How to decorate a gazebo for a birthday and a wedding, turning a holiday into a fairy tale

How to decorate a gazebo for a birthday and a wedding, turning a holiday into a fairy tale

Decorators successfully realize dreams of lavish celebrations. Representatives of this profession are well versed in design styles. Thanks to their well-developed artistic taste, they know perfectly well how to decorate a gazebo for a birthday or wedding, without too much expense.

General principles

First of all, you should choose high-quality decorative elements that are resistant to mechanical stress and bad weather. The supporting posts of the structure can be decorated with colored ribbons and live plants in pots. In the summer gazebo, covered with an awning, there is sure to be a space for an arch of blooming roses.

Combined bouquets of roses, sunflowers and daisies will create a festive mood. If you want to decorate window openings with your own hands, do not forget about the rules for combining a cold and hot palette. For example, white objects stand out favorably against the background of blue and yellow objects. Pink is best combined with olive and chocolate, and invigorating orange with lilac or purple.

In 80% of cases, the choice of jewelry depends on the style of the interior.

For example, French Provence includes old patina furniture, a festive white palette, patterned tablecloths and chipboard paintings.

The easiest way is for supporters of the loft. The main attributes of this style are rough surfaces and dark colors, therefore the standard inscription "Happy Birthday!" will be enough.

Chalet-style décor is unthinkable without hunting trophies, field forget-me-nots and wood crafts.

When preparing for the celebration, you do not need to use:

  1. Ornaments made of plain paper. In windy weather, they quickly deteriorate.
  2. Artificial flowers can be used all year round, but since they absorb positive energy, this should not be done.
  3. Poisonous plants, especially hydrangea, jasmine, crocuses and calla lilies.
  4. Photos that evoke unpleasant memories.
  5. Fabrics made from cheap materials. Such products are not able to protect against heat and insects, and their poor texture further highlights the defects of walls and other surfaces.

Video "How to decorate a gazebo"

This video will show you how to decorate a gazebo for the holiday.


Contrary to superstitions, every seventh Russian celebrates round dates. On this day, anything that evokes positive associations can be used as decorations - from funny pictures to cutlery with an interesting story. As an example, it is worth offering original candlesticks in the form of mermaids and scented lamps.


Foil balloons impress with a variety of shapes and shades, but they quickly deflate when temperature drops. In this case, it is better to use latex products filled with helium. Thanks to the special Hi-Float impregnation, they retain their original appearance for several months.

For a children's birthday, airy figures are suitable. They should decorate the entrance to the gazebo and the clearing around. Glowing balloons are ideal for an evening celebration. If bright light is detrimental to your vision, it is better to use products with a low glow. But thread balls of our own production are suitable for decorating ceilings and doorways. If desired, they can be used to decorate tall shrubs around the gazebo.

Flowers and garlands

The holiday should be bright in every sense of the word. Therefore, it will be useful to purchase LED strips. They distribute light evenly around the entire perimeter of the room, and their low power consumption contributes to the minimum energy consumption. With self-assembly of such structures, it is necessary:

  • cut the tape into fragments 5–6 m long;
  • strip the ends of the wire;
  • tighten the fasteners;
  • connect the system to the network;
  • attach the tape to the adhesive base on the ceiling, to the window and door openings of the extension.

The summer gazebo can be beautifully decorated with flowing garlands. For decorating a roof or porch, mini-curtains with a white shimmer effect are more suitable.

The serpentine will make unusual decorations for garden furniture, complemented by felt and plastic. If you prefer live plants, gerberas, alstroemerias and ornamental sunflowers will do. Their viability in cut often exceeds 5-7 days.


In addition to the traditional posters and arches, home decorators will definitely need styrofoam monograms. For greater effect, they should be covered with sparkles. Taking into account the style of the wedding, you can choose the most suitable decor items.

So, the classics favor pastel colors, fragrant floral arrangements and furniture with expensive upholstery. Cards with the names of the invitees can be decorated with ribbons and rhinestones. The Empire style gazebo décor involves the use of light statues and columns. In the choice of colors, it is better to give preference to all shades of pink.

Flower decoration

It is better to decorate window openings and the territory at the entrance with live plants. These can be freshly cut roses, peonies, gerberas, field daisies, irises or freesias. They make stylish mono bouquets, wreaths and prefabricated compositions. To improve the vitality of cut flowers, you need to remove drooping leaves in a timely manner. Chrysanthemums are rightfully considered the queen of autumn. Provided that the stems are properly cut, they can stand in a bouquet for more than a month.

Regardless of the style, the arch is considered the main wedding attribute. It can be semicircular, square or rectangular. In the choice of materials for the design of the frame, it is better to give preference to metal structures or products on a wooden basis. They can really be installed on any basis. From living elements, you will need cornflowers, chamomiles, dandelions and rattan. This is the best gazebo decoration for a wedding.


Luminous balls and garlands warm up the atmosphere of romance. Finished products can be ordered online or made by hand. To do this, you will need 12 V bulbs, plastic cups, scissors, double-sided tape and glue. The optimal distance between the LEDs is 15 cm. They must be properly soldered to the wires, and for better fixation of the bulbs, use a sealant. At the end of the work, install the power supply and resistor.

To avoid fires, do not use garlands with a power of more than 60 watts.


For drapery of metal racks, breathable fabrics are needed - chiffon or organza. And since fragile jewelry can deteriorate under the influence of bad weather, it is better to hang curtains made of tear-resistant acrylic from the outside. Inside there are lambrequins and bows. The backs of the chairs should be decorated with taffeta decorated with beads and Czech beads.

The most original garlands and pendants are made from lace. Window openings and railings can be decorated with pom-poms made of non-crease tulle.

DIY garlands for the child's birthday

For a child, a birthday is one of the most important and anticipated celebrations of the year. To make the holiday bright and unforgettable, you need to beautifully decorate the house, for example, you can make “Happy Birthday” garlands with your own hands. The traditional way to create a garland is in the form of a flag. The decor is most often triangular in shape, but there are rectangular and oval elements.

Funny congratulations to the young on the wedding

This is the end of the tale.
You will remember the order:
And do not scold deeds without!
Well, for a husband - to be with his wife
And not another for running!
To make life like this It is necessary
live a letter to moisten!
And to the end it is necessary,
drink some sweetener!
Well, what can I wish the bride? So that the groom was always and in everything they are Together.
slept together, ate, drank,
Children would be taken to the kindergarten.
So that the quarrel is not even the First!
reasons always let the man give in.
take care of Love trustingly, vigilantly.
And only at the wedding may you “Bitter! ".
So that it is not boring alone.
Let there be twins for you - We will start bringing the stroller.
We can wish you a lot,
But we repeat again and again:
And so, the main thing that we wish - Advice to you, yes, happiness Today.
love, girlfriend, your wedding day.
beautiful What a white dress.
A handsome groom is both strong and smart,
Already gave me a car and a house.
I congratulate you and raise a toast

What balls are used for decoration

✔ Classic plain colors without labels. Ideal for creating arches, inscriptions, geometric compositions.

✔ With captions. Such balls are ordered in advance for a significant event, for example, for an anniversary.

✔ Helium. Such balls are lighter than air, so they stay under the ceiling for a long time and will become a real decoration of the holiday.

✔ Foiled. The balls are in the form of numbers, cartoon characters. They are especially in demand at children's birthdays.

✔ Curly. These are oval-shaped balls, from which you can make a dog, a giraffe and other animals.

On our site there are photos of decoration with balloons from various events. At the request of the customer, we can decorate the event in the same style.

Symbolic wedding in the Dominican Republic

To have an original wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic, while keeping within the usual wedding budget, you can organize a symbolic wedding.

The symbolic wedding is held separately from the formal marriage. The ceremony includes:

  • oath of allegiance
  • exchange of wedding rings
  • blessing
  • the first kiss of the newlyweds.

What are the advantages of a symbolic wedding over an official one:

  • no need to draw up documents and pay for their notarization
  • no need to pay for the services of an official registrar
  • more free dates for symbolic marriage registration
  • less time to prepare, you can organize such a wedding spontaneously in just a few days.

In this case, the cost of tickets for flight and hotel accommodation is paid separately.

The easiest and most affordable way to register your wedding is to organize it on a picturesque beach near a decorated festive arch or in a gazebo. For a symbolic ceremony, 5 main scenarios can be distinguished:

  • in a small church - $ 2800
  • prince and princess weddings - $ 2,500
  • pirate style wedding - $ 1,800
  • flower ceremony - $ 1750
  • Caribbean night - $ 1600.

For those who wish to carry out a symbolic wedding in an original way, you can opt for a wedding at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. It is held underwater against the backdrop of an unusual marine world. Wedding entourage is thought out to the smallest details and you can even choose a certain color scheme in one style. The cost of such a service is about $ 5,000.

Also, wedding decoration can be ordered in any style that you wish. The most popular are:

  • Victorian
  • Hawaiian
  • gangster
  • hollywood
  • in the Tiffany style.

All these options can be supplemented with your personal fantasies and wishes, turning the wedding ceremony into a real fairy tale. Especially unforgettable for the newlyweds will be a photo session near the landscapes of the Dominican Republic and against the backdrop of the sunset and the sea.

The cost of a symbolic wedding

Many newlyweds do the following: they register an official marriage in their homeland, and in the Dominican Republic they hold a symbolic wedding. Thus, you can have an original wedding and immediately plunge into the honeymoon.

What amounts should be counted on when carrying out a symbolic marriage registration in the Dominican Republic:

  • a ceremony on the island of Macau among exotic nature will require about $ 1200-1300
  • marriage on the territory of the Saon reserve will cost a little more - in 1900-2000 dollars
  • a wedding on the coastline of Cap Cana costs approximately $ 1300-1400
  • registration of marriage on the beach of Janillo Beach will cost $ 1,500.

A symbolic wedding can be arranged regardless of when the marriage was registered. It can be a wonderful gift for spouses on their wedding anniversary.

2. Pincushion pumpkin

If you have a piece of bright orange cotton, it will make a great pumpkin. It is even better if there are two cuts in the same scale, but with different patterns. They will need a brown ribbon or lace, green felt or fabric and matching threads.

Cut out two identical orange circles and divide them into even quarters. Combine them so that the patterns alternate in each half. Sew the quarters, iron the seams well, join the circles and stitch, leaving a small gap for eversion.

Turn the circle out, fill it with holofiber and carefully sew up the remaining incision. To make expressive slices, lay a decorative stitch with a dense thread and tighten the edges - you get eight volumetric sections. All that remains is to cut and sew a leaf with a pumpkin spine ribbon!

Party in the style of Monster High

Spectacular dolls of the Monster-High series have become one of the most popular in recent years

toys. Millions of products have been released with the prints of these monster girls, from clothing to

accessories to stationery and technology. Surely your daughter also has

several similar gizmos. So why not throw a school themed party

Believe me, not only your baby will be delighted with this, but also her friends.

Prepare meals that are popular with ordinary schoolchildren and try to give them a look

treats that "Monsters" would be happy to eat. Add to this

themed sets of glasses, plates and napkins and the same tablecloth - get an excellent

If you organize contests and quizzes, do not forget to stock up on hairpins and rubber bands

as prizes. Of course, the little winners will be happy to receive this as a keepsake.

decoration. You can also use pipes and tongues for a variety of games or relay races.

Large foil balloons in

Watch the video: DIY Elegant Arch Wedding Centerpiece. Dollar Tree Glam DIY. DIY Tutorial