Water garden

The water garden is a garden where the water element predominates and most of the plants are aquatic plants. Those who want to have a water garden in their green space, and do not have a very large space available, must decide for a single element which could be a pond, for example. The water garden certainly has its charm because it enchants the visitor who is always fascinated by this particular vegetation. However, it is also good to know the disadvantages, namely the presence of insects during the summer, especially mosquitoes, which could be attracted by stagnant water. What certainly helps to make the garden more interesting is certainly the wise use of adequate lighting.

The role of light

In an open and natural space like the garden, light becomes a necessary element to experience this area even during the evening hours. Each type of light is different in color and intensity, for this reason it is important not to underestimate the choice, believing that any light can be good. The best effects within a water garden are recreated precisely through light. To highlight a specific area of ​​the garden, light plays a fundamental role because it highlights that particular space, thus creating focal points enlivened by the light within the garden itself. The light manages to emphasize the water features and make it even more pleasant to admire. Without the light, during the night the gush of water would disappear into thin air. Those who are eager to have a perfect garden should not underestimate the appearance. By calibrating various light intensities, the garden will almost seem to come alive. It is a show that must be seen in order to be understood, it is something that can really leave you astonished.

How to create lighting

First of all, it should be emphasized that to achieve good lighting in a water garden, either you go to a specialized company or you find out about it. It would be superfluous to make an investment without having the certainty of getting what you want with that light. A soft light, which spreads from bottom to top, inside a pond creates a very suggestive look, while small spotlights can be used to delimit and emphasize a particular shape. If you have a waterfall, the lighting can be placed at the top in such a way as to illuminate the water jump. In any case, at the specialized point of sale it is possible to verify how wide the choice is, precisely because the market in this sector has considerably updated in recent years. Those who have a water garden are always looking for the best light that can immediately capture the attention as soon as they enter the garden. Obviously, the lighting system of the water garden must be perfectly integrated with the rest of the garden, where the light will certainly be of a different intensity.

Lighting elements

The lighting elements to be used to enliven a water garden are different, from spotlights to floating candles to street lamps. Floating candles are certainly a very interesting and original solution, especially if you buy them in the form of flowers. They will float among the mangroves of the pond, immediately drawing attention. The spotlights, generally chosen to have a round shape, create a perimeter that serves to emphasize the particular shape of the pond. Where there are jets of water, the light could also be inserted inside the fountain itself. Organizing and planning the lighting system of a water garden is certainly the best thing to do otherwise you risk not having the scenographic effect you were looking for.

Where to buy

The most suitable lighting system for your garden can be purchased at stores that sell electrical equipment or in gardening stores. If you are looking for something very special, it is best to ask the seller who could possibly also order it. There are many solutions on the internet and you can also place an order. The chosen lamps will be delivered to the home and the customer will only have to install them to verify functionality.


For each type of lighting there is a different cost, for those with a set budget to spend it is a good idea to first take a tour of the shops to see if you are within the parameters, otherwise you can always reduce the number of lighting elements. Having a project in hand is always important to carefully follow what has been designed and precisely define the type of lighting elements to be placed in that particular point.

Garden design: Lighting

It is with us that you will finally be able to find the solution to all your problems, if you have decided to enjoy your garden even during the night. Within this page, in fact, we will try to provide you with all the necessary tips, to always make the best decisions on the subject of lighting, especially suitable for certain styles of gardening.

The reference is, first of all, to water gardens, which should not necessarily be exploited during the hours of sunlight. Regardless of any consideration, however, to always make decisions in absolute awareness you will have to carefully evaluate a series of solutions, as in the case of lamps, classic spotlights, arriving at floating candles.

Which lighting systems to choose?

In the choice of lighting systems it is appropriate prefer soft and diffused light lamps, never direct (dazzling). Different and varied the supports to choose to illuminate outdoor spaces: come on picket spotlights ai street lamps, come on bright vases ai solar devices, come on step marker ai street lamps. Creativity will certainly be essential to recreate suggestive settings.

One of the latest news is the management of lighting systems by home automation. Power control the lights from the comfort of your seat from your sofa, or remotely, it allows you to build particular scenarios with lights on / off. A good way to illuminate the garden is choose solar lighting systems which involve a considerable energy saving.

Practical advice

Design adequate lighting for your garden it is very important either for the aesthetic aspect, how much for security. Even in winter, a well-lit driveway will allow you not to stumble and above all to put the keys in the lock smoothly.

For this area of ​​your terrace, choose recessed spotlights and position them so that they create a sort of light path. There are many types of them obviously must be walkable, if not drive-over, round or square, wall or floor marker. The LED ones are recommended.

Most of the time a higher expense in the initial phase e the purchase of energy-saving products, turns out to be an investment for the future. Not to mention that in high quality lamps, in the event of breakdowns, it is almost always possible to replace only the broken part and not the entire lighting body.

Yet, another eco-sustainable solution for your entrance or even for the stairs are the outdoor motion sensors with timer.

We mentioned the difference between functional and atmospheric lighting that is the one between lights that have a very specific purpose and those that are only scenographic. This is where you need to start, from defining which parts of the garden will have one, which the other and which both. Keep in mind that thanks to the accent lighting you will create unforgettable evenings, but if the purpose is to see what gift you have received in case you are celebrating your birthday, you will also need direct light sources.

Once you have established the goal of your lamps, you can evaluate how many and which ones to buy and above all where to place them. For example, if the part of the garden where the table or sitting area is located is covered, opt for real chandeliers which will allow you to combine the two functions into one. In this case, a light bulb with a degree of protection lower than IP65 will be fine, i.e. without total protection from water jets and dust.

Another solution noteworthy are the garden posts, also available in a solar powered version. They are products that offer great versatility as they are available on the market in different heights and materials, with a square or round column. The tall garden poles are the most suitable for illuminating large areas, especially in the absence of trees that could prevent the propagation of the light beam, the low ones provide a more collected light and are suitable for being placed along fences and / or hedges.

To conclude, let's talk in detail aboutaccent lighting that you can give to plants, whether potted or not. Unleash your creativity with LED lights with spike included (to be planted directly in the ground) or with the light garlands. The latter will help you create a party atmosphere in a few minutes, not to mention the fact that you can keep them in the garden all year round: can you imagine how beautiful at Christmas?

Let's not forget the trees, especially those with noteworthy barks. An original idea is to place a 50 watt spotlight right at the base of the trunk so that the light is lost between the branches, creating dynamic chiaroscuro. so that the ray creates a play of light / shadows through the branches of the tree.

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There are various types: choose the one that best suits your context. If you have chosen to embellish your porch, terrace or patio with a set of ratan furniture, for example, we suggest you illuminate this area with outdoor suspension lights, or what do you think of elegant LED planters?

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