Rating of the best generators for home and summer cottages 2021: top models

Rating of the best generators for home and summer cottages 2021: top models

Modern homes are filled with a variety of electrical devices. Therefore, the supply of electricity is an important factor. But what if you live in a country house or in a private house where there are power outages? Buy a stand-alone power generator! How to choose the best generator for your home, you will learn from our review.

What tasks do you need a generator for?

In our country, electricity is supplied stably only in cities. In summer cottages or in the private sector, problems arise: the electricity is turned off at the wrong time, power surges occur, etc. This has a bad effect on equipment that fails.

If the house is located in the wilderness, where there is no electricity supply or it is of poor quality, then an autonomous generator is necessary. It will allow you not to depend on the power plant.

If there is electricity in the house, but it is not stable, then the use of an autonomous power source is recommended as a backup option. When the electricity goes out, you switch to your generator, and the equipment "comes to life" again.

Video "How to choose a generator for home and summer cottages"

In this video, the expert will tell you how to choose the right generator for your home and summer cottage.

Generator types

Autonomous generators are available with a power plant running on gasoline, with a diesel engine or powered by gas fuel. These devices vary in power.

By engine type

  1. A gasoline generator is the most common and inexpensive. Its power plant is powered by ordinary motor gasoline, which can be easily purchased at a gas station.
  2. The diesel generator set has a more sophisticated engine, but it is more reliable and can easily withstand long operating times.
  3. A gas electric generator uses ordinary gas for its operation, which makes it possible to cheaply operate the device and increase its autonomy.

By type of converter

The electricity-generating part of the device is called an alternator. It is its design that affects all the basic capabilities and characteristics of an autonomous current source.

  1. The asynchronous converter has the simplest design, requires the least additional cooling and requires almost no maintenance. Well suited for supplying power to welding machines. But this type of alternator does not withstand the increased load poorly.
  2. The synchronous converter has a more perfect circuit, it gives out high current power well. But the use of brushes in a synchronous design requires periodic maintenance of the generator.
  3. Inverter converters work according to the following scheme: the current is rectified and then increased to 220 V and converted into an alternating one by the inverter. This system is the best, it avoids power surges. This type of converter is recommended for powering computer and other precision equipment.

We calculate the required generator power

So that your autonomous power source does not fail and does not give unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to correctly calculate the power reserve.

Calculate the total consumption of all your electrical devices and purchase an electric generator that delivers a rated power 20% higher than the calculated one. If this is not done, then when you turn on a powerful consumer, your generator will choke and break. This is especially true of asynchronous generators, in which, in the event of an overload, the armature is demagnetized and the alternator stops generating electricity.

There is active and reactive power consumption. Active power is the net load that household electrical appliances use to operate. As a rule, it is indicated in the device passport. But technology not only consumes current for its work. Part of the power is spent on resistance in the wires, is spent on heating the spirals and windings. Use this when calculating.

To correctly calculate the power consumption taking into account the reactive load, add another 50% to the rated power. This will avoid overloading the generating set.

The capacitive load parameter is important when using discharge lamps, which are used by photographers on the road. Asynchronous converters are best suited to handle increased capacitive loads due to their design.

Other important factors

When choosing, pay attention to the following factors.

Fuel tank capacity

The more fuel fits into the tank of an electric generator, the longer it can work without refueling. This parameter significantly affects the autonomy of the device. Gas powered generators consume a little more fuel than diesel ones, but the longest-lived ones are gas powered plants. They can be powered both from conventional cylinders and connected to the home gas network. Since interruptions with gas are less common than with electricity, the gas engine is able to work for a long time without refueling.

Control mode

There are different control modes. Simple models have only a manual start function, but more expensive ones have an automatic start. This is a very convenient function, as it allows the generator to automatically learn about a power outage in the main line and, by its autostart, start supplying current to the system without human intervention.

Noise level

The noise that the power source emits during its operation can be strong. This affects the comfort of using the device. It all depends on the power and design of the engine, as well as on the type of cooling. Liquid-cooled power plants are quieter than air vents.

Top Generator Models

To choose an electric generator, we offer you the 2020 model rating. Comparing them will allow you to buy the best one.

Generators up to 3 kW

These are low-power and inexpensive devices that power a small number of devices well. Suitable for low requirements and limited budgets.

Huter DY3000L

This inexpensive and cute power plant has a small gasoline engine in its design. A single-phase electrical installation produces 220 V, which is perfect for an ordinary house network with a small number of consumers. The synchronous alterator easily produces 2.5 kW of active power, and the maximum load is two kilowatts and eight hundred watts.

The power plant's engine is single-cylinder and air-cooled. Due to the presence of a muffler, the device produces a low noise level, no more than 67 dB. Its fuel tank easily holds 15 liters of ninety-second gasoline.


  • the gasoline generator is easy to start;
  • the design is simple and reliable, nothing breaks;
  • the power plant is powered by ordinary 92nd gasoline.


  • low generator power;
  • the fuel amount indicator does not work correctly;
  • engine operation is well audible.
Video "Huter DY3000L Generator Review"

In this video you will find out why the Huter DY3000L generator model is interesting.

Daewoo Power Products GDA 3500DFE

This Korean generator can run on both regular gasoline and gas. This allows you to halve operating costs, because gas fuel is much cheaper than the constantly rising price of gasoline.

The single-phase synchronous generating unit easily delivers a voltage of 220 V with an active power of 2.5 kW. The maximum power that this power plant can withstand is 3 kW.

The station can be started either manually with a rope or with an electric starter.

Two 220 V sockets allow you to conveniently connect consumers, and a 12 V output makes it possible to charge car batteries without additional equipment.


  • the power plant has an increased safety margin;
  • thanks to the double starting system, it is easy to start;
  • two sockets and a 12V outlet will facilitate the connection of current consumers.


  • for the power plant to operate on a gas mixture, the engine must be started on gasoline.

Russian Engineering Group SH3000 Gas

This self-contained generator has a Japanese engine that runs entirely on gas fuel. This allows you to save on refueling the unit. The synchronous converter produces a single-phase voltage of 220 V. The generator is not very powerful, the operating current is only 2 kW, and the maximum is 2.5 kW. There is only one outlet, which limits the connection of electricity consumers.


  • low weight of the structure;
  • easy engine start;
  • low fuel cost.


  • low power;
  • only one outlet.


The rather heavy construction of this power plant has an economical diesel engine. The presence of a muffler allows you not to disturb your neighbors, and an asynchronous converter makes it easy to power welding machines without harm to the power plant.

Two 220 V sockets allow you to connect a large number of devices, but their active power should not exceed 2 kW, since the generator is low-power.


  • economical engine;
  • the ability to connect a welding machine;
  • quiet engine.


  • low-power generating part.

Medium power generators: 3 to 5 kW

These devices are suitable for medium-sized homes due to their increased power.

Daewoo Power Products DDAE 6000XE

This powerful power plant is powered by an economical Korean-made diesel engine. The synchronous converter can easily handle 5 kW, and two 220 V sockets are enough for most needs. In the presence of a 12 V output, it will allow you to power automotive electronics without problems. The electric starter is easy to start from half a turn.


  • economical Korean-made engine;
  • a large number of outlets;
  • easy engine start.


  • the engine makes a lot of noise during operation;
  • rather heavy weight of the device.

Generac 6520

This power plant is powered only by gas fuel, and the engine is very economical. The automatic start system will allow you not to worry about autonomy. The synchronous generator provides 5 kW of power. Due to the presence of a silencer and low revs, the device makes little noise.


  • reliable gas engine;
  • automatic system start;
  • low noise level.


  • sensitive to the quality of the gas fuel.
Video "Installation and example of work Generac 6520"

This video shows the installation method and an example of how the Generac 6520 generator works.

Hyundai HHY 7000FGE

The engine of this power plant is multi-fuel. It runs on both regular gasoline and gas. The power plant is Korean assembly, low noise and economical.

The electrical components of the generator are very reliable and do not require any additional maintenance. They easily deliver 5 kW of single phase current. 220V is supplied to a pair of outlets, and the twelve-volt output is for automotive devices.

The device is lightweight and easy to transport.


  • reliable dual-fuel engine;
  • easy start of the electric generator;
  • low noise engine.


  • gasoline is required to warm up.
Video "Generator operation Hyundai HHY 7000FGE"

This video shows how the Hyundai HHY 7000FGE generator works.

Huter DY6500LX

This petrol power station from a renowned German manufacturer will appeal to everyone. A high-quality engine consumes little gasoline, a high-quality muffler will not give neighbors a reason to complain about noise. Two 220 V sockets will provide you with a power of 5 kW, this is quite enough.

The system design is very balanced and reliable. The electric starter will start the engine with half a turn.


  • reliable construction;
  • low noise level;
  • easy to start from the starter.


  • rather large mass of the generator;
  • poor design of the manual start cable.
Video "Gas generator Huter DY6500LX"

From this video you will learn what is interesting about the Huter DY6500LX gas generator model.

The best models over 5 kW

These are the most powerful autonomous power plants. They are suitable for large homes with many consumers.

Wester GNB 6500ATS

This is a proven gasoline generator from a renowned electrical equipment manufacturer. The gasoline engine has high rpm, the presence of a large tank will allow the system to work for a long time without refueling. The high-power electrical part will give 6 kW through a pair of 220 V outlets. A twelve-volt outlet is also available.

The autostart system facilitates the operation of the power plant. The presence of wheels allows you to transport the system to the desired location.


  • easy start;
  • availability of auto start;
  • does not make much noise.


  • not very economical.

BRIGGS & STRATTON 6 kW Standby Generator

This gas powered generator will allow you not to worry about the energy supply to your home. An economical engine does not consume a lot of fuel, and high-quality electrical equipment easily delivers 5.5 kW of power.

Silence in operation is ensured by a soundproof housing and a high-quality muffler. Your neighbors will never complain about noise.


  • gas fuel to power the engine;
  • the presence of a soundproof casing.


  • does not start well in the cold.

Daewoo Power Products DDAE 9000DXE-3

Korean power generator, one of the best in the ranking. Its diesel engine is easy to start in hot and cold weather. The maximum power of 7 kW will provide all your electrical appliances, and the presence of three phases at the output is suitable even for complex power grid systems.


  • it is easy to start;
  • the presence of a three-phase output.


  • noisy engine;
  • insufficient fuel tank.


Why do you need to know the number of measures?

Engines are two-stroke and four-stroke. By virtue of their design, two-stroke engines are less powerful and, during their operation, consume engine oil, which is discharged into the exhaust system. Therefore, here it is necessary to control not only the fuel level, but also to top up the oil. Four-stroke engines are more powerful and reliable and need to be refilled with oil once a year or slightly more often.

What does the type of cooling affect and how does it happen?

There are air and liquid cooled engines. For the former, no coolant is required, they cool down by air. They can work poorly during the cold season. Liquid cooled motors need antifreeze. Their work in winter is more stable, since the heated antifreeze does not allow the engine to cool down.

How to choose the required number of phases?

If the electrical system of your house is made according to the classical scheme and there are no 380 V consumers in it, then a single-phase generator is suitable for you. If high-voltage devices are available, then choose an electric generator with a three-phase output. Using a well-selected electric generator will protect your equipment from damage. The autonomy of power supply will be appreciated by both you and your family, because you will not depend on the whims of electricians or wires cut off by bad weather.

The best gas generators in 2021

Choosing a good generator for your home or summer cottage as an alternative power source is not an easy task for many users. Modern manufacturers regularly delight with new products, supplement the equipment with previously unavailable options, expand the range, but thereby complicate the choice.

Today our experts have prepared for you a rating of the best generators in 2020 in 2020, which selected the most popular models from leading brands.The TOP-best includes not only the most powerful and efficient models, but also compact, low-power gas generators with excellent characteristics.

Types of power plants

Gasoline installations

Today, various modifications are available to users, the most popular among them are inexpensive electric generators with a gasoline engine. Manufacturers offer whole lines of gas generators of various capacities and layouts. The units are capable of continuously generating electricity for 4 to 6 hours, after which the engine needs a break. Such generators are perfect for home use: as an emergency power source in the country or in a garage, as well as for construction work in places far from the central power grid.

  • Relatively low starting price of the equipment.
  • Ease of Maintenance - Need to refuel and periodically clean spark plugs.
  • A wide range of modifications: petrol welding units, power plants with a capacity of 0.65 to 6 kW, single-phase and three-phase models.
  • Can be used at temperatures down to -20 °.
  • Relatively quiet operating mode.
  • Increased fuel consumption and high price per 1 kW.
  • The most top-end models are designed for no more than an 8-hour shift, after which the installation requires a break.
  • Susceptible to moisture.

Diesel plants

Diesel power plants are superior to gasoline power plants in terms of reliability and can be operated for much longer. Most models are equipped with a liquid cooling system, which reduces the risk of overheating and significantly increases the time of continuous operation. The undoubted advantage of diesel generators is a greater motor resource and a wide range of applications - generators are suitable for a summer cottage or a country house, they can become the main or backup power source at remote sites or large construction sites.

  • Optimal price-performance ratio.
  • The possibility of operating the unit for a long time (depending on the model).
  • Average cost of 1 kW - maintenance of a power plant on diesel fuel costs 50-60% cheaper than using a gasoline unit.
  • Increased operating noise.
  • The cost of diesel equipment is 1.5 times higher than that of gasoline.
  • At an air temperature below -5 ° C, the fuel begins to thicken - additional heating will be required for stable operation.
  • The minimum load on the installation is 30%.

Gas installations

When deciding which generator to choose for your home, you should take a closer look at gas-fueled models. They are a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to liquid fuel power plants. In terms of cost, they are more expensive than diesel and gasoline generators, but they can be connected to the central gas supply line - this is convenient and profitable. Also, gas power plants can be powered from a cylinder filled with liquefied gas.

  • Low cost of 1 kW.
  • High service life.
  • In addition to electrical energy, the unit generates heat, which can be used to heat the premises.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Gas electrical installations are the most expensive of all types of generators.
  • To power the power plant from the central gas supply line, you will have to agree on the installation in the gas service, as well as pay for the services of a specialist.
  • Connection to the gas main, adjustment of work and repairs should only be carried out by qualified specialists. If the generator fails for any reason, it will not be possible to restore its operability on your own.

Combined installations

Power plants with a combined type of power supply are of interest: gas / petrol or gas / diesel. You can change the type of fuel used at any time without interrupting the operation of the generator. The advantage of such models is their versatility, in addition, the price of such units is slightly different from gas ones. However, it should be borne in mind that regardless of your desire, the device will have to periodically switch from one type of fuel to another.

To provide country houses, garages or workshops with electricity, diesel generators with a capacity of up to 3 kW are required. Low-power equipment makes a little noise, it is easy to rearrange it if necessary. The following models attracted the attention of experts.


The DDE DDG3300E diesel generator is capable of providing electricity to a small country house or summer cottage. Distinctive features of the model are high power (3 kW) and electric start of the engine. Not only the owner of the house can turn on the generator, but women or children. The capabilities of the power plant, of course, are limited, but at the same time, the technology is capable of maintaining the operability of the refrigerator, TV and computer. Experts note the economy of the model; at a load of 75%, the motor consumes 1.1 liters of diesel fuel per hour. With a tank volume of 11.5 liters, the generator will provide the house without refueling for about 10 hours. When operating at maximum power, the autonomy will be 8.2 hours.

Users in reviews praise the unit for its ease of operation and reliability. The device deservedly ranks first in the rating.


  • high power
  • economical diesel fuel consumption
  • easy start
  • long battery life.

Fubag DS 3600

The diesel generator Fubag DS 3600 lost quite a bit to the leader of the rating in terms of power. The power plant produces 2.7 kW of energy, which will be enough in case of emergency shutdown of a summer cottage or a workshop. The diesel engine will have to be started manually, which is unlikely to please women. The generator can be simultaneously connected to two electrical appliances with a voltage of 220 V and one consumer of 12 V current. But the model compares favorably with the price and low weight (70 kg). As for the consumption of diesel fuel, at partial load (75%), the engine is capable of consuming 1.4 l / h. The fuel tank has a capacity of 12.5 liters. The model is equipped with a safety shutdown system when the oil level drops.

Users note the reasonable price of the generator, battery life, low noise level (80 dB).

  • acceptable price
  • economical consumption of diesel fuel
  • light weight
  • low noise level.

  • manual start of the motor.


Diesel generator CHAMPION DW180E seriously loses to the leaders of the rating in power (2 kW). At the same time, the unit is being sold at a fairly high price. But users are actively interested in its technical characteristics. The reason for its popularity lies in the possibility of using the generator as a welding machine. The multifunctional unit weighs more (95 kg), so it is equipped with wheels for moving. Two 220 V consumers can be connected to the power plant. Diesel fuel consumption is at the same level as that of the leaders (1.4 l / h).

The owners of the generator note the versatility of the equipment, the low noise level during operation, and the economy. But for providing houses with electricity, the model will not work because of its modest power.

  • multifunctionality
  • economical fuel consumption
  • wheels to move.

  • low power
  • high price.

The best diesel generators up to 6 kW

To preserve the viability of a retail outlet or a private house in the event of an emergency power outage, a diesel generator with a capacity of up to 6 kW is suitable. The unit can deliver not only single-phase, but also three-phase current. Experts noted several high-quality devices.

Hyundai DHY-6000 LE-3

The Korean power plant Hyundai DHY-6000 LE-3 has a good set of technical characteristics. The active power is 4.5 kW, it is enough to generate both single-phase and three-phase currents. The third socket in the unit is designed for appliances with a voltage of 12 V. The heavy diesel generator is easy to move thanks to pneumatic wheels. The engine can be started both manually and with a starter. One of the important options in the model is fuel heating, which is especially important when operating a diesel engine in frosty weather. Even after finding the station in 20-degree frost all night, the equipment will start without any problems.

The experts gave the first place to the generator for its stable operation, the presence of three sockets with different voltages, efficiency and compactness.

  • reliable engine
  • low fuel consumption
  • easy start in any weather
  • compact size.


A large number of devices or tools can be connected to the DENZEL DD5800E diesel generator. The model looks favorably against the background of competitors due to its low price. At the same time, it is not inferior to the winner of the rating in active power (4.5 kW). The power plant only generates single-phase current. The generator can be connected to 3 220 V devices and one consumer with a voltage of 12 V. The model loses somewhat to the leader in terms of noise (85 dB). Experts refer to the strengths of the unit as low weight (76 kg), the presence of handles and wheels for moving.

Users liked the power plant due to the economical consumption of diesel fuel (1.2 l / h). Given the volume of the tank (12.5 liters), the generator will generate electricity all night without refueling. The only drawback is the lack of three-phase current.

  • low price
  • ease of movement
  • high power
  • manual and electric start.

  • does not generate three-phase current.

Wester GND 4800D

You can read many positive reviews on thematic forums regarding the Wester GND 4800D diesel generator. The device is capable of providing single-phase electricity to a small house or a shopping pavilion, with a total power of devices not exceeding 4.2 kW. The experts liked the model for its long battery life (11 hours), stylish design, electric and manual engine start. The manufacturer has equipped its product with an hour meter, soundproof casing. But the weight of the diesel generator is much higher than the weight of competitors (170 kg).

The owners of the power plant speak flatteringly about the reliability and stability of the unit. The large autonomous working interval is also pleasing. Only the large weight and the lack of power electricity somewhat upset users.

  • long battery life
  • easy start
  • profitability.

  • heavy weight
  • there is no three-phase energy.

The best diesel generators up to 10 kW

Power plants with a capacity of up to 10 kW allow not only to provide energy to the house, but also to work successfully at a production site remote from civilization. Therefore, many models have sockets, both 220 V and 380 V. In this category, experts have identified the following models.

Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3

The Daewoo Power Products DDAE 10000DSE-3 diesel generator has a whole bunch of advantages. The model is equipped with a durable diesel engine capable of operating at least 2 thousand operating hours. Using a conventional selector, you can select a phase of 220 or 380 V. The engine power is enough to generate high-quality electricity. The total power of the connected devices should not exceed 7.2 kW. The experts' attention was drawn to the unusually low noise level (66 dB). The manufacturer managed to achieve this by installing a noise reduction system. The device has a built-in charger, with which you can restore car batteries.

Owners of a diesel generator note the model's ability to deliver maximum current power in any network. The presence of a high-quality extension cord also pleases users.

  • durability and reliability
  • low noise level
  • easy start.

Fubag DS 11000 A ES

The diesel generator Fubag DS 11000 A ES is distinguished by its high power. It is suitable not only for providing a country house or cottage, but also for power supply at the production site. The model is equipped with the most capacious fuel tank (25 l), therefore, even at maximum load (10 kW), the duration of operation at one refueling is 5.9 hours. To remove the temperature from the engine, the manufacturer equipped the equipment with a liquid cooling system. The unit is started in manual mode or with an electric starter.

Experts gave the power plant the second line of the rating for the absence of three-phase electricity and a higher noise level than that of the winner.

  • high active power
  • liquid cooling system
  • capacious tank
  • two options for starting the motor.

  • high price
  • great weight.


The experts gave the third line of the rating to the diesel generator ELITECH DES 8000 ЕТМ for an affordable price. The model cannot boast of high active power (6.5 kW), but at the output the consumer is offered 3 options for electricity (12, 220 and 380 V). The power plant is favorably distinguished by its low weight (104 kg) and economical consumption of diesel fuel (2 l / h). With a tank volume of 12.5 liters, the autonomy of operation reaches 6.2 hours. The engine can be started manually or using an electric starter.

Users praise the diesel generator for the optimal combination of power and compactness, affordable price and economy. The disadvantages include high noise levels and modest active power.

  • compactness and lightness
  • economical fuel consumption
  • affordable price
  • two options for starting the engine.

  • high noise level
  • low active power.

Generator types

Types of generators and their use depending on the working fuel

Diesel plants

A generator running on diesel fuel is the best option for a constant power supply to the dacha. If the suburban area is located in an area where there are no power lines, this autonomous energy source can become a full-fledged alternative to them.

A feature of the equipment is stable working conditions even with prolonged use without interruption. Diesel fuel burns better after warming up the engine, while the percentage of emissions of harmful substances, including carbon monoxide, into the atmosphere is significantly reduced.

The generator can be used without interruption for a certain time. The maximum duration of non-stop operation depends on the model of the device. In this case, the determining factor is the volume of the tank.

On average, generators designed for use at a summer cottage operate in a continuous mode from 8 to 12 hours. After that, it is necessary to refuel the equipment, before which the generator must cool down. Refueling of an operating power plant is strictly prohibited by manufacturers.


  • Possibility of continuous operation for a long time
  • Long-term service life due to the significant motor resource of the diesel engine
  • Profitability due to lower fuel consumption in comparison with the “appetite” of a gas generator and a lower price of diesel fuel. Under equal operating conditions and a recommended load of 75%, the diesel "eats" 60% less fuel per hour
  • Safety - accidentally spilled diesel fuel does not evaporate and does not form flammable vapors.

  • Price higher than gasoline generators
  • Higher noise level
  • Minimum load not less than 30%
  • Guaranteed start at -5 ° C. In winter, heating is required, the use of seasonal fuels and lubricants
  • The need for regular maintenance.

Gasoline installations

If you intend to use the generator for short periods of time in the event of a power outage, the correct choice is a generator that runs on gasoline.

The fuel for the stations is high-octane gasoline grades (A92, A95). The specific composition and other characteristics of the fuel are determined by the manufacturer.


  • Low price
  • Easy maintenance (spark plugs need to be cleaned from time to time)
  • Low noise level
  • Wide operating temperature range. Guaranteed to start even in frosty temperatures down to -20 ° C
  • Compactness and light weight in comparison with diesel stations
  • It is not difficult to find gasoline if the reserve for the generator has unexpectedly ended - you can drain the fuel from the gas tank of your own car or borrow it from other motorists
  • Possibility of installation in a room with an exhaust hood that ensures the outflow of exhaust gases.

  • They cannot work for a long time without a break (working cycle 4-8 hours) - they need a technical break for cooling
  • High fuel consumption: on average, they consume 60% more fuel than diesel stations. Gasoline is more expensive than other fuels
  • Relatively low service life
  • They need protection from moisture.

Gas installations

It is rational to use a gas generator in a summer cottage that is gasified (a gas main is installed) or there is a place in the country for storing gas cylinders.

It should be noted that the installation of any gas-powered equipment must be coordinated with the local gas service. In this case, service workers need to provide the documents that are issued when purchasing the station: a certificate and a technical passport of the generator.

The stable operation of the gas station is affected by the gas pressure in the range from 2 thousand to 6 thousand Pa. If the equipment is designed to use main gas, you must ensure that the pressure in the pipes is within this limit.


  • The energy generated by a gas generator is the cheapest. The generation of one kilowatt of electricity requires about 0.3 m³ of gas. With the cost of main gas 4.5 rubles per 1 m³, the price of 1 kW of electricity will be equal to 1.35 rubles.
  • Increased service life and ease of maintenance: gas does not form solid combustion products that affect wear of parts, the equipment does not need periodic cleaning
  • In addition to electrical energy, a gas generator generates heat that can be used to heat a room, this is especially important for the northern and Far Eastern regions (specially designed models are used to heat housing)
  • High efficiency of the installation - when using bottled gas, it exceeds the efficiency of diesel and gasoline generators by 2 times, and when using the main line - by 15-17 times.

  • High price
  • A more complex design in comparison with diesel engines and gas generators - in case of equipment failure, the help of service center specialists will be needed
  • Additional installation costs and the need to coordinate it with representatives of the gas service.

Combined installations

Multi-fuel models are designed to use several types of fuel: gasoline, LPG and (or) main gas.


  • Combination of the reliability and convenience of a gas generator and the efficiency and environmental friendliness of gas equipment.

The use of equipment depending on the alternator, features of the inverter generator

The type of alternator installed in the equipment determines the possibility of using an electric generator to power various groups of electrical equipment (sensitive to voltage surges or creating large peak loads when switched on).

Synchronous generator

A synchronous generator is installed in a country house, where electrical appliances that are susceptible to voltage surges (TV, computer, refrigerator) will be used.


  • Provides high quality current, output voltage without surges and drops
  • Withstands three-time short-term starting overloads
  • Reliability.

  • The sliding of the brushes on the rotor causes it to overheat. Air cooling of the rotor with the help of a fan provokes the drawing in of dust and dirt. With active operation, the equipment needs regular maintenance.
  • Inexpensive models have a low protection class
  • The need to replace brushes that wear out over time
  • Higher price than brushless models
  • Causes radio interference.

Asynchronous generator

If construction and welding work is underway at the summer cottage, or if the generator is supposed to be used outdoors, an asynchronous generator is needed.


  • Lower price
  • The rotor does not overheat
  • High degree of protection against dust, dirt, moisture
  • Smaller dimensions and weight
  • It is not afraid of short circuits, which is important when connecting a welding machine.

  • Produces poor current quality and unstable voltage
  • Not able to withstand peak loads (increased power consumption when devices with motors and heating elements are turned on).

Inverter generator

An inverter generator is recommended to be purchased at the dacha to power sensitive electronics. The peculiarity of the generator is that the generated current is not directly transmitted to consumers. Initially, the alternating current is converted to direct current, after which it is accumulated in the battery. Then it is converted again into alternating current, but already with ideal parameters and the subsequent distribution to consumers.


  • High characteristics of the generated current
  • Economical due to reduced fuel consumption - the engine speed depends on the current demand (in conventional generators, this speed is constant)
  • Compact (size and weight is almost half that of conventional equipment)
  • Low noise level.

  • High price
  • The battery is not replaceable by yourself. In case of its failure, you will have to contact specialists.

Using push-pull and four-stroke generators

Internal combustion engines installed in generators differ in the number of strokes (stroke is the movement of the piston up or down) during which the operating cycle is carried out.

Four-stroke generator

For summer cottages, where the station is supposed to be used for long periods of time (5-10 hours, around the clock), a generator with a four-stroke engine is required. As a rule, such a motor is installed in equipment with a power of more than 1 kW.


  • High power
  • The presence of its own oil lubrication mechanism, there is no need to prepare an oil-gasoline mixture for refueling. Gasoline and oil are filled separately
  • Stability in loads, reliability
  • Efficiency - fuel consumption is 20-30% lower than that of two-stroke
  • Less noisy than push-pulls.

  • Complexity of construction
  • More difficult care
  • Starting temperatures can be difficult at low temperatures.

Two-stroke generator

A generator with a two-stroke engine can be purchased as a backup power source for a summer residence where electricity consumers do not need high power.


  • Easy to start at low temperatures
  • Unpretentious in operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has less weight and dimensions.

  • For refueling, you need to prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil in the proportion specified by the manufacturer
  • Higher noise level
  • Exhaust toxicity.

Using the generator depending on the type of engine cooling

During operation, the generator engine heats up and needs to be cooled.

Liquid cooling

To use a generator in the country as a permanent source of energy, equipment with a liquid-cooled engine is required.


  • Greater efficiency
  • Smaller equipment size
  • Lower noise level.

  • High price
  • Complexity of construction
  • Installed on equipment with a power of 4 kW or more.

Air cooling

For a summer cottage generator that will not be operated around the clock or for long periods of time, air cooling of the engine is acceptable. Most of the models offered by manufacturers are air cooled.


  • Cooling system design simplicity
  • Low price.

  • The fan draws in dust and dirt
  • Lack of efficiency.

Which gasoline generator is better to choose: independent TOP

Gasoline generators are used during construction, until electricity is supplied, and even after it has appeared, they will not be superfluous on the farm - especially if power outages occur quite often. How to choose a gasoline generator and which 12 generators of this type are worthy of the title of the best in 2019, read below.

What characteristics to look for when buying a gasoline generator?

Before buying a generator, you should decide on the desired parameters. They depend on several conditions:

  • whether the gasoline generator will be used as a primary or backup energy source
  • where it is supposed to be installed - indoors or outdoors
  • will you need to move it often
  • whether it is necessary so that it can start in automatic mode.

Based on this, it will be possible to determine the main characteristics that a gasoline generator should have.

There are three main types: synchronous, asynchronous and inverter generators. The first two can be considered together. Synchronous ones are also called brushless, and asynchronous ones are brushless.

The latter are generally used quite rarely, they are simpler in structure, but the current they provide is of low quality, which makes the scope of their application rather narrow.

At home, it is more advisable to use synchronous generators.

However, inverter generators provide an even more stable current than synchronous ones, therefore they are usually used to power expensive high-tech devices. However, they are also more expensive. Both synchronous and inverter gas generators are used as home gas generators.

Engine's type

Two-stroke and four-stroke are used. The former are cheaper and simpler, and therefore weigh less and more compact.

At the same time, two-stroke engines are characterized by increased fuel consumption, loudness, exhaust toxicity and rapid wear.

Therefore, their use is a priority only if the generator acts as an additional power source, and it is desirable to be able to place it in a separate room.

If it is used as the main one, that is, it works much more, it is preferable to use a four-stroke engine. It is equipped with its own lubrication and gas distribution system, as a result of which it is easier and cheaper to maintain, it produces much less noise and harmful emissions, and it will work longer.


Single-phase generators can only supply energy to devices that need 220 V. Three-phase generators are designed for both 220 V and 380 V. Accordingly, if all the devices in the house are single-phase (most often this is the case), then the generator should be bought the same. And only if there are three-phase devices, it will be necessary to acquire an appropriate generator.


By this parameter, devices are distinguished:

  1. Low power - up to 5 kW. This is almost always enough for giving. As a rule, they have modest dimensions, so you can even go on various trips with them.
  2. Medium - up to 10 kW. Often a low-power generator is not enough for construction work, as well as for cottages. They are larger than the previous type and are often equipped with wheels for transportation.
  3. High power - over 10 kW. They are rarely required, for especially large houses or construction projects.

To determine which generator group you need from, you should calculate the total power of all devices that will work from it. If the generator is of a synchronous type. You need to add another 20% to the result, if it belongs to inductive, then it will need a lot of power when starting, so the result needs to be multiplied by 2.5 times.

Continuity of work

The generator will be able to maintain the operation of the devices until the fuel runs out, and then it will have to be interrupted to refuel it. Accordingly, the time for which there is enough stock is called the time of continuous operation.

It depends on the ratio of fuel consumption per unit of time and the volume of the tank. Low power generators are often equipped with small ones that allow them to work for 2-3 hours, large ones - for 20 liters, which is enough for 10 hours.

But if necessary, you can also find a small generator with a large tank that can work without interruption for a long time.


It happens air and water. The second is more expensive and larger, but also more efficient. For devices of low and medium power, the first is often enough.

Top 12 Best Gasoline Generators

The characteristics listed above give rise to an abundance of combinations, which is why we have selected twelve of the best gasoline generators in their categories.

Best Welding Gasoline Generator

1. Huter DY6500LXW

The device from Huter has very impressive features. It is equipped with a 15 hp engine with a 22 l tank. This provides more than 10 hours of operation without interruption - a very good indicator, given the power of 5 kW.

The generator is of the synchronous type, weighs 72 kg (equipped with wheels for transportation), provides a welding current of 200 A. It is distinguished by its reliability: it works both in hot and cold weather, starts up easily and is relatively quiet - only 71 dB.

But at the same time it costs a lot - 62,000 rubles.

Price: ₽ 61 920

Best Synchronous

2. Denzel GE8900E

A fairly large and heavy device (84 kg), providing energy for 7 hours at an operating power of 7 kW (maximum - 8.5 kW). Equipped with a 17 l / s engine, with a relatively low flow rate - up to 3.5 l / h at full load.

Quite noisy - 99 dB, and expensive - 42,000 rubles, but high power makes up for the shortcomings.

In addition, the assembly is very high-quality, nothing knocks or vibrates, and even if repair is required, the manufacturer has a developed service network, so there will be no problems with this.

Price: ₽ 41 939

Best 380V Three Phase Gasoline Generator


The Champion model has a four-stroke engine with 16 l / s, capable of maintaining the operation of devices with a power of up to 6 kW for a long time (for a short time this figure can rise to 8.1 kW) - including three-phase ones.

Equipped with a muffler, however, it helps moderately, and the noise level still reaches 97 dB.

It should be noted that the generator needs frequent maintenance, but if you need a three-phase one, then the choice is very limited, moreover, they are usually very expensive, this one is also offered at a reasonable price of 38,000.

Price: ₽ 38 300

Best single phase

4. Fubag BS 6600

It cannot be said that BS 6600 is the leader in any particular characteristic: its power is 5.7 kW, it can work without interruption for 7-8 hours, the dimensions are impressive, and the weight is 84 kg.

In addition, it emits a fair amount of noise - 98 dB, which means it is better to allocate a separate room for it. But for many, this is covered by the main advantage: as a backup power source BS 6600 works without problems for years, while it is simple and quick to maintain.

The combination of reliability and good performance fully justifies its cost of 42,000 rubles.

Price: ₽ 41 990

Best Asynchronous

5. Daewoo Power Products GDA 3800i

Although the use of asynchronous generators is limited, but if you do not need high quality current, they will also come in handy. A good choice among them is the GDA 3800i. It delivers 3.2 kW of operating power from a 7 hp four-stroke engine.

It is notable for its relatively low weight of 31 kg, and also for the fact that it emits little noise during operation - 64 dB.

The combination of these characteristics at a cost of 33,000 rubles makes it a good choice for devices that are not demanding on the quality of electricity, if their total capacity is not high.

Price: ₽ 32 990

Best four-stroke


A device with an economical four-stroke engine providing an operating power of 5 kW. Reliable and easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive (can be found for 28,900 rubles), it works stably.

It copes with its functions no worse than noticeably more expensive counterparts from well-known brands with approximately the same characteristics, in addition, Champion has service centers in Russia.

The model is quite large and heavy, but if it is supposed to be set up once and no longer moved, this will not be a big problem.

Price: ₽ 28 900

The best gas-petrol generator

7. Huter DY4000LG

Another device from Huter in the collection is notable for the fact that it can run on both gasoline and gas, which is very convenient in some cases, and, moreover, may be cheaper.In both cases, it starts without problems; when running on gas, the exhaust will be cleaner.

It has a four-stroke engine, the generator power is 3 kW. It is equipped with a muffler and makes relatively little noise (68 dB), but it gets very hot, especially it heats up quickly when fully loaded, and besides, it vibrates noticeably.

All this makes it a priority choice only for short periods of work, while it costs 28,100 rubles.

Price: ₽ 28 100

The best 5 kW gas generator

8. Kolner KGEG 5500EM

In most cases, overly powerful generators are not needed, and 5 kW is sufficient. Kolner offers just such a device: the company tried to make it so that it could work continuously as long as possible.

Thanks to a rather economical engine with a tank volume of 25 liters, it can not stop for 13 hours, so that most of even long power outages will pass without any inconvenience.

It has quite large dimensions and weighs 70 kg, the device costs 35,000.

Price: ₽ 34 947

The best gas generators for 3 kW

9. DDE GG3300Zi

If 5 kW is not required, do not overpay for too powerful generators. You can take this model, designed for 3.2 kW of active power (but the real one is lower than declared by the manufacturer) and costs 23,000 rubles.

It also weighs less - 35 kg, which allows you to move the device alone without any problems. But the lower power did not affect the noise level - it is 91 dB, which is quite a lot.

The engine is equipped with a relatively small fuel tank, only 9 liters, as a result of which the continuous operation time of this generator is average - 7 hours. For most situations, this is sufficient.

Price: ₽ 22 890

The best gas generators for 2 kW

10. Carver PPG-3600A

The generator is even less powerful: it is designed to power devices that consume up to 2.5 kW in total. The volume of the tank is larger here - 15 liters, which allows the four-stroke engine to work on one refueling for up to 12 hours.

But it also weighs, despite not less power, more than the previous one - 40 kg. But it makes much less noise - 67 dB, which is already quite acceptable. And its main advantage is its low cost, it can be purchased for only 11,500 rubles.

Of course, the capacity will not be enough for many things, but it will be quite enough for basic needs.

Price: ₽ 11 671

The best gas generators for 1 kW

11. Eurolux G1200A (8500r)

If a generator of only 1 kW is enough, you should pay attention to this one.

Weighing only 28 kg, it is able to provide energy to devices for 10 hours: a very good option both for going out into the countryside and for installing in the country, if you need to ensure the functioning of only a few devices.

It consumes little fuel - only 600 ml per hour, emits little noise during operation - 65 dB, and produces almost no emissions. Provides a stable voltage, and at the same time is inexpensive - 8,500 rubles. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that the tap on the gas tank often leaks.

Price: ₽ 8 749

Best push-pull generator

12. ELITECH BES 950 R (650 W) (6 000 R)

If efficiency and a long resource from the generator are not needed, you can get by with a two-stroke engine. Usually the generators equipped with it cost less, like this one - you can get it for 6,000.

But it does not impress with its parameters either: the power is only 650 W, so many devices cannot be supplied with energy from it. The volume of the tank is 4 liters, which is enough for 8 hours. The generator is very compact and easy to carry, weighs 21 kg, has little noise (56 dB).

All this makes it a good choice for trips, but it is not suitable as a stationary one.

Price: ₽ 6 139

Why does the generator stall after turning on the load? The most common cause is overload. It is worth trying to turn off some of the devices and start it again. If there is clearly no overload, the reasons may vary. First of all, check the oil level in the engine, then change the dirty filters, check the spark plug, the fuel system.

The generator is outputting a low voltage - what could be the problem? Check the voltage at the output terminals from the terminal box to the outlet. Most likely, the wires have oxidized or burnt somewhere - often this is immediately visible.

Even if not, the multimeter will detect where the voltage loss is occurring. If no problems were found with the power circuits, the voltage generator regulator should be checked, and then the windings for an interturn short circuit.

Main selection criteria

To choose a high-quality generator for a garage or home, you need to understand the technical characteristics that such a unit must have.

The first thing to look out for is installation. It must be produced with the assistance of a specialist, otherwise you may face an accident in the power grid.

There are generators on the market, the cost of which starts from several thousand rubles and reaches several tens of thousands. It is not difficult to guess that the higher the price, the more powerful and reliable the equipment will be.

Volume of the tank guarantees long work. Better to choose models with dual fuel system, it is very convenient.

For domestic use, a single-phase model is sufficient with power up to 4 kW. The work of the equipment will last for 4 hours If the equipment is purchased for a construction site or provided with light for a summer residence, then you need to consider three-phase models with a power of 6-7 kW. They always have a built-in 4-stroke motor.

If you plan to connect a telephone, household and small construction equipment, you can consider Champion generator models.

To maintain the performance of construction equipment it's time to take a closer look at the units Huter. They are more powerful, reliable and capable of pulling such devices.

There are also budget options on the market, for example, Fubag. The equipment is inexpensive, has decent functionality, but you should not expect great power from it.

When a permanent installation is required that can operate for a long time, then the most important thing to pay attention to is on the size of the fuel tank. If the manufacturer includes a useful parts listthen this is undoubtedly a plus.

In the case when the user does not understand the technical features of the generators, it is better to ask a store consultant for help... He will accurately select a model for individual needs, he will be able to take into account all the nuances.

For information on how to choose a generator for your home, see the video below.

Watch the video: Best Portable Power Generator 2017