Inflatable slides

Inflatable slides

What are

Inflatable slides are slides made of plastic that take on a shape when inflated. The size of the inflatable slide can vary and cannot support more than a certain weight. The slide is made with a rather resistant plastic, but nevertheless caution must be taken otherwise you risk damaging it. When using it in the garden, it must not be placed on uneven ground, which has stones because it would be easily punctured. For this reason it is advisable to have a plastic sheet available or use synthetic grass mats to be sure you can use the slide for a long time. There are all kinds of them on the market, from the smallest to the largest to meet the needs of each. When the slide is to be used by very young children, a parent is required. In appearance they are colorful and lively to also attract the attention of children. You go up and slide down, an excellent alternative to the classic slide. Of course, comparing it with a classic slide, we will realize that the latter certainly cannot be treated in the same way. The slide must be inflated through the use of a pump and it is advisable not to leave it inflated in the sun if not in use. During the winter the slide must be deflated, folded and stored in a dry and sheltered place. The child will find this attraction in the garden a lot of fun and can also be used for the swimming pool. There are many games made in the inflatable version, especially games for the pool. Plastic does not require any particular care and if it has dirt it can be easily removed. Usually it is thought that inflatables are present only in amusement parks, but this is not the case, as they can be easily installed even at home. Depending on the space available, you can choose the size of the inflatable slide. It is also a great game to socialize and share with other friends.

How to choose it

The inflatable slide must be chosen in the appropriate size in relation to the space in the garden but also in reference to the age of the child. It must be placed in an area of ​​the garden where there are no dangers and if it is used for the swimming pool, an adult must always be present. The models to choose from for color and fantasy are really many and for this reason you need to have clear ideas. The choice could also be left directly to the child.

Where to buy

The inflatable slide can be purchased at stores that sell garden items, play items or on the internet. Buying in the store also allows you to see what size the inflated slide takes. For this reason, it is always necessary to personally realize the space it occupies and take measures to check whether it can actually be placed in your garden or not. Generally on display there are only a few models because the space they occupy is considerable. Each model naturally presents something special, so the choice is up to the customer alone. Of course, for assembly, the customer must carefully follow all the instructions given to him otherwise he risks damaging it very easily. On the internet there are many models of inflatable slides sold on sites that deal with play items to be placed in the garden. In this case, the characteristics of the inflatable slide are learned by reading a description sheet and the object under examination is verified through photos. Obviously, if the slide shows any defects it must be returned according to the conditions that are shown on the site. On the internet you can make interesting comparisons between the slide present on the net and the one sold in the traditional shop.


The cost of an inflatable slide varies by model and size, everyone will decide to buy the one that best corresponds to their needs. Obviously, if you choose a rather large model, the cost will be considerable while for the smaller models the expense is rather limited. Often this is an alternative to the classic slide and children are often surprised to be able to have the same slide in the garden as they saw at the funfair. In short, an excellent solution for the little ones to have fun in the garden in complete safety. Furthermore, using the internet, the different costs can also be compared not only between sites but also with traditional shops.

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There are different models and different types of inflatable slides, but the common feature of all is the fact that they are all made of resistant plastic and that we can find them in different sizes, small, medium and large. They usually come with one or two inflatable slides and most of them are equipped with one or more protective walls and anti-jump net which guarantee a certain safety for your children. Obviously, if you want to install it in your garden, it is better to buy medium or small ones, both for a matter of costs, the price rises according to the size, and for an aesthetic question, the large ones are more suitable for playgrounds and amusement parks.

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