“Urban environment with innovation and charm”, internship in Lyon and Grenoble from 8 to 12 July 2015

“Urban environment with innovation and charm”, internship in Lyon and Grenoble from 8 to 12 July 2015

The International School of Design invites you to an internship in Lyon and Grenoble under the guidance of Doctor of Architecture Nefedov

Practical internship opportunities:

Study of French achievements in the field of modern environmental design and architecture using innovations in the arrangement of living spaces.
Analysis of new approaches to creating an urban environment based on the priorities of its imaginative identity, environmental optimization and humanization.
Acquaintance with examples of new buildings and landscape objects to expand ideas about the possibilities of modern interpretation of design. Mastering alternative thinking.

Program author and curator:
Leading teacher of the International School of Design (St. Petersburg), Doctor of Architecture, Professor of the Department of Urban Studies and Design of Urban Environment of SPbGASU, Honored Worker of the Higher School of the Russian Federation, Professor Valery Anatolyevich Nefedov

Detailed information and registration in the group: (812) 326 - 07 - 01 Polina Baleevskaya, [email protected]

Internship program "Urban environment with innovation and charm"

July 8, Wednesday

15:05 – 21:55. Flight Saint Petersburg - Lyon
21:55. Arrival to Lyon. Saint Exupery airport.
The building of the railway station at the airport as a symbol of flight. Architecture, design and image of the airport building (architect S. Kalatrava). Boarding the bus after seeing the airport.
22:30-23:00. Transfer to Novotel Lyon Confluence hotel. Hotel accommodation.

July 9, Thursday

08:00-09:00. Breakfast in the hotel.
09:00. Start of the Confluence Walking Tour. Landscape as an ecosystem. The return of nature to a depressed area. Aesthetics of minimalism in the context of a new generation of urban environment. The use of rainwater and aquatic vegetation harvesting technologies for the regeneration of the coastal area. Small forms in the arrangement of the embankment.
09:10-09. Former port areas on the Sona River after the collapse of the initial functions. New life in depressed areas. Integration of the newest buildings with the preserved buildings of the port warehouses.
Ground surface with “place memory”. Coastal promenade in the former port area.
09:20-09:40. Public building architecture using
multilayer shell technology and a high degree of spatial freedom
shaping. Intensely colored perforated sheet metal as a visual code for the space.
09:40-10:00. Renovation of old port buildings. Technology and functions of leisure centers with the inclusion of rainwater reservoirs. Environment design of leisure centers. The role of vegetation and water in increasing the comfort of the space.
10:00-10:15. Building as a reflection of information freedom. Green accent in the panorama of the embankment. Design of details for a multi-layer building envelope. Means for achieving the dynamism of the facade on a plane. The image and color of the object.
10:15-10:30. Photos Arts Docks. Facade as an art object. Historical photos on a glass and metal facade. Printed Facade technology as a “bridge” from the past to the future.
10:40-11:00. Arrow at the confluence of the Sona and Rhone rivers.
11:00-12:30. Museum Confluence. Museum of new images and ideas about architecture. The space of reflections and refractions. Philosophy of movement towards nature. Inspection of the interior and exposition.
12:30-12:50. tram ride to Confluence Shopping and Cultural Center.
13:00-14:00. Lunch at the shopping and cultural center
14:00. boarding the bus
14:10-14:40. New quarter on the coast of the bay. Means of silhouette variety and plastic expressiveness. The landscape of the living environment using a drop in relief and rainwater harvesting. Resting spaces near the dwelling. Office complex: integration of business functions into the structure of the living environment.
14:40-15:10. New development with sports spaces. Formation of an environment with pedestrian priorities.
Green technologies on the facade of a public building, Cours Bayard, Banque de France.
15:30-16:30. Modern landscape design in the organization of spaces for children's games and sports. Artistic components of the environment. Geometry and geoplastics, relief forms design. Color-intensive playing fields. Water devices of new technologies in the park space.
16:45-17:45. A new park on the site of the former barracks. Open spaces for sports and movement. New aesthetics of the environment. Surface design using color.
18:00-19:45. A landscape for active movement. Design of the environment using the possibilities of natural diversity. Light in the landscape. Composition of vegetation and water surfaces in the structure of open spaces. Architectural objects and methods of their integration with the landscape. Light scenario of the park in the evening.
20.00. Return to the hotel.

July 10, Friday

08:00 – 9:00. Breakfast in the hotel.
09:00-11:00. Boarding the bus. The road to Grenoble.
11:00-12:00. Grenoble. City of innovation. Objects and environment of the science city. Science-based architecture and design. New quality of communication spaces, cycle-pedestrian-tram green street. A new complex of laboratory buildings and residential modules. Landscape of pedestrian spaces.
12:00-12:30. Europole. Residential development and public buildings. Palace of Justice, Graduate School of Management, multi-storey garage. Technology to reduce the pressure of cars on a city street. Structural planting of vegetation.
12:30-13.00. Ecological design of the main street of the city. Green lanes of the tram, “perforation” of the ground surface with vegetation modules. New materials on the surface of the earth.
13:00-14:00. Lunch at a cafe.
14:15-15:30. An innovative quarter on the site of an industry. Environment for life and recreation. Alternative interpretation of architecture.
16:00-17:00. New quarter with centers of education, culture and service. Green square surrounded by former barracks. Artificial relief against the background of mountains and rain collection technologies in the organization of the landscape. Environment for relaxation and development. Play spaces on the terrain.
17:30-18:00. CAMPUS. Environment design with conditions for diversified development. Natural frame of the territory. Public spaces with nature.
18:00-20:00. Return to Lyon.
20:30. Dinner at the hotel.

July 11, Saturday

08:00-09:00. Breakfast in the hotel.
09:00. Boarding the bus
09:30-10:30. Geoplastics with semantics. The image of space and the means of its expression. Modeling of forms of artificial relief for the organization of the park environment. Rainwater harvesting technologies.
11:00-11:45. Swimming pool on the Rhone embankment. Design of a large water space. Nature and its realized resource for recreation. Terrain cascade and accessible environment. Rainwater as a factor in the organization of the embankment profile.
12:00-12:45. New school complex near the park. Structuring space for different types of recreation. Color in the design of the park environment.
13:00-14:00. Lunch at the Cite Internationale.
14:00-15:00. Linear social and cultural center along the Rhone River. System of cultural spaces, Museum of Contemporary Art, Palace of Congresses. Public use interior. Roofed pedestrian street. The landscape of the pedestrian and trolleybus street.
15:00-17:00. Park of Cultural Events and Exhibitions. Formation of spaces of various configurations and purposes. Vegetation design of different levels. Water in the composition of the park.
17:15-17:45. Tram line - park.
18:00. Completion of the program. Dinner in the city center.

July 12, Sunday

10:00 – 10:30. Transfer to Lyon airport.
12:00 – 20:00. Flight to St. Petersburg

Internship cost:

Internship program cost: RUB 30,000 Discounts for students and graduates!
Tour cost. package* (paid separately and independently, calculation for one person):
- Flight: 17 000 rub. (Air France)
- Hotel (for 4 nights):
place in a double room 200 euros
Single room 340 euros
- Visa 75 euros
- Rent a bus for all days of the internship: 350 - 400 euros
* The cost of the tour package is approximate, it may change as the time of departure and check-in at the hotel approaches.

Detailed information and registration in the group:
(812) 326 - 07 - 01 Polina Baleevskaya, e-mail: [email protected]

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