How to properly transplant ficus in the spring, what you need to do for this, what kind of equipment you need. The video describes in sufficient detail the process of transplanting a ficus. We watch and learn, who does not know. Who knows - we refresh the information.

All beans are high in protein. This property is determined by the ability of the root system to actively absorb nitrogen and structure it for the production of protein compounds.

The family has been closely studied by the scientific community for many years. Researchers have come to the general conclusion that the beans got their distribution as wild during the existence of ancient China. The first mention of beans dates back to 2800 BC. e.

From China, according to historians, beans spread to the territory of other civilizations. Today they are grown ubiquitously in temperate or tropical climates. In terms of the range of distribution, this genus is second only to cereals.

If we talk about where moths are common, then we can limit ourselves to listing the places where they do not grow. Beans do not belong to a freshwater community and do not inhabit places where epiphytes reign.

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