Cucumbers: seed germination in 12 hours

Cucumbers: seed germination in 12 hours

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Sowing dates and varieties of cucumbers

Hello, dear friends - summer residents and gardeners!
Today we will figure out how to sow cucumber seeds for seedlings. I usually do this from April 10 to April 20, and I plant ready-made seedlings in open ground after May 9. This year I will grow 8 cucumber hybrids, of which 4 (Arctic, Director, Kibriya and Crispina) I have already grown on my site and this year I want to repeat my experience. The other four hydrides - Tchaikovsky, Green Peak, Lutoyar and Capricorn - I will be growing for the first time.

Pre-germination of seeds

To get 100% shoots, I pre-germinate the seeds without soil in small trays, and then I already sow them in cups. Since I will be growing 8 varieties, I glued pieces of masking tape to the tray and marked numbers on them in order to know in which part of the tray the seeds of a particular variety are pecked (Figure 1.1).

I put a paper towel folded in four into the tray, moistened it with warm water and spread the seeds on it, focusing on the digital marks (Figure 1.2). Then I sprayed the seeds themselves with warm water from a spray bottle and covered the tray with a transparent lid through which the emerging sprouts would be visible.

I wrote the date on the lid and then placed the tray in a warm place (25-30 ⁰C). The higher the temperature, the faster the cucumber seeds will germinate.

My container with seeds stood for one night on a warm radiator (Figure 1.3). I put a piece of cardboard between the container and the radiator. In one night, almost all the seeds germinated, and now I will sow them in a glass with soil (Figure 1.4).

Sowing sprouted cucumber seeds for seedlings

Soil for seedlings of cucumbers

The soil that I prepared for growing cucumber seedlings is 70% sod land. We brought it from the planting and carefully sifted it through a sieve. I added river sand to the soil to make it friable, some homemade compost and a couple of handfuls of wood ash. Since seedlings will only grow in this soil for one month, it should not be overly nutritious. It is enough for it to be loose and moisture-consuming.

Preparing containers for seedlings

I will cultivate cucumbers in two-hundred-gram cups. As usual, in the bottom of the cups, I make 2-3 drain holes on different sides with scissors. On each glass, I stuck small pieces of masking tape with the sowing date and a number indicating the name of the variety.

I do not fill the glasses with soil to the very top: between its surface and the top edge of the glass, I leave about 2 cm of free space. This is done so that when the seedlings are pulled out, a little soil can be added to the glass.

Sowing seeds

I make a small hole in the ground with a depth of about 2 cm and use tweezers to put a sprouted seed into it (Figure 2.1 Figure 2.2). This must be done carefully so that the tiny sprout does not break off.

After spreading the seeds in cups, I close the pits and water the crops with a solution of Fitosporin-M, the color of weak black tea (Figure 2.3). This drug disinfects the soil and protects young plants from pathogens of various fungal diseases of cucumbers.

I make up the cups with crops in a large box, the bottom and sides of which are covered with a dense transparent film (Figure 2.4). I will cover the cups with the other end of the film to make a greenhouse.

I will keep the crops of cucumbers at room temperature, but as soon as shoots begin to appear, I will rearrange the box under a bicolor lamp for additional illumination of the seedlings, and when all the seeds germinate, I plan to take the box out to the covered veranda during the day, if the temperature is at least 10 ⁰C, and for the night I will bring seedlings home.

This is how I germinate and sow cucumber seeds for seedlings and invariably get healthy, strong seedlings. I also wish you friendly seedlings, good mood and rich harvests.

Cucumber seed germination video


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Preparing cucumber seeds for sowing seedlings at home

Cucumber seeds are distinguished by good germination; high-quality seed has a germination rate of 90%. Correctly harvested and stored in the right conditions, seeds germinate within 7 years when sown, but viability significantly decreases over time. Seeds from two to three years ago germinate best.

From seeds older than five years, without additional processing, the yield is low. Annual seeds give a lot of barren flowers when germinating, which also leads to a decrease in yield. But with the right preparation, even they can give a good harvest.

Preparing and sowing cucumbers for seedlings

It is necessary to prepare a container in which we will carry out sowing. I took a shallow, wide tray, the bottom of which was lined with plastic, you can take a low drawer. We cover the bottom and sides with foil so that sawdust does not fall out, and water from irrigation cannot seep out.

It is necessary to pour sawdust into the container with a layer of 6-7 cm in order to determine the required amount. Then, pour them into a bowl and scald with boiling water to disinfect, and rinse the container with hot water.

Sowing cucumbers in sawdust for seedlings

After drying the container for planting, pour the sawdust into it. Sprinkle on top with moistened fine wood chips. A layer of 1 cm is enough.

We sow cucumber seeds in the most usual way, having previously processed and prepared them. I soak the seed in a 5% solution of potassium permanganate, but you can use other disinfectants: iodine, brilliant green, copper solution. After sowing, the tray is tightly wrapped with cling film.


Pickled gherkins, pickles, delicious cucumber jam - this is not a complete list of those dishes, the main component of which is an ordinary cucumber. So that the efforts spent on growing seedlings, germinating seeds are not in vain, and you get an excellent harvest of cucumbers, take seriously the advice and recommendations that were offered. The very soil in which you plan to place the planting material also needs special preparation. The soil is carefully dug up, adding a mixture of wood tar and dolomite flour as fertilizer.

How and why should you soak cucumber seeds before planting?

Some gardeners know a little trick to speed up the process of germination of cucumber seedlings. This is the correct soaking of the seeds before planting in the ground. Moreover, in order to germinate seeds, absolutely any water can be suitable. So, in urban conditions, pre-frozen running water from the tap is used; in gardens, rain or thawed water is used.

13. Shaking the seeds

The "sand method" also works approximately according to the principle described above. Only we will shake the seeds not with air bubbles in a container with water, but mechanically in a jar of sand. This technique is called impaction and is best for large seeds with a thick, tough skin.

The seeds are mixed in a 1: 3 ratio with coarse calcined sand and poured into a tightly closed vessel (preferably glass), which is vigorously shaken several times a day, like a shaker. As a result of contact with grains of sand and the walls of the vessel, the shell of the seeds is damaged, while the inner seed itself is not injured.

As you can see, there are many popular ways to hasten the sprouting of capricious plants, if time is pressing. Use any of them to delight yourself with early seedlings.

Watch the video: How to Germinate Cucumber Seed FAST - Hydroponic or Soil