Pine Bach flower

Pine Bach flower



The Pine remedy of Bach flowers is for those who live with a deep sense of inferiority, convinced that they do not deserve anything or anyone, with very little self-esteem.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Pine

Common name in Italian

: Scots pine

Scientific name

: Pinus sylvestris (FamilyPinaceae)


The Bach Pine flower is indicated in flower therapy for those people who are never satisfied with what they do and always think they could have done better, consequently they are convinced that they do not deserve anything. In practice, they completely lack self-esteem and love for themselves and consider their limits more than their potential and possibilities.

They suffer from feelings of guilt and constantly blame each other even when they have no responsibility, they are dissatisfied with themselves, they continually apologize for their defects and limitations and because they are convinced that they are unable to do anything. All this leads them to be in constant tension, depressed and to suffer from a sense of inferiority.

The Pine person works like crazy, even reaching important goals only that he is never happy with the results he can get. Sometimes he even accuses himself of things he didn't do. She lacks the joy of living because she is always distressed by a great sense of guilt and thinks she does not deserve anything.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a person Pine “For those who always blame themselves and even when they are successful, they think they could have done better and are never satisfied with their efforts or results. They work hard and suffer greatly from the mistakes they think they have made. Sometimes they take responsibility for mistakes made by others ». (1)


The remedy of Bach Pine flowers in flower therapy it helps to no longer have feelings of guilt or inferiority. It helps to understand one's limits by giving optimism, dynamism and increasing one's self-esteem. In practice it helps to acquire a greater understanding of oneself and of others by eliminating those perverse mechanisms that lead the person to self-denigrate.


If you want to prepare the Pine mother tincture of Bach Flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach Flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the plant in bloom late spring (May - June).

The Pinus sylvestris it is a tree with an erect trunk that can reach 40 m in height. It is a very rustic species that adapts to different types of soil and climatic conditions which means that its cultivation area ranges from the frosts of Siberia to the warmest areas.

It has persistent, needle-like spiraling leaves, of a slightly blue green color.

They are monoecious plants that is to say that there are distinct male and female flowers but on the same plant. The male flowers are strobiliform and herbaceous in texture. The female flowers are also gathered in strobili but much larger than the male ones. They are made up of scales that thicken and then form woody cones that will only open when the seeds ripen.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Feeling guilty, blaming yourself for others' mistakes?

Positive Virtue: Responsibility / Forgiveness

GUNA Bach Flowers are prepared by using mother essences:

  • of top quality
  • coming from the original places in Great Britain (UK)
  • certified by the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP)
  • obtained strictly according to Dr. Bach's Traditional Method and original instructions
  • prepared with organic brandy.

  • in a stock concentration according to Dr. Bach'soriginal instructions
  • in a solution of organic brandy and water with characteristics similar to those of biological water
  • provided with a dropper with guarantee seal.

Bach flower n. 24: Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

The Pinus Sylvestris belongs to the family of Pinaceae. It's a evergreen plant which grows in the woods and in the sandy soils of the moors, recognizable by the reddish-brown bark that detaches in plates and the needle-like leaves, grouped in bunches. THE flowers of this plant are of yellow color and their flowering varies from region to region, but generally occurs in a period ranging from April to June.

Pine Bach flower

Color: red female flower, yellow male flower.

Basic emotion according to Bach:
discouragement or despair.

feelings of guilt, blame always find some fault in what one does inability to accept.

accept and forgive yourself by looking at your limits with serenity, getting rid of the feelings of guilt.


people who need this remedy feel that they could do more, any success they have achieved is diminished by them because they feed in their hearts the feeling of having a debt to pay.
Judges implacable towards themselves. This state of affairs often paralyzes and makes us unable to take initiatives
Pine often punishes himself perhaps by choosing a wrong partner who tyrannizes him.
So: sense of guilt, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, rigidity, a strong sense of self-criticism are Pine's prerogatives.

From the textual words of E. Bach:
"For those who criticize themselves: even when they are successful they think they could have done better and are never satisfied with their efforts and results. These individuals work hard and suffer greatly from the mistakes they blame for themselves. Sometimes, even if a mistake is made by others, they come to take responsibility for it. "

This remedy is for people who suffer from feelings of guilt, who are never happy with the results they get strongly prone to self-blame and self-criticism, they come to blame themselves for mistakes made by others. They are generally extremely fussy people who set themselves (but not others) very high goals, which can lead them to work too much resulting in emotional stress.
The guilt they are afflicted with deprives them of the joy of living.
The Pine personalities are different from the Rock Water personalities, who, by their innate courage, are self-possessed, hide their mistakes and are happy with them are also different from the Larch personalities, who do not even make an attempt for fear of failure. The dr. Bach wrote about these personalities: "They have not yet realized that condemning oneself or others is equivalent to condemning the Universal Creation of Love and this makes us small by limiting our power to infuse Universal Love into others. . "
Pine encourages the individual to move forward, feeding on love, not rejecting it, rather than getting entangled in self-disapproval.

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