reaction to oak venom and a new rash is developing or if a rash spreads rapidly and covers more than a third of your body. Swelling of the face or throat indicates a possible emergency.

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