Give flowers all year round - what to give in August

Give flowers all year round - what to give in August

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The last month of summer has come. It is named so in honor of the Roman emperor Octavian, who received the honorary title of August from the Senate, which means the great, sacred, elevated to the rank of noble. The original Slavic names of this month are dawn, serpen, stubble, that is, the time of ripening of fields, cornfields, the time of harvest.

In August, summer is before lunch, autumn in the afternoon. The first yellow leaves are already visible in the crowns of trees, the plants associated with autumn are blooming. For example, few people can remain indifferent to the luxurious bloom of gladioli.

Due to their qualities, they are ideal plants for cutting, and thanks to breeders, we have the opportunity to choose the color of the flowers, the size of the spike-shaped inflorescences, the degree of corrugation of the petals. They are often used in "masculine" bouquets, but are great for other options for floral gifts.

Annual asters, or callistephus and dahlias, bloom this month. Their numerous varieties differ in plant height, color, size and structure of inflorescences. In August, their close relative, echinacea, blooms, the inflorescences of which are painted in pink, purple, white or yellow.

Throughout August, most varieties of phlox, beloved in Russia, bloom, the apical paniculate inflorescences of which are painted in watercolor pink, blue, white and other tones.

August is especially rich in holidays: All-Russian Day of the Collector (August 1), Airborne Troops Day (August 2), Railway Troops Day (August 6), International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (August 9), International Youth Day and Air Force Day (12 August), International Day of Left-handers (13 August), Day of the Archaeologist (15 August), Day of the Trader (17 August), Transfiguration of the Lord (19 August), Day of the State Flag of Russia (22 August), Day of Russian Cinema (27 August) , Assumption of the Virgin (August 28), Railwayman's Day (first Sunday of the month), Athlete's Day (second Saturday in August), Builder's Day (second Sunday of the month), Air Fleet Day, or Aviation Day (third Sunday of the month), Miner's Day (last Sunday August).

The Orthodox Church celebrates three Savior in August: Savior of Honey (August 14, timed to coincide with the beginning of the collection of honey, its consecration and meal), Apple Savior (August 19, timed to the beginning of the collection of apples, grapes and other fruits), Nut Savior (August 29, he is Khlebny, or the Third Savior, is timed to the beginning of the ripening of hazelnuts (hazel) and the end of the harvesting of bread).

The atmosphere of these holidays can be supported by compositions of apples, grapes and other fruits, tied in sheaves with ripe cereals (rye, oats, wheat), sprigs of hazel or hazelnuts with fruits (including purple-leaved varieties).

On National Flag Day, compositions that combine the Russian tricolor - white, blue, red - will be in favor. The composition made in the shape and colors of the Russian flag will also be interesting.

The day of touching meetings is one of the youngest holidays in our country. So far, he is known only in narrow circles, in small close and very friendly companies, but I want to believe that many will soon find out about him, because this holiday is worthy of it. Each company (former classmates, classmates or just friends) determines the time of celebration of this day independently.

As a rule, this is any Saturday in August (less often in September), after the last of the friends of the company returns from vacation. Traditions of the holiday have not yet developed, but it always begins with loud joyful friendly greetings, hugs and kisses, the first toast "to the meeting" and is accompanied by conversations about a recent vacation with the freshest impressions about it.

Valentina Antsiferova,

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Give flowers all year round - what to give in August

According to the experience of the gardener from St. Petersburg V. Berezin, two axes are needed for work - one heavy for chopping roots and the other lighter for knots, you will also need a bayonet shovel, a hacksaw with a large tooth (the larger the better), a winch with a pulling force of about 500 kg, rope with a diameter of 8-13 mm or strong rope (15-20 m), ladder. Having prepared the tool, the owner takes up the uprooting. Secures the winch at the base of a conveniently located tree, that is, one from which you can get the trees to be uprooting... The rope (rope) fixes on an unnecessary tree, the higher the better (Fig. 1). The tree digs in (the radius of the hole is 0.5-1.5 m) until the roots are exposed, which he chops. Places some stump against the tree (from the winch side). After that, you can take up the winch. The tree should fall easily. If it does not give in, you need to finish off the remaining roots. You will not envy those gardeners who have settled in forest clearings. But people, trees, stumps are settling in writhe, although this is not easy, especially if there are only one hands.

Fig. 1. Uprooting a tree.

And here is how the gardener J. Balodis learned to free himself from the stumps of old trees. He made sure that the stumps, in addition to the powerful main root, have many additional lateral roots, the location of which is unknown. Such roots, spreading in all directions, occupy a large area underground. And if it is uprooted with the help of mechanical means, then it is easy to destroy the soil, damage the planted trees and shrubs. The gardener was helped by a simple, not laborious way to remove stumps of any size.

Here is its essence: a hole with a diameter of 7-8 cm and a depth of 0.5 m is drilled in the center of the stump. 150-200 g of finely crushed nitrate is stuffed into it, water is poured and clogged as tightly as possible (tightly) with a wooden sleeve. In the spring, the sleeve is removed, the hole is filled with kerosene, a wick soaked in gasoline is placed in it and set on fire. The entire remnant of the trunk and the underground part burns to ashes, turning into ash. Then the place under the stump is dug up with an ordinary shovel so that the ash as fertilizer is evenly mixed with the ground. There will never be any root overgrowth of the old tree here, which cannot be avoided with other methods of uprooting, when young shoots begin to emerge from the remnants of the roots.

151+ ideas What can be gifted to the Gardener (in examples), Tips and Congratulations

What gift can you give to a gardener-gardener - ready-made lists of ideas for the best and useful gifts for a man or a woman gardener.

Gardeners are soulful and energetic people. Restless enthusiasts, who every year, starting in March, begin active preparations for the season. They are ready to go to their favorite summer cottage at dawn or after a hard working week. Their homestead is more interesting and appropriate than a city apartment. Did you recognize your relative or acquaintance, right? So, you probably asked yourself the question more than once: "What to give a gardener for his green kingdom?"

In order to understand what exactly is needed by fans of gardening, one should understand the very idea of ​​this business, its philosophy. The main idea is to create around you a beautiful, blooming world around you, a small oasis. Therefore, the gift should first of all help him “create”, be simple, multifunctional and interesting. All possible options for a garden, summer cottages can be conditionally divided into several main categories: the first is useful things for the garden that will effectively facilitate physical labor, the second is items that increase the comfort of their green life.

However, do not forget that there is a difference between the gardener and the gardener. Someone is fond of growing vegetables and fruits, someone is looking for rare varieties of flowers or fruit trees. Someone is interested in the landscape design of the site. And there are those who prefer to relax in a hammock or grill barbecue in the bosom of nature. Therefore, this must also be taken into account. But, despite this polarity of preferences, everyone enjoys the process.

You will find a huge number of ideas on what to give a gardener for his birthday, March 8, February 23 and other holidays in this guide. Gifts that will be appropriate in the country house and in the garden. Having familiarized yourself with them, you will know exactly what to go with to visit the inveterate workers of the earth.

Souvenirs and gifts

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With this disease, a person is faced with a variety of clinical manifestations. The development of hay fever occurs in several stages:

  1. Transient manifestations disturb at first. At the same time, there are cutting pains in the eyes, itching, eyes redden, eyelids swell, and lacrimation increases. An allergic rhinitis also appears, which is characterized by a burning sensation in the nose, a violation of nasal breathing. Many patients complain of sore throat, coughing, choking. After several hours, the condition worsens and the second stage develops.
  2. Symptoms are aggravated by difficulty breathing, fever, and purulent discharge from the eyes. The existing signs are joined by rashes, redness of the skin, urticaria.

In severe cases, the disease is accompanied by Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock.

Allergies disappear within three hours if you take an antihistamine or stop the influence of allergens.

Allergy in September in Moscow and other regions may be accompanied by a special phenomenon called pollen intoxication. At the same time, depression, weakness develops, performance decreases, appetite worsens, irritability appears.

Food intolerance in September is accompanied by abdominal pain, constipation, nausea and vomiting.

Garden and vegetable garden St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Garden and vegetable garden St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

7 best indoor air purification plants:

1. Schefflera (Schéfflera or Umbrella tree) - literally created for rooms where people smoke. It perfectly "assimilates" and neutralizes nicotine and tar contained in tobacco smoke.

2. Scindapsus golden (Epipremnum aureum or Potos) cleans the air from benzene. Large leaves absorb large amounts of this substance. It grows quickly, and you can rarely water it.
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3. Dracaena neutralizes formaldehyde. This plant eliminates poisonous fumes of formaldehyde, which in minimal quantities, but still spread varnishes, adhesives and furniture made of chipboard.

4. Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum or Corona) is very effective in capturing exhaust gases. Therefore, this plant is simply necessary for those who live on the first or second floor.

5. Hamedorea graceful (Chamaedorea elegans or indoor palm) actively humidifies the air and filters out substances released by plastic.

6. Ivy (Hedera helix) and 7. Ficus benjamina (Ficus benjamina) - record holders for air purification. They absorb a lot of toxic substances, including formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

7. Ficus attracts dust like a magnet.


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Garden and vegetable garden St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

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Garden and vegetable garden St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

CLEANING OF THE COUNTRY LAND AFTER WINTER. All the necessary equipment can be bought from us with delivery directly to your dacha.

Preparation for the summer cottage should begin with the most important activities, and cleaning the site is the most important among them. Everything should look neat, tidy and clean.
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First you need to see the state of the fountains, paved paths, and an artificial pond. They need to be cleaned of dirt, and then rinsed well with water from a hose. Only after that they start their main work.
Tidying up trees and shrubs

gardening tools These plantings should be mulched with fresh compost or humus.

The trunks of pears and apple trees must be carefully examined - they may have lichen. Go over the tree trunks with a stiff brush, preferably after rain. Dig up the trunk circles.

Remove shelters from ornamental shrubs. If you find purple spots on the raspberries, treat the stems with a 5% urea solution. Winter shelters are not immediately removed from conifers - for many conifers, the May sun is destructive.
Treat conifers along the crown with a solution of nitrogen fertilizer. Spray shrubs and all fruit trees using a 1% burgundy mixture. Sanitize shrubs and fruit trees and remove damaged and old branches. Do this evenly around the entire circumference.

Strawberry and strawberry care

Clean the berry plantings well of rotten fruits and leaves, since they are a source of rot. Remove old mulch and extinct shrubs from the site, and loosen the soil between the bushes with a pitchfork.

Dry soil must be watered, but it is not recommended to spray strawberries. Fertilize well with ammonium sulfate and mullein. As for the strawberries, they cannot be mowed. This method is considered disastrous and negatively affects strawberries and yields.

Planting flower beds and flower beds

In the spring, it is best to break up new flower beds and flower beds. Old flower beds need to be put in order: cut off perennials, if this procedure was not carried out in the fall, loosen the flower beds to provide oxygen to the plant roots.

Do not forget to use a fan rake on the lawn and collect last year's foliage and grass. After that, you can arrange decorative items throughout the site. At the end of April, it is customary to plant and transplant some perennial flowers: astilbe, hosts, bells, phlox and chrysanthemums.

It is already possible to remove the shelters from the roses, but this should be done gradually, slightly airing the flowers. If the weather is warm enough, you can plant bulbs.

Pond and pond care
Overwintering negatively affects the condition of the pond. The first step is to clean it thoroughly. Add special solutions to the water that restore acidity and remove ammonia and harmful metals. Special products will help to saturate the water with oxygen.

All living creatures and plants from the pond must be removed during cleaning. You can put a bag of peat in the water, which will pick up harmful impurities and dirt from the reservoir.

If you wish, you can even update the water, but experts do not recommend changing the entire volume. About 15-20 percent of the water can be renewed at a time.

If you are not a fan of summer cottages, experts give some advice that will help make it easier to prepare for the season. Do not dig unless absolutely necessary. Digging quickly destroys the ecostructure of the soil, so oxygen will not penetrate well into it.

Work the soil to a depth of no more than five centimeters. To make it easier to do things like weeding, try not to leave the soil bare.

Mulch it, and cover the aisles between the beds with cardboard, magazines or disassembled boxes. Sprinkle sawdust on the paper with a layer of three centimeters, and on top lay a layer of sand of the same thickness.

To save time spent on pest control, plant in advance plants that will scare them away. Aphids will not live next to onions, garlic, savory, mint, or marigolds.

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